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Bai Yufan and Yu Hewei’s new play “City Within a City” depicts financial human nature with realistic strokes

Bai Yufan and Yu Hewei’s new play “City Within a City” depicts financial human nature with realistic strokes

Directed by Teng Huatao, adapted from Teng Xiaolan’s novel of the same name, written by Bian Zhihong, Wu Nan, Tian Yu, starring Bai Yufan, Yu Hewei, Xia Meng, Long Ni, Wang Xiao, Feng Jiayi, special starring Wang Jinsong, Yang Zishan, special guest starring Chen Jin, Tu Songyan, Zhang The realistic TV series “City Within a City”, which was specially invited by Shen, wrapped up today. After 150 days and nights, from Chunnuan in March to Mengqiu in August, the whole team worked together to complete this “financial symphony” with both ideological depth and emotional concentration.

Through the perspective of two generations of financiers, “City Within a City” tells the story of how financiers represented by Tao Wuji and Zhao Hui have experienced the vicissitudes of the financial industry, and pursued their ideals under the pressure of career, family, love and other pressures. A career story. The whole play shows the reform process of the domestic financial industry in recent years in multiple dimensions, sharply depicts various difficulties and temptations of interests in the workplace, and peels off the complexity and changeability of human nature in this financial city. This time, with the release of materials such as the finale special, the audience has a deeper understanding of this “city within a city”.

The wrap-up special begins with the financial city at the beginning of the night, under the hustle and bustle, there are faces that are either elegant, firm, or sophisticated. Tao Wuji, played by Bai Yufan, is positive and cheerful, perfectly interpreting the freshness and hard work of graduates who are new to the workplace; Zhao Hui, played by Yu Hewei, has excellent performance and is the most yearned role model for newcomers; Miao Che, played by Wang Xiao, is upright , bringing the fair professionalism of auditing to the extreme; and the appearance of powerful actors such as Long Ni, Feng Jiayi, Wang Jinsong, Yang Zishan, Tu Songyan, etc., slowly unfolds a vivid picture of all beings in the financial circle in front of the audience. Although only part of the scenes were released in the finale special, the actors’ scenes full of tension under various emotions have completely ignited the audience’s expectations for the story in the city. In addition, the emergence of various financial elements such as banks, audits, bonds, etc., together constitute the financial story of you and me in the city. Theme drama.


The relationship stills released simultaneously with the finale special also show the power contrast between the Mesozoic and the new generations in the financial circle in the play. Several people represented by Zhao Hui and Miao Che are the backbone of the industry. They have been in the financial circle for many years, and they have already understood the survival rules of this industry, and they seem to have deep meaning in every gesture; The group of young people, Tian Xiaohui and Tian Xiaohui, showed the high-spirited attitude of good young people. They are not only competitors at work, but also close friends who talk about everything in life. In different scenes, the two generations of financiers let the audience see the plump and three-dimensional character images of “The City Within a City”, creating a considerable story texture for the entire series.

In addition, relying on the relationship between the characters to create the highlights of the story is also a commendable ingenuity of “City Within a City”. For example, Tao Wuji’s mentorship with Zhao Hui and Miao Che, the relationship between Zhao Hui, Miao Che, Su Jianren, and Xie Zhiyuan from young classmates to working in the same industry for many years, the sympathy and contradictions between these characters Conflict makes the story come to life with dramatic tension, while specific and vivid cases connect financial people at different levels, showing the true living conditions of financial people in a fiercely competitive environment. Although only a corner can be glimpsed from the materials released so far, these fragments still leave a strong memory for the audience.

As director Teng Huatao said, “City Within a City” is not a panoramic display of Shanghai’s urban customs, but a realistic description of Shanghai, as an international financial center, under the background of the continuous development and transformation of the financial industry. The story of how the relevant industries faced challenges and worked hard. In this process, the most important thing is to resonate with the audience, which is a professional and abstract concept of the financial industry. In this regard, the production team of “City Within a City” has prepared for four years and carefully polished the script to remove impetuosity. While retaining the true description of the financial circle in the original work, the characters and their relationships have been adapted on the ground, so that the drama can be directly faced While being realistic, it retains the idealism and original aspirations of practitioners in the industry, which deeply resonates with contemporary professionals.

The TV series “City Within a City” is jointly produced by China Central Radio and Television, China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd., Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Xingge Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is a key project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in 2022. At present, the play has entered the post-production stage, so stay tuned.

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