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Zhuanzhuan participated in the drafting of two group standards and was announced to continue to lead the standardization construction of the second-hand industry

Zhuanzhuan participated in the drafting of two group standards and was announced to continue to lead the standardization construction of the second-hand industry

Under the influence of the concept of green consumption, the second-hand commodity trading market has ushered in a development boom in recent years. However, due to the highly non-standard problem of second-hand commodities, the second-hand trading industry needs standardized specifications.

Recently, Zhuanzhuan Group, a leading platform in the circular economy industry, jointly participated in the drafting of two important group standards “Quality Classification and “Top Runner” Evaluation Requirements for Used Goods Retail Services” and “Basic Requirements for the Capabilities of Second-hand Goods (Second-handed Goods) Appraisal Institutions” “has been approved to be released successively. These two standards are respectively formulated for enterprises engaged in second-hand operation and second-hand appraisal, which is a big step forward for the standardized development and standardized construction of the second-hand trading industry.

Turn around to contribute to the construction of industry standardization system, and two group standards have been released one after another

As a typical non-standard product, second-hand products also have large differences in price due to differences in usage loss and length of use, and there are various companies operating second-hand products, which makes it difficult for buyers and sellers to establish a stable relationship of trust.

The group standard “Quality Grading and “Top Runner” Evaluation Requirements for Second-Hand Retail Services” (T/CRGTA 011-2023), approved and issued by the China Second-hand Trade Association, aims at the non-standardized characteristics of second-hand traded goods and regulates the industry. Quantifiable indicators in the business process of enterprises, and provide professional reference for consumers to identify reliable platforms.

This standard is applicable to the evaluation of retail service quality and enterprise standard level of used durable consumer goods and used electric motor products, and stipulates the basic requirements, evaluation index system, evaluation method and classification of second-hand goods retail service quality and enterprise standard level evaluation.

It is understood that the drafting of the group’s standards has gathered various forces including the China Second-hand Goods Industry Association, Zhuanzhuan Group and other associations and enterprises. The implementation of this group standard provides a basis for second-hand goods management companies to formulate high-quality corporate standards, and at the same time provides an important support for third-party evaluation agencies to formulate “leader” evaluation plans and carry out evaluation work.

In the past two years, in order to make the second-hand trading industry play a greater role in the “double carbon” cause, the domestic standardization construction has gradually accelerated. In addition to the operating platform, the behavior of other participating entities in the second-hand trading link also needs to be regulated and guided.

Earlier, the China Second-hand Goods Industry Association also approved and issued another important standard – the group standard “Basic Requirements for the Capabilities of Second-hand Goods (Second-hand Goods) Appraisal Institutions” (T/CRGTA 010-2023), which is Clarify the “threshold” of second-hand commodity appraisal agencies, and further strengthen the quality assurance of second-hand commodities.

Zhuanzhuan Group is also among the drafters of this group standard. Different from the aforementioned standards, the implementation of this standard will provide guidance for institutions or enterprises engaged in the identification of second-hand goods (used goods) to enhance the concept of integrity, promote the construction of integrity, prevent the risk of dishonesty, enhance social trust, and establish brand effects. Appraisal institutions or enterprises provide important support for developing a management system that meets the needs of second-hand goods (used goods) appraisal operations.

Lead the construction of industry standard system and promote the healthy development of second-hand transactions

It can be said that under the market size of trillion yuan, second-hand circular economy transactions are entering a period of explosive growth. The emergence of high-quality platforms such as Zhuanzhuan in the industry has made consumers realize that platforms with good service quality will help solve the crisis of trust in the “lemon market”.

In the process, Zhuanzhuan has also been leading and promoting the standardization process of the second-hand industry, “grasping both hands” in terms of service standardization and industry development standardization.

On the one hand, Zhuanzhuan has always been committed to establishing a trustworthy trading experience. It is the first in the industry to independently customize machine inspection standards, and is the first to provide services such as 7-day no-reason return and one-year warranty, and continues to build a performance service system. On the other hand, Zhuanzhuan never forgets the responsibility and mission of the leading platform in the industry, regards the healthy development of second-hand transactions as its own responsibility, and actively participates in the drafting of relevant industry standards.

Last year, under the leadership of the China National Institute of Standardization, the “Technical Specifications for Project-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Evaluation” (T/CSTE 0049 -2022) team standard was approved to be released and became a second-hand trading carbon emission reduction group standard in my country. And Zhuan Zhuan participated in the “Second-hand Mobile Phone Trading Regulations” Shenzhen local standard has also become the reference standard for the circulation order and trading behavior of the second-hand mobile phone market in Shenzhen and even the whole country.

According to statistics, in 2022 alone, Zhuanzhuan Group presided over and participated in the formulation of 13 various standards, including 2 industry standards, 1 local standard, and 10 group standards. It is a well-deserved leader in second-hand industry standards.

As the development of circular economy represented by second-hand trading gradually enters the “deep water area”, the construction of industry standardization will only become more important, so it has also become a hot topic for representatives and committee members at this year’s two sessions, and they have suggested to promote the inclusion of second-hand trading in carbon Pratt & Whitney is integrated into carbon trading, and a scientific methodology system is established to ensure the quantitative conversion of this low-carbon behavior and the formation of incentive feedback.

The development of second-hand trading is not afraid of long roads, but it is afraid of yaw. The promulgation of various standards will undoubtedly plan a clear and correct “route” for the green industry of second-hand trading. The degree of participation in the second-hand transaction has prompted the second-hand transaction to get rid of the non-standard dilemma and move towards standardized development in an all-round way, so that the second-hand circular economy in which everyone reduces emissions and everyone reduces carbon becomes an important part of a green lifestyle.

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