AI technology “has great potential”, Transwarp Sophon debuts at GAIDC

AI technology “has great potential”, Transwarp Sophon debuts at GAIDC

Recently, the “2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Developers Pioneer Conference” (GAIDC) was held in Lingang, Shanghai. With the theme of “AI Developers Going to the Light”, it gathered global AI development talents, highlighting the value of innovative talents leading and driving, Promoting the co-creation of artificial intelligence internationally, promoting the creation of an ecological Shanghai brand for artificial intelligence developers; at the same time, promoting the implementation of major projects, setting sail for new growth points in the industry, promoting the linkage between industries and scenarios, and providing a strong strategy for the “Shanghai Heights” of artificial intelligence Support and contribute the “Shanghai Power” to my country’s construction of a world science and technology power in the field of artificial intelligence. Transwarp Technology, as a representative enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence, was invited to participate in the conference, and presented products such as privacy computing platform Sophon P2C, data science platform Sophon Base, and knowledge graph platform Sophon KG.

For various business scenarios that require data security, privacy computing technology shows how to make safe and effective use of data and cross-enterprise AI collaboration possible from the technical level.

Transwarp Technology demonstrated the latest application of privacy computing technology in the medical field and government affairs field at the GAIDC summit. In the medical field, private computing has also been applied to assist decision-making in telemedicine. Through privacy computing technology, community hospitals and village hospitals can quickly return the disease probability of patients by inputting various pathological indicators of patients, combined with the mature model of tertiary hospitals, and provide telemedicine auxiliary decision-making for remote areas to solve the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor”.

In addition to ensuring the safe sharing of data and models, Sophon P2C can also ensure that the query actions of the query party are not leaked. Through the invisible query technology, millions of interference items can be created, and the queried party will not be able to tell which piece of data the initiator has queried, thus ensuring the privacy of both parties.

In the field of government affairs, based on Sophon P2C, Transwarp Technology uses privacy computing technology to provide a safe, convenient and “data can be used without going out” channel for urban group rental housing identification. Users can quickly inquire about the risk probability of a group of households renting houses through the secure federated learning of electricity consumption data and water use data without involving the privacy of residents, which is “difficult to enter, difficult to identify, and difficult to implement” in the process of group rental governance. Provide technical solutions.

Transwarp Technology’s technical exploration and implementation practice in privacy computing has also been widely recognized by the industry. It has won the “2021 Typical Solution for Digital Technology Integration and Innovative Application” by the Network Security Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the excellent case of big data “Galaxy” privacy computing. It has passed the MPC performance special project of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology and Zhuoxin FL safety special evaluation, and has been shortlisted in IDC research reports for many times.

In addition to the privacy computing platform, the “AI weapon” Sophon Base data science platform and the Sophon KG knowledge graph platform were also displayed at the GAIDC summit. These two “AI weapons” have teamed up to help the UN’s energy proposition for sustainable development hand in a beautiful answer at the Gartner Orlando Data Summit.

Due to many factors such as industrialization process, climate crisis and energy structure imbalance, the global energy crisis is becoming increasingly apparent. In order to explore more effective solutions, Transwarp Technology uses big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, around the United Nations sustainable development goals, and uses AI technology to provide suggestions for the realization of the energy sustainable development goals of G20 countries.

In Transwarp’s Data Science Platform Canvas, users can analyze how ESG (that is, economic, environmental and social) factors affect energy sustainable development goals by analyzing the data of the United Nations and the World Bank in various regions of the world over the years, and suggest what can be done What efforts have been made to improve the performance of the sustainable development goals.

Based on the above research results, Transwarp Technology suggests that in order to promote the sustainable energy development of each country, it can provide more targeted financial and technical support according to the national conditions of each country, such as providing targeted technology and funds for industrial transformation Support, provide support for power supply and support for renewable energy production and use equipment, etc. With a more reasonable allocation of technical and financial support, it is believed that the sustainable development of energy in each developing country will perform better.

As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility and mission, Transwarp Technology has always been using technological innovation to provide assistance to the sustainable energy development of society and fulfill its corporate ESG responsibilities. For example, actively responding to the double-carbon call, creating a carbon emission monitoring service platform solution, providing double-carbon services for governments, enterprises, groups, and individuals; optimizing flight routes for airlines, saving tens of millions of tons of fuel every year; Provide automated modeling and intelligent monitoring and early warning platforms; join the “cloud-edge collaboration double-carbon green energy ecology”, aggregate the power of ecology to enhance digital carbon management, support carbon reduction innovation capabilities, and promote green and high-quality economic development.

In the future, Transwarp will continue to devote itself to the research and development of AI basic software, providing developers with cutting-edge, high-performance, trustworthy, and easy-to-use intelligent analysis tools.

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