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Ancubic Group’s Batu Kawan sales showroom opened on Saturday. The Prime Minister of Penang presided over the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony | Business News

Ancubic Group’s Batu Kawan sales showroom opened on Saturday. The Prime Minister of Penang presided over the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony | Business News

(Penang News) Ancubic Group An Sifang Group willMarch 9 (Saturday)The grand opening was held at 11 am, and Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow was invited to preside over the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for the A Park Batu Kawan Penang sales exhibition room.

A Park Industrial Park, located in the eastern part of Batu Kawan, Selangor, adopts a unique architectural concept and is a comprehensive and multi-purpose building industrial design. The land area is 20 acres and a total of 50 units of one-and-a-half-storey or two-and-a-half-storey semi-detached factories will be built.

A Park Industrial Park is strategically located close to the Second Penang Bridge and the toll-free route from Sungai Baka Road to Seberang Perai. In addition, Batu Kawan is regarded as the next emerging industrial area that is poised to develop. The investment potential cannot be underestimated.

Ancubic Group An Sifang Group appearance.

Freehold title and innovative design to meet diverse business needs

The industrial park is equipped with a 24-hour security system with Class A specifications, eliminating the need for security. The industrial park is also equipped with solar panel installations to enable the effective practice of green energy, in line with ESG’s added value and technology-driven industry standards. , a potential location to help reduce carbon footprint.

A Park Industrial Park will sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Association of Malaysia to establish a partnership. Investors can leverage ESG upgrading and transformation to enhance competitiveness and explore broader green investments to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

The new developments in A Park Industrial Park also cater to the general direction of the country’s 2030 New Industrial Development Blueprint, especially focusing on the development of high-efficiency fields. This industrial park will contribute to the development prospects of the electronics industry and the electric vehicle market.

The development of this industrial zone is under a freehold title. The buildings are high and feature ventilation, natural lighting, and ultra-high visibility, which can save energy. The spacious space is convenient for companies to load and unload goods.

A Park’s innovative industrial structure, with land areas ranging from 10,474 square feet to 23,391 square feet, and building areas from 6,868 square feet to 16,748 square feet, meets the business needs of unit types in different fields. The design concept of the building is suitable for various uses, such as display units, Office buildings, etc.

A Park Industrial Park is only 7 minutes away from the rapidly developing Batu Kawan Industrial Park, which is home to 160 multinational companies, including Western Digital and LAM Research. It is also adjacent to international electronics companies such as Intel, Jabil, Dell, Motorola, Panasonic, Bosch, Micron, etc.

Batu Kawan is an emerging industrial area. A Park Industrial Park is located in this emerging industrial ecological environment, gathering small and medium-sized enterprises of various types, including electronic products, fast moving consumer goods, logistics and warehousing, engineering services, precision engineering, semiconductors, IT, information engineering, etc. are all important links for enterprise expansion and expansion, in order to achieve broader industrial development effects.

In addition, the architectural style and design of A Park are multi-purpose and are suitable for use as warehouses, showrooms, offices, etc. The spacious space of the factory, coupled with the 10-meter height of the ground floor, not only allows maximum flexibility in installation and layout, but also optimizes ventilation, natural lighting and visual effects.

Director Liu Wen’an (4th from left), Project Management Manager Liu Jiacheng (5th from left) and other An Sifang Group colleagues take a group photo.

Help enterprises reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions

As climate change issues gain more and more attention, Ansifang Group has not forgotten to adopt green designs, such as rainwater collection systems, grass brick parking lots, roof insulation, solar roof panels, etc., to effectively save energy and reduce carbon footprint, and contribute to environmental protection. Partial force.

Not only that, A Park also provides property management, waste management, basic facilities, landscape maintenance, international trade links, infrastructure operation and maintenance, etc., highlighting the group’s determination to take into account details and plan carefully.

All are welcome to visit the sales exhibition in person: No.21, Jalan Vervea 2, Vervea, 14110 Bandar Cassia, Pulau Pinang. e-mail:[email protected]

Please call: 016-227 1506, 016-227 1508 for details.

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