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Scheduled! “Surgery Live Room” Jiangsu Satellite TV will premiere on April 6 with Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu performing doctors’ benevolence

Scheduled! “Surgery Live Room” Jiangsu Satellite TV will premiere on April 6 with Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu performing doctors’ benevolence

The TV series “Surgery Live Room” starring Zhang Binbin, Dai Xu, Liu Mintao, and Yang Yutong, with Yuan Shanshan as the special star, was officially announced today and will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater at 19:30 every night starting from April 6. The play tells the story of the genius doctor Zheng Ren (played by Zhang Binbin) who came to Haicheng Hospital to investigate an “unjust case” 18 years ago. He formed a pair with the director of the emergency department Su Yun (played by Dai Xu) and worked together to overcome the problem. One difficult disease after another.

  Focus on growth stories and present various images of medical and nursing staff

In recent years, more and more medical dramas have entered the public eye. It is set in a hospital, with medical workers as the protagonists, and their life-saving and healing as the main plot. It focuses on presenting the daily work of medical workers and the stories between them and patients. “Live Surgery Room” is such a medical-themed TV series. It uses an “unjust case” 18 years ago as a guide to tell the story that happened in Haicheng Hospital and present portraits of medical staff. During this period, Zheng Ren not only uncovered the truth of the year, but also formed a task force with Su Yun, Lin Yuan (played by Weiwei), Xie Yiren (played by Yang Yutong) and others for the extremely difficult “conjoined twin separation surgery” , realizing the ideal of saving lives, curing patients, and warming people’s hearts.

Compared with the perfect personality of the protagonists in usual medical dramas, the protagonists in “Surgical Live Room” have different personalities: Although Zheng Ren has superb medical skills, he also has an extremely cold personality; Su Yun, who seems cynical, is actually But he suffers from PTSD and suffers psychological torture every day; as the director of Haicheng Hospital, Su Li (played by Liu Mintao) is vigorous and resolute, but extremely harsh on the people around him… But it is precisely because of these small flaws that the protagonist’s image is It is fuller and more complete, and it also arouses the audience’s expectations: How can everyone overcome themselves and grow into a more perfect “angel in white”?

  Powerful actors gather to create high-quality masterpieces

In recent years, Zhang Binbin has appeared in many popular film and television works, leaving a deep impression on the audience. This time, he plays Zheng Ren, a “genius doctor” who emerges from nowhere, but due to his experiences in his youth, he cannot trust others and is not good at getting along with others. With the help of the team, Zheng Ren gradually resolved the knots he had felt for many years and found himself again.

Dai Xu, who has been recognized by the audience for his work in “Party Founding” and “Meng Hua Lu”, plays the role of Su Yun, the successor of a medical family. He seems to be cynical, but in fact he is sensitive. He suffered from PTSD after a medical accident and was unable to use his superb medical skills. With the help of Zheng Renhe’s team, he defeated himself and regained his original intention of studying medicine.

Liu Mintao plays Su Li, the ambitious director of Haicheng Hospital. Although she talks about pursuing interests, she is hard-spoken and soft-hearted. When a major disaster breaks out, she resolutely abandons her personal interests and supports disaster relief wholeheartedly. The new combination of three powerful actors also guarantees the quality of the play.

It is worth mentioning that Dun Qi, the chief producer of “Surgery Room”, has won many high-quality dramas such as “Golden Wedding”, “The Legend of Zhen Zhen” and “Emergency Doctor”, and has won success in various fields such as costume, modern and suspense. His works have been recognized both within and outside the industry. The new work “Surgery Live Room” brought this time is also worthy of the audience’s expectations.

From 19:30 every night on April 6, lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater “Surgery Live Room” and experience the wonderful hands and kindness of the angel in white.

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