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Zhongke Meiling’s service upgrade starts a new journey, leading a new chapter in life sciences with safety

Zhongke Meiling’s service upgrade starts a new journey, leading a new chapter in life sciences with safety

On March 12, Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand service upgrade 4.0 conference in Hefei for “One-year worry-free replacement and quality upgrade”. This meeting officially announced Zhongke Meiling’s new service policy for 2024, which aims to further improve service quality and quality, promote the development of new quality productivity, and bring users a more outstanding “Made in China” experience.

The goal of Zhongke Meiling’s service upgrade is to meet user needs with faster response speed and higher service quality, and to bring better quality domestic products to users. The launch of the new service policy not only reflects the company’s in-depth understanding and grasp of customer needs, but also reflects the company’s firm belief and determination to adhere to safety-oriented and pursue quality excellence.

  R&D safety is the banner of Zhongke Meiling

Today, with the wave of digitalization sweeping across, technological innovation has become an important engine for corporate development, and R&D safety is the solid cornerstone of technological innovation. Zhongke Meiling is well aware of this truth, regards R&D safety as a distinct banner of the enterprise, and stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Facing multiple challenges such as technological complexity, supply chain diversity, intellectual property protection and operational standardization, Zhongke Meiling resolutely defends R&D safety.

Technical defects are unavoidable problems in research and development, but Zhongke Meiling ensures product stability and safety and reduces technical risks by increasing investment in research and development, improving the technical level of the team, adopting advanced tools and methods, and strengthening product testing and verification.

The supply chain links are complex and ever-changing. Zhongke Meiling uses a strict supplier screening mechanism to comprehensively evaluate the quality and technical level of suppliers, strengthen communication and collaboration with suppliers, and jointly build a safe and reliable supply chain system to ensure the safety of the supply chain. safe and stable.

Intellectual property rights are the company’s precious wealth. Zhongke Meiling has established a complete intellectual property management system, strengthened employee training, improved awareness of intellectual property protection, and strictly carried out the application, review and maintenance of intellectual property rights to ensure that technological achievements are effectively protected.

In addition, in order to improve the safety of R&D operations and protect the health of technical personnel, Zhongke Meiling has formulated detailed operating specifications to clarify responsibilities and procedures to ensure the orderly conduct of R&D activities. At the same time, we strengthen the management of R&D equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment.

In summary, Zhongke Meiling has relied on a series of carefully planned and efficiently executed effective measures to ensure the safety, stability and smooth progress of R&D activities, laying an unshakable solid foundation for the company’s high-quality development.

  Production safety is the cornerstone of Zhongke Meiling

For a long time, the state has repeatedly emphasized the importance of safety work and introduced a series of policies, laws and regulations. Looking back at the development history of Zhongke Meiling, it is not difficult to find that production safety has always been the eternal cornerstone of its development.

As a second-level enterprise in national safety production standardization, Zhongke Meiling always adheres to the principle of “safety first, quality second, efficiency third”, prevents the occurrence of various accidents from the source, establishes and improves safety management systems and operating procedures, and carries out Various forms of safety education and training. For example, the company regularly carries out safety activities for all employees such as “Ankang Cup” and “Safety Month” to actively create a strong atmosphere in which everyone cares about production safety and participates in safety development. At the same time, the company also actively participates in the identification of hazard sources and the investigation and management of hidden dangers, forming a good situation of group prevention and group governance, and contributing to the harmony and stability of society. In addition, the company is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its employees outside of their eight-hour workday. Medical assistance for serious illness, personal accident insurance, special disease insurance for female employees… This kind of care and responsibility for employees has allowed Zhongke Meiling to win the trust and respect of the majority of employees.

This persistent pursuit of safety is not only reflected in Zhongke Meiling’s headquarters, but also extends to its wholly-owned subsidiaries – Anhui Tuoxing Technology and Anhui Ling’an Medical. During the construction and production processes, the two companies also focused on safety production standardization and simultaneously carried out safety, environmental protection, and occupational health evaluation and design to ensure that various safety and environmental risks are prevented and resolved from the source. This forward-looking safety concept enables Zhongke Meiling to maintain a stable situation of safe production while developing rapidly.

Currently, Zhongke Meiling has made remarkable achievements in safety construction. In the past 22 years, the company has never had any production safety accidents involving minor injuries or above, fires, explosions, occupational poisoning and environmental pollution. The company not only passed the honor of being a second-level enterprise in safety production standardization in Anhui Province, but also successfully passed the review and renewal in 2021. It is worth mentioning that Zhongke Meiling also won the honorary titles of “Hefei Workers Pioneer” and “Anhui Province’s ‘Ankang Cup’ Competition Winning Unit” in 2021. Behind these honors are countless Zhongke Meiling people’s dedication to production safety. Persistence and dedication.

  Logistics safety is the lifeline of Zhongke Meiling

In 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission clearly pointed out that the high-quality development of logistics is not only a key component of high-quality economic development, but also an indispensable force in promoting the economy to a higher level. For Zhongke Meiling, logistics also occupies a crucial position and is the core element that promotes high-quality development of the company. Road after road and truck after truck connect all aspects of R&D, design, production and sales, forming the lifeline of Zhongke Meiling’s high-quality development.

From warehousing to packaging, to transportation and final delivery, this “lifeline” runs through the entire process of Zhongke Meiling Logistics, connecting the enterprise at one end and the user at the other end. In every aspect of this lifeline, Zhongke Meiling’s logistics team has devoted its ingenuity and is committed to ensuring logistics safety.

During the delivery process, the operators strictly followed safe operating regulations, reinforced the safety of the goods, and took corresponding protective measures in rainy and snowy days. During the transportation of goods, heavy pressure is strictly prohibited, and all links are required to use professional tools to avoid potential risks caused by manual operations.

When the goods arrive at the customer’s site, the Zhongke Meiling Logistics team will select appropriate operating tools based on the customer’s site environment and deliver the goods to the customer’s designated location, such as using a forklift or tailgate truck for unloading. If the product needs to be sent to a high floor but an elevator is not available, transport personnel will try to use a crane or ladder to transport the product to reduce the damage that may be caused by manually lifting the goods upstairs.

In addition, the Zhongke Meiling Logistics team also arranges professionals to unpack and clean garbage at designated locations to ensure the safety of customers when receiving goods and avoid potential dangers caused by improper operations.

Through these meticulous measures, Zhongke Meiling’s logistics team always protects the safety and smoothness of this “lifeline”, ensuring that every piece of goods can be delivered to users safely and on time, interpreting the “customer-oriented” policy with practical actions. Center” service concept to provide customers with efficient, thoughtful and safe logistics service experience.

  After-sales safety is the responsibility of Zhongke Meiling

As a state-owned listed company, Zhongke Meiling has always taken “rejuvenation with me, industry to serve the country” as its mission, proactively assumes social responsibilities, shoulders the mission of the times, strives to realize technology for the people, and is committed to industrial revitalization!

In 2016, Zhongke Meiling took the lead in the industry to launch the “worry-free GO for new products, 90-day no-reason guarantee return” service 1.0 policy, and at the same time launched the first battle of the “Zero Distance Experience” service month activity. For 8 consecutive years, it has radiated to more than 660 cities. A total of 1,936 service engineers have taken the initiative to provide free maintenance, maintenance and overhaul services to users, serving a total of more than 350,000 users and more than 500,000 pieces of equipment!

In 2018, the “White Paper on Quality and Safety of Low-Temperature Refrigerator Products” was released and the Service 2.0 policy was launched to enable all ultra-low temperature series products to achieve “worry-free replacement in one year and free repair in five years.”

In 2019, the 3.0 service policy was launched to enable the company’s entire series of products to achieve “worry-free replacement in one year and free repair in five years.”

In July 2021, a severe flood occurred in Henan. In the grief of the disaster, many laboratory equipment were soaked in water and scrapped. Universities, hospitals, and research institutes were at a loss, and the maintenance costs and maintenance cycles brought all experiments to a standstill! After understanding the needs of local users, Zhongke Meiling visited the users immediately and replaced all the laboratory refrigerators that were damaged by water and replaced them for free. “No charge, free replacement!” The greatest value is the timely and safe transfer of user samples. ! “At the critical moment, it is our own national brand that has a sense of responsibility and responsibility!” This is the emotion expressed by a teacher from the Fruit Tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences after the floods in Henan.

Looking forward to the future, Zhongke Meiling will unswervingly take safety as the cornerstone and service as the core, and is determined to promote the construction of a comprehensive safety system. We will relentlessly pursue excellence, deepen the essence of R&D safety, consolidate the foundation of production safety, strengthen the protection of logistics safety, and improve the quality of after-sales safety. We are willing to work hand in hand with all employees and colleagues from all walks of life, taking safety as the wings of our dreams and service as the force of co-creation, to jointly draw a more prosperous, healthy and bright future and write a new chapter in the field of life sciences.

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