Boosting “Her Power” Shanghai Auntie Launches Women’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Program

Boosting “Her Power” Shanghai Auntie Launches Women’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Program

Women are the creators of material and spiritual civilization and an important force in promoting social development and progress. In the era of high-quality development and in the journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country, “her power” is playing an increasingly important role in promoting economic development and social progress. Recently, Shanghai Ayi Fresh Fruit Tea, China’s leading ready-made tea brand, joined hands with Tianjin Women and Children’s Development Foundation to jointly launch the “Public Welfare Shanghai Helps Her Power” female employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan. As a continuation and upgrade of the 2022 “Women’s Care Plan”, the two parties once again combined superior resources to promote more women’s employment and entrepreneurship in an innovative and sustainable way, and jointly empower women’s development.

Shanghai Auntie Fresh Fruit Tea Public Welfare Donation

Shanghai Ayi Fresh Fruit Tea has integrated the active practice of social responsibility into the blood of its corporate culture over the years, and it is also the first company in Tianjin to actively respond to the “Women’s Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan”. At the event site, Shanghai Auntie Fresh Fruit Tea invited female friends who came to participate in the event to have an in-depth understanding of the brand’s development history, and actively welcome them to join with an open attitude. Entrepreneurial paths provide direction. At the same time, in order to further stimulate women’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm and continuously enhance their sense of gain, happiness, and security, Shanghai Auntie Fresh Fruit Tea also donated 10,000 yuan to a public welfare fund to provide vocational ability for needy women in Tianjin. Training, venture capital support, employment and other all-round support. Help them improve their self-worth and become the creators of the new era.

Whether it is “her power” or “her economy”, women’s social influence is increasing. They break the inherent cognition and show the charm and demeanor of the female group. As one of the benchmark brands in the new tea drinking track, Shanghai Ayi Fresh Fruit Tea’s “Public Welfare Shanghai Helps Her Power” women’s employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan further encourages women to bravely pursue a better self, stimulate their motivation for employment and entrepreneurship, and empower them Women continue to grow and become a powerful force to jointly promote social progress.

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