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Apple will have two conferences this year? Not just iPhone15

Apple will have two conferences this year? Not just iPhone15

As September is approaching, the days of Apple’s autumn conference, the industry’s “Spring Festival Gala”, are getting closer, and news about the iPhone 15 series can be said to be endless.

It has been confirmed that the 2023 Apple Autumn Conference will be held on September 13, which means that there is still about half a month before the long-awaited iPhone 15 series will meet with the majority of users.

And according to reliable sources, Apple will hold two press conferences in the fall. Among them, the first Apple fall conference in September 2023 will focus on new products such as the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.

In addition, Apple will hold a second press conference in October. Apple will bring iPad Pro, new MacBook Pro series, and devices equipped with M3 chips to fruit fans. From this point of view, this year’s Apple Autumn Conference is still relatively lively, and there is not much time, and Apple fans are ready to get in the car.

  Is the iPhone 15 worth the long-awaited?

The first thing I want to say is naturally the iPhone 15 series with the highest attention. According to the news from the Internet, Apple will still launch four iPhone 15 models this year, namely the basic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. And the flagship iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In addition to the long-standing change that the interface will be replaced by Type-C, the upgrade of the iPhone 15 series is basically a minor change based on the iPhone 14. It is expected to include:

The whole series adopts the design of “Smart Island” (Liu Haiping will officially become history?)

· Replace the USB-C interface in the whole series. At present, it is said that it may not be compatible with Android charging. However, the European Union has warned Apple not to restrict the function of the USB-C cable, so it is hard to say.

·The frame of the whole system is narrowed.

Improved battery life, battery life is believed to be an issue that many users are very concerned about. In addition to the surprise of switching to the Type-C interface, the iPhone 15 series has also increased the battery capacity of the entire series. The largest battery capacity is the iPhone 15 Plus. , the battery capacity reached 4912mAh.

Among them, the iPhone 15 Pro series has improved hardware specifications more significantly. It will be equipped with TSMC’s 3nm process A17 bionic processor, titanium metal frame, action button, thinner screen frame, support for Wi-Fi 6E, and even the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be the first to launch. It is equipped with a 5~6x periscope optical zoom lens.

According to past practice, the pre-order time for the new iPhone 15 will start on September 15, and the iPhone 15 will be officially released on September 22 a week later.

Overall, the improvements in this year’s iPhone 15 series are still worth seeing. But, although the imaging and battery capacity can be regarded as major upgrades, everyone is familiar with domestic brands. After all, these things have been around for several years, and the user experience is not bad at all. .

  Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch is the first major new Apple product that Jobs did not participate in. According to reliable rumors, Apple is preparing to launch a major update of the Apple Watch X to meet the 10th anniversary of the product, but it is not sure whether it will be in 2024 or 2024. Released in 2025.

And because of this, the Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch released next month may be the least upgraded product in history. Except for the use of the A15 Bionic-based S9 chip and new color schemes, there will not be many changes in other aspects. .

certainly,Based on the new S9 chip processor, the performance and battery life will be more obvious than the previous models. It is expected that there will be a 40~50% performance improvement, and at the same time the power consumption will also be significantly reduced, allowing the Apple Watch S9 battery life to reach 18 hours. above.

  Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Generation

After Apple first launched the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch for outdoor users last year, Mark Gurman pointed out that Apple will launch the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra at this fall conference. It will use 3D printed mechanical parts, which may include digital crowns, side buttons and Action buttons, and the case size will be expanded to 50mm, with a significantly larger viewing area than the previous Ultra.

However, Jeff Pu, a technology analyst at Haitong International Securities, believes that the Apple Watch Ultra with a larger size will be launched in 2024. More accurate information still needs to wait until September.

  A lot of products equipped with M3 chip

At last year’s WWDC, Apple launched the M2 chip. According to the frequency of Apple’s M1 update to M2, it is almost time to launch the next-generation M3 chip. The M3 chip will use TSMC’s 3nm process technology, which will be better than 5nm, and the performance of the M3 chip will be significantly improved.

According to Gurman, the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be upgraded to the M3 chip, while the high-end M3 Pro and M3 Max chips will be used in the 14-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro models.

In addition, for iMac products, it has been 3 years since the last iMac update, and it is still at the stage of the M1 chip. Can we really wait until the flowers are gone? So I think it’s quite reasonable to release the new iMac at the fall conference.

  iPad Pro 2023

Mark Gurman said that Apple has two iPad Pro codenames J717 and J720 respectively. The new generation of iPad Pro 2023 will debut at Apple’s autumn conference in October. The highlight of the specifications is that the iPad Pro screen is upgraded to OLED specifications, which can provide higher contrast. And color saturation, will once again widen the difference between iPad Air.

There is also news that Apple is planning to launch a larger-sized iPad Pro model, which is not expected to be unveiled until 2024.

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