Zheng Jun bluntly said that he went to variety shows for his son

Zheng Jun bluntly said that he went to variety shows for his son

On March 10th, the next episode of “Baichuan Music Time and Space” will be broadcast as scheduled. As the first audio variety of “Baichuan Variety Show Season”, “Baichuan Music Time and Space” has invited Huang Qishan, Ouyang Nana, Ren Xianqi, Wang Yuan, Zhou Hui, Zheng Jun, Zhan Wenting and Zhang Xinzhe sang for the amateur guests. Hu Haiquan, Jike Junyi, Ma Tianyu, Wang Yuan, Yang Di, and Zhang Yadong were in the observation room as the cochlear team, relying on the chemical reactions between celebrity guests and amateurs to observe the The power of music of several generations, dig out the golden songs that can touch the heart most.

As of the evening of March 12, the next episode of “Baichuan Music Time and Space” has accumulated a total network exposure of 489 million, and the total broadcast volume of related compilations is 2.077 billion.

  Zheng Jun said frankly that he participated in the show for his son, and Zhang Xinzhe’s golden song maker reproduced the classics

Zheng Jun, who appeared as the finale of the show, turned Wang Yuan and Jike Junyi into fans as soon as he appeared on the stage, saying “I think he is handsome” and “He is old”.

In the self-introduction session, Zheng Jun said bluntly, “I want to forget myself. I was a relatively pure musician before. It is normal to be forgotten in this era.” Then he also expressed his participation in variety shows The original intention, “My son’s understanding of me is through the music variety shows I participate in, which is why I now participate in such variety shows more frequently. It also allows my child and his peers to understand One of my channels, I am also eager to be understood by him.” A man who dares to be himself and is outspoken in everything, when sharing his innermost true thoughts, also makes everyone present fall into a brief silence.

Different from Zheng Jun, who is concise and concise, when Zhang Xinzhe sang “Love Is One Word”, a mother outside the venue couldn’t help but red eyes. The reason was that she thought of her youngest daughter, who couldn’t because of some troubles and disputes at home. Living together is undoubtedly the greatest pain for a mother. Maybe it’s just like the lyrics, “I will always protect you, regardless of the wind and rain, with all my heart”… On the other hand, Ouyang Nana, for her own dream, resolutely gave up the cello and turned to the entertainment industry. On the road of singer-songwriter Go forward firmly. Although there are rumors or positive doubts from the outside world, as Zhang Yadong said in the show, “I think Ouyang Nana is very brave, and many people can’t do it.”

  Intergenerational communication, a warm experiment with humanistic care

Perhaps as Zheng Jun said in the program, “The song “Elopement” actually hopes to return to your spiritual hometown and the courage to change your life. When you are young, your greatest capital is courage. You are not afraid of losing. Courage represents “Looking young”, what music brings to people is not only simple tunes or catchy lyrics, but also the emotions that the creators want to express in a song and lyrics, “this world The best thing in the world is not success, the best thing is the opportunity to experience everything you can experience.”

Whether it’s listening to Ren Xianqi’s “Sad Pacific Ocean”, the cute girl Bear who thinks of her mother, and her own memories in the music; the female teacher who is a loyal fan of Zhan Wenting’s “Our Love” with all her attention, and the youth dedicated to her idol; because Huang Qishan’s “Waiting” “The excited rap boy who never gave up his hard work because of his dream; the square dancer sister who complained about Wang Yuan’s “Pride” and did not slip past, simple but full of emotions; immersed in Zhang Xinzhe’s “Love Is One Word” The innocent big boy quietly enjoys the charm of music; the girl who hides her face and cries bitterly after listening to Zhou Hui’s “Promise” feels the touch brought by the music; The power in music; or the little pianist who slowly calmed down in the song “Elope” by Zheng Jun and listened carefully. Everyone feels the resonance brought by the music to varying degrees, and is willing to listen to the emotions contained in the music and try to feel the power contained in the music.

As said at the end of the program,[Thanks to the music for giving us constant comfort and strength in the ever-changing time and space]. “I hope that while the show will bring joy to everyone, it will also attract more attention to excellent Chinese music works, and feel the power of music that can span generations and time and space.”

“Baichuan Variety Show Season” is produced by Douyin, Junlebao’s Xiaoxiaoluban children’s milk powder is exclusively titled and co-sponsored by Nippon. On the line, major platforms such as Xigua Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, and Douyin Extreme Edition will also be launched one after another, so stay tuned.

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