Deli Group signed a contract with Indonesian national star AGNEZ MO, and the pace of globalization is fast and steady

Deli Group signed a contract with Indonesian national star AGNEZ MO, and the pace of globalization is fast and steady

From stationery to cultural and creative technology, today’s Deli Group has become a comprehensive cultural and creative technology industry group. At the same time, from a big country brand to a famous overseas, the overseas layout of Deli Group is also continuing to advance. Entering 2023, Deli Group has also ushered in a new upgrade in terms of brand building. A few days ago, Deli Group officially signed the legendary Indonesian star AGNEZ MO (Shiman Yang) as the brand spokesperson of Deli Indonesia, injecting new vitality into brand marketing again.

According to the data, Deli Group began to deploy the Indonesian market very early. Deli Indonesia is a branch established by the group to meet the needs of the local market and improve service experience. As of now, Deli Indonesia has sold more than 12,000 products, becoming an iconic cultural and educational brand in the Indonesian market.

This cooperation with Indonesian legendary star AGNEZ MO will help Deli Group comprehensively promote its brand building process in the Indonesian market and continue to expand its influence.

According to the data, AGNEZ MO is an all-round star who is deeply loved by the local people in Indonesia. Her versatile and energetic image is highly consistent with the brand image of Deli. In the future, she will join hands with Deli to serve global customers with better products and deliver Deli’s concept of “creating beautiful products”.

In addition, the products launched after the cooperation between the two parties – AGNEZ MO series have been sold online and offline, including crayons, pencils and sharpeners for students, information books for office use, organ bags, staplers, etc., satisfying learning and There are two major scene requirements for work.

In addition to the Indonesian market, the global pace of Deli Group has set foot in more different countries and cities, covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North American markets. With the help of overseas branches, Deli Group’s global strategic map is continuing to expand , the global influence continues to deepen.

It is worth mentioning that in 2022, Deli Group has delivered a brilliant report card in its overseas business layout: the average revenue growth rate in 12 key overseas countries and regions, including Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and South Korea, exceeded 40%. And entered the forefront of the industry in more than 30 countries around the world.

To create beautiful products and serve global users, the Indonesian market is only a part of the global development of Deli Group. In the future, Deli will develop in an all-round way and continue to create new achievements with the strength of a big country brand.

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