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Beware of new phone scams, pretending to be customer service and requesting the closure of Weilidai

Beware of new phone scams, pretending to be customer service and requesting the closure of Weilidai

Recently, many friends have received FaceTime calls from people claiming to be “loan customer service”. The other party asked users to share their screens and assist in completing the cancellation operation on the grounds of “cancel the Weilidai account, otherwise personal credit will be affected.” Be careful, these FaceTime calls are scams! Criminals attempt to obtain personal financial account information through fraudulent means and make illegal profits.

It is reported that FaceTime is a calling application launched by Apple, which can realize calls between two devices equipped with FaceTime after being connected to the network. FaceTime requests allow strangers to initiate calls, even if the other party is not your contact, as long as they know your Apple ID, they can initiate a call on their own.

Recently, Ms. L received a FaceTime call from someone claiming to be “WeChat customer service”. During the communication process, the “staff member” told Ms. L’s “Weilidai opening date” and said that the Weilidai loan interest rate was too high and illegal, and could assist with cancellation, thereby gaining Ms. L’s trust. Then he claimed that for the convenience of guidance, the other party asked Ms. L to download the app for screen sharing. Finally, the “customer service” said that the money needed to be transferred into a designated account and the funds would be liquidated to cancel Weili Loan. However, after Ms. L transferred the money, she could no longer contact the “customer service”. Only then did Ms. L realize that she had been cheated. .

Some friends who use Weilidai may not know yet. Weilidai is a loan product under WeBank. As far as the author understands, formal financial institutions like WeBank will not contact users through FaceTime. Anyone who uses this method will The first way is to counterfeit, don’t answer to avoid being deceived.

In addition, many friends actually have no need to use FaceTime in their lives, so the easiest way to avoid FaceTime scams is to turn off the FaceTime function. Open the iPhone’s settings, search for FaceTime directly to enter the relevant settings page, and turn off the FaceTime calling function.

It is important to note that the key to the success of many FaceTime phone scams is online conferencing software with screen sharing capabilities. Many scammers lure victims to participate in “video conferences” and turn on the screen sharing function on the pretext of helping to cancel Weilidai and Huabei. Once screen sharing is turned on, the scammer can see everything on the victim’s phone screen, including sensitive information such as verification codes, passwords, and bank balances. To properly exit screen sharing, you cannot simply switch back to the home screen or other applications. Instead, you need to open the software that shared the screen and click “Stop Sharing.”

In the final analysis, not panicking is the key to preventing fraud. The intimidation methods of loan and telecommunications fraud are nothing more than: credit blacklist, detention, etc. No matter how serious the consequences are stated by the other party, directly ask the official customer service or the people’s police for details For example, friends who use Weilidai can directly call the WeBank official for verification and protect their money bags.

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