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Because of the warmth that is within reach in the city because of love, the service documentary of the 5th anniversary of the “Labor Harbor” of CCB Tianjin Branch

Because of the warmth that is within reach in the city because of love, the service documentary of the 5th anniversary of the “Labor Harbor” of CCB Tianjin Branch

Since 2018, a heart-warming logo of a blue hut has appeared in many CCB outlets. This is the “Labor Harbor” created by CCB for outdoor workers. In the past five years, CCB has opened its doors and continued to write moving and warm feelings with meticulous services. Since then, couriers, sanitation workers, taxi drivers, and traffic policemen, creators and guardians of a better life in the city, have their own homes.

  A business card conveys the temperature of the city

Master Zheng has been running a taxi for more than 20 years. He said: “We drive a taxi. It takes a whole day to get out. The food we bring at home has no place to heat it. We can only eat cold ones. It is a headache to find toilets everywhere every day. Since CCB’s business outlets With the ‘Labourer’s Harbor’, all these problems have been solved, and the old stomach problems have not occurred in the past two winters.”

Thousands of outdoor workers like Master Zheng guard the bustling city with their sweat. They are either bus taxi drivers running between urban and rural areas, or sanitation workers who clean the hot ground, or don’t Courier brothers and takeaway delivery staff who provide people with convenient life in different time periods… While they are silently contributing, the “workers’ harbors” of CCB Tianjin Branch all over the city provide the workers with home-like warmth and care, becoming A business card that conveys the temperature of the city.

Joint construction leads a new trend of benefiting the people

Aunt Liu is an ordinary sanitation worker who has been working in Tianjin for more than 20 years: “Four years ago in the winter, the northwest wind was blowing, I hid on the steps of the bank to drink water, and a little girl came out of the CCB. The girl pulled me in and poured me a cup of hot water, and told me to come in and have a rest when I was tired. CCB has many outlets, and they are all on the side of the road, which is very convenient.”

In order to let these ordinary and hard-working sanitation workers directly feel the care and respect from the society, Tianjin Branch carried out joint construction activities with the Municipal Urban Management Committee as early as 2019 to promote the city’s sanitation workers to share the resources of the “Labor Harbor” and provide them with Warm service with dignity.

In 2023, CCB Tianjin Branch will further deepen cooperation with the Municipal Urban Management Committee. On May 10, the “House of Sanitation” was listed in Laborers’ Harbor. Aunt Liu also came to the event site. She pulled the workers around her and said, “I used to ask her to come to Laborers’ Harbor. She always said that the bank is so clean and I’m sorry. Come on, today’s sanitation home is listed, workers can come in at any time to have a rest, heat up a meal, charge a cell phone, the sanitation home is our sanitation worker’s own home!”

Financial goodness warms the city’s “new citizens”

Xiaotong usually delivers food at high speed in the streets and alleys. He often comes to Hong Kong to charge his mobile phone. He is reluctant to buy water every day, so he goes to the harbor to pick up water. .

Most couriers and food delivery workers like Xiao Tong are young people under the age of 35. Their high-intensity work makes them have no time to socialize, and they are more eager to be respected. On the morning of August 1, 2023, the lobby of the business department of Tianjin Branch was crowded with people. The “A Bottle of Water Delivers Love” co-organized by the China Employee Development Foundation and China Construction Bank is being held here. The event calls on all sectors of society to care for and care New forms of employment for workers, enhance their sense of belonging and happiness. Representatives of outdoor laborers who participated in the event received love gift packs. They truly felt the warmth and care conveyed by the society, and expressed their sincere gratitude to CCB’s “Labor Harbor” for its thoughtful and thoughtful services.

Putting the people first and alleviating social pain points

Since August 2018, Tianjin Branch has opened 238 “Labor Harbors” in the city, and has organized and carried out more than 4,000 harbor public welfare activities, serving more than 1.3 million people… Over the past five years, the harbor has frozen countless warmth In the picture, these old friends, Master Zheng, Aunt Liu, and Xiao Tong, take the harbor as their mobile home, walk into the house in the wind, frost, rain and snow, drink water, and rest their feet.

As “Labor Harbor” has gradually become a public welfare service brand with extensive social influence, its service radius has also been continuously expanded, and social care has reached more vulnerable groups. Here, more and more new friends bid farewell to the helplessness of weak social identity and difficulty in urban integration, and receive caring services and social respect; here, China Construction Bank has “the biggest country” in mind, abides by the value concept of people first, and protects the people’s good life. The responsibility of the state-owned major banks is fully demonstrated.

2023 is the first year to comprehensively implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. CCB Tianjin Branch will focus on the strategic deployment of Chinese-style modernization in the new era, integrate politics and people’s nature into the whole process of new financial practice, and deeply practice The spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China provides the society with financial services that are warmer, deeper and wider.

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