Thank you for coming to me Longjiao San and Sanlian Life Weekly to speak out for women’s friendship


In recent years, the topic of feminism is in the ascendant, but people are often keen to discuss women’s independence and awakening, but pay little attention to the support and mutual assistance among women. Even with the misunderstanding and alienated expression of female friendship in film and television works, many people began to explore whether there is a long-term and solid friendship between women. Regarding this topic, Ryukakusan, a century-old voice protection brand in Japan, and Sanlian Life Weekly interviewed women of different ages, 20+, 40+, and 80+, and released a real-life short film “Thank you for coming to me”, which tells the story of women of different ages. The touching stories of mutual support and mutual healing between them interpret the warmth and healing of female friendship, try to break the stereotype of female friendship in the existing society, and speak out for female friendship.

For a long time, society has always misunderstood women’s friendship. Because it is deeply embedded in the patriarchal structure, competition and games between women are often seen in reality, and are ridiculed as “female competition”. However, in the discussion on the topic “When are you grateful for the existence of girlfriends” initiated by Longjiaosan and Sanlian Life Weekly in the early stage, many female netizens expressed their gratitude for the existence of girlfriends “from beginning to end”, And shared the stories of mutual respect, mutual care and mutual healing between them.

In the short film “Thank you for coming to me” released this time, Ryukakusan and Sanlian Life Weekly gave a new interpretation of female friendship by interviewing the best friend stories of three women of different ages and their views on female friendship:

From the perspective of Tuotuo and Wenya, who are 20+, female friendship is a kind of personality and similar taste, and it is mutual support and encouragement on the stumbling road of drifting north.

In the view of Minmin and Jiabei, who are 40+, female friendship is to know the root and the bottom, to know the hot and cold, to support each other, and to face the uncertainties of the future.

In the eyes of 80+ grandma Wu Yanshu, female friendship is a time to heal each other, a day to accompany and protect each other, and a beautiful emotion that can run through and nourish a lifetime, just like a champagne-colored rose that never fades, no matter how time goes by , Fragrant forever.

The short film “Thank You for Coming to Me” shares the friendship stories of women of different ages through interviews with real people, advocates the public to pay attention to the care and support among women, tries to break the misunderstanding and stereotype of women’s friendship, and justifies and speaks for women’s friendship. In Ryukakusan’s view, female friendship is a sense of peace of mind that protects each other, heals at any time, and is always there when needed, just like the healing and protection that the Ryukakusan brand has provided for every user for a long time.

As a century-old voice protection brand in Japan, the birth of Ryukakusan is also based on a promise of protection and healing. For more than 200 years, Ryukakusan has always been committed to protecting the throat health of users, and has launched a full range of throat care products including throat medicine, throat lozenges, throat lozenges, and medicine-assisted jelly, and continues to provide reliable products for many consumers. , Safe, and caring healing products also witness the friendship between people who protect and care for each other-“If you love TA, you will send TA Longjiao San”, which has become the consensus of many users.

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