Cadiz officially announced the new flagship product in 2023, and will continue to strengthen the construction of terminals and channels

Cadiz officially announced the new flagship product in 2023, and will continue to strengthen the construction of terminals and channels

Recently, We——2023 Kaadas National Distributor Conference was successfully held in Qingdao, China, and more than 1,000 Kaadas partners from all over the country participated in the event.

At the conference site, Kaidish officially released the 2023 flagship new product K70 Pro Max palm vein 3D facial cat eye video screen smart lock, which realized several industry firsts: fully automatic lock body, car-grade 24GHz radar, innovative size dual screen, personalized indoor Screen screen, threat alarm, 3K ultra-clear visual cat’s eye, three-party visual intercom, family call/SOS call, personalized customized voice.

In addition, Cadiz’s new floor washing machine “Linglong Clean” was officially unveiled with a number of hard-core innovations. It focuses on quick-drying in 3 minutes, making the floor dry and clean. Or bring a more comfortable cleaning experience. Cadiz focuses on the cleaning needs of thousands of families, fully explores its own potential in innovative and intelligent manufacturing, and officially opens a new chapter in household cleaning methods.

Lu Zhenyu, vice president of Cadiz Group and general manager of domestic marketing, reviewed the brand events of Cadiz in 2022, and introduced the brand planning and marketing strategy in 2023. In 2022, the Cadiz brand will be displayed frequently in online and offline channels across the country, and the sales and reviews of the entire series of smart lock products represented by the flagship machine K20 Pro max will be explosive; in 2023, Cadiz will continue to insist on “smart lock = Cadiz” This brand goal is to comprehensively enhance the height and level of the brand with a professional and dedicated brand positioning, and to concentrate all resources on the global market and marketing investment in the form of online and offline collaboration.

Facing major customer channels, Cadiz continues to adhere to the concept of stabilizing expectations, expanding channels, and benefiting in the long run. For the three new markets of smart apartments, smart parks and smart schools, Kaidis will continue to enhance brand competitiveness through better products and services, and provide partners with three major supports of brand, products and services, and seize market opportunities together new opportunities in .

In 2023, Cadiz also plans to provide channel and terminal special support funds to strengthen terminal construction and channel construction. In the next 3 years, Kaidis will continue to implement the policy support strategy of terminal and channel construction and the “Fire Phoenix” plan, unswervingly adhere to correct and powerful marketing strategies and policies, invite more partners to move forward together, and create greater brilliant.

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