Chenglong? Advance together | The 2024 Tsuen Shing Dragon Boat Festival Marketing Summit and New Product Tasting Meeting was successfully held


On March 20, 2024, the “Chenglong · Advance Together” 2024 Quansheng Dragon Boat Festival Marketing Summit and New Product Tasting Conference hosted by Zhejiang Quansheng Food Co., Ltd. was successfully presented. Dai Dongjian, chairman of Tsuen Shing Group, gathered together with many guests, partners and family members from all over the country to share the fragrance of rice dumplings and witness the highlight moments of Tsuen Shing Group, the founder of Shangtang Zong Dumplings.

  In the era of rice dumpling rolls, win-win altruism becomes the core value

Looking back on 2023, Quansheng Group is still moving forward firmly in the face of many challenges. In mid-to-high-end markets such as Ningbo, it has shown a good development trend with supply exceeding demand. Dai Dongjian, chairman of Quansheng Group, said that in 2024, Quansheng will comprehensively optimize peak production capacity, especially the production capacity of medium and high-tech categories such as soup rice dumplings and steamed fresh rice dumplings; improve product positioning, and at the same time reshape the company’s management process, optimize the management plan, and move forward On the road to more lean operations, we will vigorously create a second growth curve, work with our partners to put the “heart” into the rice dumpling, break the “volume” and advance together.

Dai Dongjian, Chairman of Tsuen Sheng Group, shared on the spot

Subsequently, Chen Yongzhi, general manager of Tsuen Shing Group, shared the 2024 rice dumpling market trend report. He pointed out that as the founder of Shangtang Zongzi, Tsuen Shing Group has become the unanimous choice of many high-end brand customers. In 2023, Tsuen Shing brand products will exceed 100 million sales. In the face of new market changes, with high-end and healthy ingredients gaining favor and “hardcover” gift boxes gradually becoming the mainstream “social currency” of the Dragon Boat Festival, Tsuen Shing will innovate six new “Tsuen” actions in 2024, through meaningful Differentiation achieves “breakthrough”.

Chen Yongzhi, general manager of Tsuen Shing Group, shared on the spot

  Tsuen Shing – the founder of soup rice dumplings and the leader of high-end rice dumplings

After years of development, Tsuen Shing Ji enjoys the “great success of all ODM companies” and is known as the “jewel” in the crown of the rice dumpling world. It has a leading position in the market share of high-end rice dumplings. The innovative and developed master soup rice dumplings, classic soup rice dumplings, steamed fresh rice dumplings, small fresh pot top pastries, etc. are the four core high-end rice dumpling products and cannot be imitated, let alone Being chased; the refreshing gift box design is updated every year and is favored by the market.

At the press conference, Yang Gang, vice president of marketing of Tsuen Shing Group, summarized the advantages of Tsuen Shing soup rice dumplings in material selection, craftsmanship and gift box design. Looking into the future, he proposed that Tsuen Shing soup rice dumplings are “the most delicious in China” within 2,000 yuan. The positioning of “Zongzi” will not give up. Quan Sheng will always be committed to creating high-quality, high-end and fashionable high-end festival food.

Yang Gang, marketing director of Tsuen Sheng Group, shared on the spot

Luo Yaguo, senior marketing manager of Tsuen Shing Group, started with the story of big-bone soup rice dumplings and introduced a variety of new rice dumplings including Tsuen Shing Master Series, Soup Series, Business Courtesy Series, and Welfare Series. Among them, Tsuen Shing Master Series The Heshang Soup series gift box is a perfect fusion of luxury and innovation. With the spirit of continuous innovation, Quan Sheng constantly iteratively upgrades and is driven by innovation. It can be said that the gift box brings together ingenuity, luxury quality and supreme gift box. The fashionable and innovative design instantly attracts countless eyes, creating a “super arsenal” for dealers and partners to win the Dragon Boat Festival market.

Luo Yaguo, senior marketing manager of Tsuen Shing Group

  Join hands in a new journey and write a new chapter together

Because we believe, we meet. Amid warm applause, Quan Sheng conducted the Dragon Boat Festival licensing ceremony and strategic indicator signing on-site with multiple regional dealers, establishing and reaching long-term strategic cooperative relationships. Dealers and partners have expressed their confidence in Quansheng’s products and will keep up with Quansheng’s development in the future, improve regional layout, and win the Dragon Boat Festival market together.

Then, the new product tasting session that dealers have been waiting for began. Six new Tsuen Shing Dragon Boat Festival products made their debut, including Dragon Boat Rice Dumplings with Rattan Pepper Beef in Soup, Black Truffle Cloud Legs and Egg Yolk Rice Dumplings in Soup, and Steamed Rice Dumplings with Steamed Rice Dumplings in Soup. , fresh dragon boat rice dumplings marinated in soup, steamed fresh corn and taro mud rice dumplings, steamed fresh Ningbo black sesame glutinous rice dumplings, all of them are top-notch, with unique ingenuity from the selection of ingredients to the techniques. Among them, the “Shang Tang Zong” is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. It subverts the traditional craftsmanship and uses large-bone meat and old hens. It is slow-boiled for 8 hours to concentrate and extract the original flavor and high-quality soup. It does not need to be boiled and is poured into the soup. The bones are rich and delicious. The most beautiful scene of the rice dumplings being served was praised by the guests, which became an unforgettable moment at this new product tasting meeting.

Friends gather in Dongfeng to fight and win together! The launch ceremony of the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival was also held at the press conference, which pushed the entire press conference to a climax. At the end of the press conference, multiple teams of Tsuen Sheng Group made a concentrated appearance and issued a “military order” on the spot to fight a beautiful sales battle for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival sales season.

As the founder of Shangtang Zongzi, Quan Sheng Group is demonstrating strong market competitiveness by relying on its strong brand value, high-quality raw materials, strong supply chain production lines, high-quality service experience, and innovative spirit of excellence. The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Tsuen Sheng looks forward to enjoying the glory with you and creating another miracle.


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