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Arm’s next-generation super-large core X4 has been taped out!TSMC 3nm N3E process

Arm’s next-generation super-large core X4 has been taped out!TSMC 3nm N3E process

Arm today officially released a new generation of mobile computing platform TCS23, including super-large core X4, large-core A720, energy-efficient core A520, fully moving towards a pure 64-bit architecture, and the fifth-generation GPU Immortalis-G720, Mali-G720/G620, and interactive Even architecture DSU-120.

Arm also announced that,Through in-depth cooperation with TSMC, the Cortex-X4 CPU has been taped out on TSMC’s N3E process, which is the first in the industry!

TSMC’s 3nm process family still has many members and is constantly being adjusted and upgraded. It currently includes N3 (N3B), N3E, N3P, N3X, N3S and so on.

N3 is the original version, also known as N3B, which claims to improve performance by 12% compared to N5 with the same power consumption, and reduce power consumption with the same performance by 27%, but performance, power consumption, mass production yield and progress have not met expectations, so it has been enhanced version of the N3E.

N3E has fixed various defects on N3B, and the design indicators have also been relaxed.Compared with N5, the performance of the same power consumption is improved by 15-20%, the power consumption of the same performance is reduced by 30-35%, the logic density is about 1.6 times, and the chip density is about 1.3 times.

  The N3E process is expected to be mass-produced in mid-2023 at the earliest, and will be adopted by Arm, AMD, NVIDIA, Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Marvell.

N3P will be a follow-up upgrade of N3E, which will continue to optimize performance and process, improve performance by 5%, reduce power consumption by 5-10%, and increase chip area by 4%.

N3X is high-performance, and compared with N3P, the performance is improved by 5%, and the chip density remains unchanged.

N3S is regarded as the ultimate version, which deeply optimizes the integration density.

3nm is also the last time TSMC uses the FinFET transistor architecture, and it is expected to gain very strong vitality from the extremely successful 28nm and above, especially N3E.

In addition, according to the roadmap, Arm will bring the next-generation platform TCS24 on schedule next year, including super-large core Blackhawk, large-core Chaberton, energy-efficient core Hayes, high-end GPU Krake, and so on.

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