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AIA Tianjin launched the 2023 outdoor publicity campaign to prevent illegal fund-raising

AIA Tianjin launched the 2023 outdoor publicity campaign to prevent illegal fund-raising

  In order to implement the “About the development of Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory BureauNotice of 2023 Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Publicity Month ActivitiesdocumentRequire,Earnestly implement financial enterprises’ prevention of illegal fund-raisingMain Responsibilities of Missionto further enhance insurance practitioners and the general public’s awareness of preventing illegal fund-raising risks. The management of Tianjin Branch of AIA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to it.AtJune 202315On the 1st, with the help of the District Financial Bureau, it was held on the Heping Road Pedestrian StreetCarried outbyOutdoor anti-African intensive publicity with the theme of “Keep the money bag and protect the happy family”Activityfocus“One old and one young”, “new citizens” and other social public groups, expand the breadth and depth of publicity of this non-affected publicity month, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.

  AIA Life Tianjin Branch promotes financial services to the public by placing posters, display racks, promotional leaflets and other publicity materials related to anti-illegal fund-raising risk warnings, consumer rights protection, anti-money laundering, and personal information protection at publicity points. knowledge and enhance the public’s awareness of risk prevention. In addition, combined with financial experience, extract information that needs special attention, such as illegal fundraising, money laundering crimes, and infringement of consumer rights, and provide information to social public groups that are vulnerable to criminals, such as the elderly, young people, and new citizens. On-site explanations enable them to quickly identify violations of laws and regulations and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

  All along, AIALife Insurance Tianjin Branch continues to strive to“Healthy, long-term and good life” brings more groups, strives to build a “friendly” and loving society, and launches multiple caring plans and measures for customers.The AIALife Insurance Tianjin BranchActively carry out prevention of illegal fund-raisingpublicityActivity,Efforts should be made to publicize the relevant knowledge of preventing illegal fund-raising to the public, reduce the probability of consumers encountering the risk of illegal fund-raising, and maintain the public’s“Healthy, long-term and good life” is the company’sThe embodiment of actively assuming social responsibility.future, aialife insurancewill alsoContinue to fulfill its corporate and social responsibilities,forContribute to the healthy development of the industry.

  AIA Life Insurance Tianjin Branch is here to remind consumers that investment and financial management should be cautious and bear in mind“Look four times, think twice and wait overnight”——A look at financing legitimacyWhether to obtain the enterprise business license, whether to obtain the relevant financial license or approved by the financial management department.Second look at the promotional contentdoes it contain or imply“Guaranteed, risk-free, high-yield, stable profit without loss” and other content.Three look at the business model,whetherThere are physical items,whetherTruth, where the funds are invested, how to obtain profits, etc.Four Look at Participating Fundraising SubjectsIs it mainly for specific groups such as the elderly?a thoughtDo you really understand the product and market conditions.think twiceWhether the product conforms to market rules.think twiceWhether its own economic strength has the ability to resist risks.wait overnight,When encountering relevant investment and fund-raising publicity, you must avoid overheating and seek the opinions of family and friends first.waitDecide later.Ten millionDon’t blindly believe in publicity campaigns, introductions from acquaintances, and expert recommendations, and don’t be tempted by high profits to invest blindly.

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