Dashboard docking Hikvision camera real-time monitoring solution


In data analysis, there are often large comprehensive data visualization screens such as design management cockpits or command centers. In such large screen settings, there is often a need to connect cameras. It is hoped that the cameras can be directly displayed to view real-time monitoring, or click The large-screen signage can jump to pop-up real-time monitoring. Today I will introduce to you how to use Wyn Business Intelligence, Grape City Company’s embedded BI tool, to connect to Hikvision cameras, as shown in the figure below:

  Implementation ideas:

1. One is for the user to directly use the camera’s real-time view of the video stream address, and then use the surveillance video component on Wyn to connect directly.

2. The second is that the user does not have the address of the real-time video stream. Only the Hikvision camera viewing site can view the surveillance video online by entering the account password;

This article introduces how to implement this. Through the RTSP real-time video stream address provided by Hikvision, the stream is transcoded with the help of a back-end program, and then used on Wyn.

  Implementation steps:

  1. Connect the camera

Find the Hikvision camera you want to connect to, and log in to the corresponding site to view the camera configuration.

Switch to the configuration page and check the camera’s address and RTSP port.

  2. Generate the RTSP video stream address of the camera

The video stream address format of Hikvision camera RTSP is as follows:


You need to modify the username, password, IP, and port on the connection according to your camera platform.

  3. Deploy back-end video streaming transcoding service

The editor here uses python to implement an interface to convert the RTSP video stream in the second step into an HTTP interface for use by the front-end Wyn.

The accessed URL rules are as follows:

The back-end program here publishes port 5000. You can modify the code and use other ports according to your own needs;

The published HTTP interface receives a parameter, and the parameter value is the RTSP video stream address in the second step.

The backend program source code is as follows, which can be deployed to the server according to your own environment:


  4. Wyn dashboard docking surveillance video

Create a dashboard on Wyn using the picture component and bind the HTTP interface address published in the third step to view the video surveillance online in real time.


The above is the whole process of using Wyn business intelligence to connect to Hikvision cameras.


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