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Bai Jingting and Song Yi’s “Long Wind Crossing” started broadcasting with ease

Bai Jingting and Song Yi’s “Long Wind Crossing” started broadcasting with ease

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Mo Shubai, the author of Jinjiang Literature City, produced by iQiyi, co-produced by Liehuo Films, Shengge Films, Jiangsu Wentou, and Shanghai Oriental Entertainment Group, directed by Yin Tao, starring Bai Jingting and Song Yi The drama “Changfengdu” was launched yesterday. The play tells the story of the famous playboy Gu Jiusi (played by Bai Jingting) and Liu Yuru (played by Song Yi), the daughter of a cloth merchant, who become young couples under the circumstances of misunderstandings.

  Easy opening to attract people into the “game”, Bai Jingting and Song Yi staged fancy persuasion

From the plots that have been broadcast so far, we can see that the series uses a light way to unfold the process of fast-forward budding of the relationship between Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru. Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru met for the first time in the snow, but unexpectedly got married because of a joke made by Gu Jiusi. The two were still entertaining guests at the wedding during the day, but they suddenly talked about “reconciliation” that night. The next day Gu Jiusi went out to play, he thought that Liu Yuru would be devastated at home, but when he looked up, he saw her holding a knife and besieging him in public, and then started the long road of “persuading students” to grow up.

The story unfolds in a relaxed opening and a compact and fast-paced plot. The beginning is a visual feast of classic and famous scenes. And Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru’s current fun and daily interaction is brewing their two-way development follow-up. The dandy Gu Jiusi in everyone’s eyes, under the encouragement and company of Liu Yuru, guards the peace and prosperity with like-minded partners. Liu Yuru also studied business with Gu Jiusi’s support, and finally stood side by side with the love in her heart.

  Rich group portraits present multi-level emotions and multi-angle interpretations of blood legends

The TV series “Long Wind Crossing” is a two-way cultivating bloody legendary drama. It is developed from the perspectives of “crossing love”, “crossing oneself” and “crossing the family and country”, showing personal love and family and country love. From the perspective of “crossing love”, it tells the process of the hero and heroine from looking at each other and hating each other to running in both directions; From the perspective of “country”, it portrays the determination of a group of young people to firmly guard their home country and protect the people.


In addition to the two-way love between Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru, the play also portrays the wonderful double-strong alliance love, healing and redemption love of other characters. At the same time, the play is not limited to small love and love, but also shows the friendship between like-minded protagonists who advance and retreat side by side, and the family and country conditions of young people who have mountains and rivers in their hearts and join hands to build an ideal home. The portraits of the characters are delicately portrayed, and the emotional stories are full, composing a touching and passionate legend.

The story has both an emotional line and a growth line, and the main line and the sub-line are equally exciting. Therefore, the TV series “Changfengdu” is loved and recognized by the audience, and people look forward to the development of the follow-up plot.

  Strong alliances create a story with ingenuity in seeing the big from the small

In addition to the unique and innovative story setting, the chemical reaction between the protagonists and the characters is also widely recognized by netizens. For example, Bai Jingting interpreted Gu Jiusi’s dandyism and stability, Song Yi interpreted Liu Yuru’s forbearance and courage, Liu Xueyi interpreted Luo Zishang’s both good and evil, etc. Young actors such as Bai Jingting, Song Yi, Liu Xueyi, Zhang Haowei, and Zhang Rui, together with powerful actors such as Zhao Ziqi, Sha Yi, Hu Ke, and Zhang Shaogang, form an eye-catching lineup and inject texture into the drama.

Yin Tao, the director of the play, has directed many works with double-boom word-of-mouth and ratings, which are deeply loved by the audience. Its majestic and steady creative style is highly recognizable, and it pays attention to grasping emotional details in its creation, so it can present the emotions of characters in different situations in the TV series “Long Wind Crossing” to the audience through different ways of expression .

Fire Pictures, which undertakes the production, cleverly combines the ups and downs of strong plot stories, the performance of the actors and the excellent production of the gold medal team to achieve multiple guarantees of content quality, so that the audience can get a good viewing experience through the story.

The audience’s expectations for the TV series “Long Wind Crossing” have been increasing day by day since the official announcement. Before the broadcast, the number of reservations on the iQiyi station exceeded 4 million. Once it was launched yesterday, the popularity continued to rise, and it ranked in the forefront of iQIYI’s overall list, TV series soaring list, TV series hit list, and drama list. The popularity value of iQiyi site exceeded 8,000 on the first day.

In addition, the show performed well on the charts of various platforms, ranking first on Douban’s real-time popular TV list, Beacon’s entire network’s feature film broadcast market share was second, and Maoyan’s overall network popularity ranks fourth. At the same time, it won nearly 200 hot searches on the entire network, and the total reading volume of the topic exceeded 1.6 billion. The high-quality content was highly exposed on multiple platforms and was widely praised by the audience.

May you be like the wind, crossing thousands of miles. The TV series “Long Wind Crossing” has been officially launched at 19:00 on the evening of June 18, and it will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi’s entire network. Let us continue to experience the super strong “crossing” home heat wave in this midsummer.

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