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Cainiao was selected as a cooperation case in the digital field between China and SCO countries

Cainiao was selected as a cooperation case in the digital field between China and SCO countries

Recently, the “China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Digital Technology Cooperation and Development Forum” was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Secretariat, and jointly organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Karamay Municipal People’s Government in Karamay City. The forum announced the “China-SCO Countries Cooperation Cases in the Digital Field”, and 37 projects including Digital Dunhuang, Lancang-Mekong Cloud Computing Innovation Center, and Pakistan Intelligent Distribution Center jointly built by Cainiao and Daraz were shortlisted. Among them, Cainiao is also the only Chinese logistics company selected this time.

Figure: Case brief released by China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Big Data Cooperation Center

It is understood that in order to fully demonstrate the achievements of China and the SCO countries in actively carrying out cooperation in the field of digital technology, further promote the sharing of experience in the field of digital technology among SCO countries, and tap the needs of cooperation, the China-SCO Conference will start in February this year. The Data Cooperation Center organizes a public call for “China-SCO Countries Cooperation Cases in the Digital Field”. After extensive collection and layer-by-layer screening, a total of 37 projects were selected and compiled to form the “China-SCO Countries Cooperation Case Collection in the Digital Field (2023)”.

The 37 projects shortlisted for this selection are quite representative. Take the Pakistan Intelligent Distribution Center jointly built by Cainiao Logistics Technology and Daraz as an example. As the only selected case in the logistics industry, this project is not only the first fully automatic logistics sorting center in Pakistan, but also the first overseas delivery of Cainiao Logistics Technology. The first deeply integrated smart project. Core equipment such as cross-belt sorters independently designed and developed by Cainiao Logistics Technology and obtained EU CE certification, PLC with independent intellectual property rights and related electronic control overall solutions, and “cloud-edge integrated” WCS warehouse control system are all included in the project. be applied in. After the project was launched, compared with the previous manual sorting mode, the efficiency of automated sorting has increased by 4 times, and the misclassification rate of packages has dropped from the previous 1% to less than 3/10,000.

Picture: The smart distribution center in Pakistan jointly built by Cainiao and Daraz

Logistics technology from China has been recognized by Pakistani partners. Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO and founder of Daraz Group, said, “Technological innovation can improve logistics operations and enhance customer experience. The cooperation with Cainiao is a milestone for us. China’s advanced logistics technology has come to Pakistan. Through digital technology means , helping us improve logistics efficiency.”

Ding Hongwei, vice president of Cainiao Group and general manager of the Logistics Technology Division, said that “going overseas” is one of the business directions of Cainiao Logistics Technology. In this direction, Cainiao Logistics Technology not only has mature products and solutions, rich implementation cases, but also has global supply chain capabilities. In the past period of time alone, Cainiao Logistics Technology has successfully helped many overseas companies such as Daraz and Flash Express achieve digital intelligence upgrades such as distribution and warehousing. Next, Cainiao Logistics Technology will accelerate the pace of going overseas, and will deliver mature and leading logistics technology to more overseas partners, helping them quickly establish differentiated advantages in the competition and promote logistics efficiency.

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