Where is the golden tea delicious?Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Where is the golden tea delicious?Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea Satisfy Your Taste Buds

With the emergence of the “new internet celebrity” making tea around the stove, more and more people fall in love with drinking tea, and the age of tea drinkers is also tending to be younger. Everyone began to like the “tea party” with a sense of atmosphere, Three or five friends, a pot of hot tea, slowly pouring water into the cup, quietly waiting for the tea leaves to unfold… In the fast-paced city life, a pure land of tea fragrance is needed, and a tired body also needs a cup of tea to relax.

Exquisite life drink exquisite tea

As the main force of consumption, young people are more representative of the choice of tea products. They do not blindly follow the trend, but also reluctantly. The pursuit of exquisite good tea reflects their deep understanding and love for tea culture. Among many tea products Among them, Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea has become one of the famous teas loved by young people because of its “four high and four unique” gold qualities.

(Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea Base)

As a tourist attraction, Xiangxi is also the production base of Huayuan Shibadong golden tea. The beautiful scenery and unique natural environment of the border towns in western Hunan breed high-quality Huayuan Shibadong golden tea. This is the “golden latitude belt” for tea production. The tea-friendly environment of “rain-washed green mountains and four seasons of spring” and the unique terrain of “famous tea in high mountains and clouds” have reached or exceeded national standards for ecological and environmental indicators.

Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea Satisfy Your Taste Buds

The birth of good tea must also have strict picking standards and processing techniques. The picking period of Huayuan Shibadong Golden Tea is early spring. The picking standard is one bud and one leaf. Precious bud heads are selected, and the quality of fresh leaves requires that the buds and leaves are complete, fresh, tender and even. In the tea making process, the fresh leaves are spread→cooking→kneading→unblocking→primary baking→bending→rebaking→finished product. Every process is kept improving, and all the enthusiasm and hard work of the Miao tea farmers have been devoted. The Huayuan 18-hole golden tea is deeply loved by consumers for its “four high and four unique” gold quality. It is one of the famous teas representing Hunan to the whole country and even the world.

(Emerald green color and long-lasting aroma of Shibadong gold tea)

The “Four Highs” of Huayuan Shibadong golden tea leaves include amino acid content as high as 7.47%, which is twice the content of ordinary green tea varieties in the same season, tea polyphenol content is about 20%, water extract is nearly 50%, and chlorophyll is 50% higher than the reference variety. %. “Four musts” include “fragrant, green, refreshing and mellow”. The tea that can really drink “milk fragrance” and “chicken soup flavor” is the slogan “China’s 18 holes, the world’s golden tea” with an inscription written by Liu Zhonghua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

If you also love to drink tea, you might as well try the Huayuan 18-dong golden tea. The golden tea is emerald green in color, rich in aroma, fresh in taste, and sweet in aftertaste. It has the quality characteristics of “green, fragrant, fresh, and mellow”. As “one of the best green teas in China”, you deserve it.

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