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“Beijing Grand Audio-Visual” boutique project exhibition unveiled at the Shanghai TV Festival, the boutique planning tells good stories about China

“Beijing Grand Audio-Visual” boutique project exhibition unveiled at the Shanghai TV Festival, the boutique planning tells good stories about China


On June 19th, the 28th Shanghai TV Festival opened grandly. The Beijing Bureau of Radio, Film and Television exhibited 110 literary and artistic masterpieces in Shanghai, including “Beijing Grand Audiovisual”, “Shangganling”, “Welcome to Maile Village”, and “Kunpeng Hit the Waves”. The center held high-quality audio-visual exhibition activities, which received enthusiastic support and wide acclaim from all industry professionals on site.

  “Beijing Grand Audio-Visual” literary and artistic boutique project exhibition booth is full of beautiful things and attracts attention

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to “adhere to the people-centered creative orientation and launch more excellent works that enhance the spiritual power of the people” and the spirit of the cultural inheritance and development symposium In the spirit of the important speech, the Beijing Radio and Television Bureau launched the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literature and art creation mechanism to better serve the construction of a national cultural center. In 2023, there will be a total of 110 key literature and art projects of “Beijing Grand Audiovisual”, including 23 TV dramas, 12 TV documentaries, 10 TV cartoons, 12 radio and TV programs, 6 online dramas, 5 online movies, and online cartoons 6, 5 online micro-short dramas, 7 online variety shows, 6 online documentaries, 5 online short video series, 4 online audio programs, 4 online live broadcasts, and 5 8K ultra-high-definition original works.

Among them, the war history drama “Shangganling”, which tells the battle of Shangganling in the “Battle of the Soul of the Country”, the cross-border realistic light comedy “Welcome to Maile Village”, a special work commemorating the 60th anniversary of “Foreign Aid Medical”, and the major revolutionary historical drama “Kunpeng”. Key projects such as “Strike the Waves” have attracted a lot of attention. A number of exquisite posters were exhibited on a special booth, and the panoramic LED screen displayed more than 40 literary and artistic masterpieces, showing the charm of high-quality literary and artistic works in an all-round way. The majestic thunderstorm in Shanghai also failed to stop everyone’s enthusiastic footsteps. A large number of buyers and industry professionals came to the “Beijing Audiovisual” literary boutique booth to appreciate the boutique projects up close and expressed their eager anticipation for the works to be broadcast.

  Promote the broadcasting network audio-visual quality creation system “Beijing Great Audio-Visual” to tell Chinese stories well

In the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” literary and art exhibition activities, there are not only “Love in Nine Bends”, “Our Days”, “All Wishes Come True”, “The Sea in Dreams” and other high ratings, high popularity, and high reputation have been broadcast. The boutique projects also exhibited “West Out of Yumen” and “Brilliant! brilliant! ” and other highly anticipated works to be broadcast, with various types and themes. It is reported that more high-quality literary and artistic projects are already under planning, and the China·Beijing TV Drama Festival will also be held in Beijing in the golden autumn season. We look forward to the active participation of all industry professionals.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television will continue to focus on the big picture, coordinate the big system, grasp the big script, create big services, deepen big communication, gather strength and linkage, grasp big honors, develop big talents, and always devote itself to vigorously improving radio and television network audio-visual products Create production efficiency, cultivate a first-class literary and artistic talent team, build a radio and television network audio-visual quality creation system, and tell Chinese stories with the spirit of the times. The exhibition of the “Beijing Grand Audiovisual” fine art project at the Shanghai TV Festival is like a window to help more people in the industry understand the direction of literary creation in the new era, create a good environment that is more conducive to fine art creation, and present more peak works of the new era Promote the great development and prosperity of socialist culture.

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