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Kuaishou Xingmang’s short drama “Ye Mu 2” officially closed in the Chinese New Year, and the number of broadcasts exceeded 300 million

Kuaishou Xingmang’s short drama “Ye Mu 2” officially closed in the Chinese New Year, and the number of broadcasts exceeded 300 million

At the moment when the whole people are chasing dramas at double speed, the short dramas that are striding towards the golden age are becoming more and more “volume”.

For Kuaishou who has been on the short drama track earlier, while keeping the number of short dramas at a high level, it is becoming more and more handy to create popular short dramas that can go out of the circle. Recently, another hot drama “Ye Mu 2” in the New Year’s file of the Kuaishou Starlight short drama officially ushered in the finale, and the number of episodes broadcasting more than 300 million has once again confirmed the skill of the Kuaishou short drama.

It is reported that during the Spring Festival in 2023, Kuaishou will launch 40+ star-studded short dramas, bringing together diverse themes such as national rhyme and ancient style, modern city, family empathy, youth inspiration, etc. upsurge. Whether it is the ancient Jianghu short drama “Lin Ye Biography”, the sweet abuse short drama “High Energy Ahead” of the Republic of China, or the ancient plot sadomasochism short drama “Chengxi Song”, which has recently reached a climax, all have received good reviews. Response, not only high-quality and powerful fans, but also ranked among the camps of Kuaishou short dramas breaking 300 million in terms of broadcast volume.

  Explosive short plays continue to emerge, why do fast-handed short plays make people popular?

For short dramas with an average episode length of 1-2 minutes, the core is “exquisiteness” if you want to quickly catch the audience’s attention and desire to watch. Not only should the content be refined and the plot should be compact, but also the persuasion and screen presentation must be refined. .

As early as last year, the first season of “Ye Mu” stood out with a suspenseful and rich-themed plot, and was named the top short drama of 2022 at the 3rd Short Drama Golden Drama Awards. And “Ye Mu 2”, which has an overweight from the original production team, undoubtedly easily gained the good fan base of the previous work.

Despite the continuation of the theme type, “Ye Mu 2” has carried out a new creation in terms of character setting and plot, unlocking the other side of the characters through multiple perspectives and multi-line plots in parallel, and a large number of close-up shots. Use the application to bring the audience into the role of “detective”, unlocking unexpected reversals while immersively following the drama.

If the dual heroines in “Ye Mu 2” are ruthless, domineering and weak and tough, it makes people “cool”, then “High Energy Ahead”, starring the good-looking Li Lulu and Lin Zehui, makes people sweet and sad. It is understood that “High Energy Ahead” adapted from the novel was created by the original crew of the super-sweet short drama “Flowers in Full Blossom”. It also continues the previous excellent production level and opened up a sweet and abusive story for the audience under the background of the Republic of China. ups and downs trip.

In addition to the ingenuity presented in the content and production of short plays based on user insights, short play actors who have been excavated and cultivated by relying on their own talent ecology, such as the appearance of “Queen of Short Plays” Li Lulu, etc., have made Kuaishou short plays find a suitable place A more natural and deeper connection method for users on the site. This natural sense of intimacy not only gives Kuaishou short plays a unique temperament, but also has a more lasting appeal to users.

Among them, the user volume and activity are well reflected. According to the data released by Kuaishou, the number of daily active users of Kuaishou short dramas has exceeded 260 million. In 2022, the number of popular short dramas will increase by nearly 40%. There are more than 100 programs with an annual broadcast volume of over 100 million, and the total broadcast volume will exceed 500. billion times.

  The ancient style adds weight to the youth on the road, and the Kuaishou short drama blooms more

The number of short plays is experiencing a round of blowout growth. Relevant data show that from 2021 to the first half of 2022, a total of 1,263 film and television production companies have obtained distribution licenses for micro-short plays; and in the first half of 2022, the number of micro-short plays planned and filed in the SARFT system reached 2,800. With the entry of traditional long video platforms, short video live broadcast platforms, and professional institutions, short dramas have become a new “battlefield for military strategists.”

Judging from the distribution of themes of the current short dramas, a survey shows that the proportion of user expectations for content such as urban sweet pets and national rhymes and ancient styles is the top two, both exceeding 30%. Family, campus, workplace, suspense and other types of micro-short dramas The proportion of user expectations also exceeds 1/4, opening a breakthrough for theme innovation and differentiated content creation.

On the basis of diversified themes, in recent years, Kuaishou short dramas have frequently made efforts on the ancient style track. Among them, the ancient-style short drama “The Long Princess Is Above”, which will be launched in 2022, received great acclaim once it was broadcast, and received 360 million+ views on the station. And in this Spring Festival file, the performance of the ancient style short drama is also remarkable.

Among them, director Zhou Xiao and screenwriter Zhou Mo once again jointly launched the ancient Jianghu short drama “Lin Ye Biography”. The contrasting character setting between the sand sculpture master and the rebellious apprentice in “The Story of Lin Ye” laid the groundwork for all the irony and laughter along the way. It is also an ancient short play, “The Story of Lin Ye” presents the spirit of immortality and chivalry, while “Song of Cheng Xi” focuses more on power struggles, gradually showing the emotional lines of the male and female protagonists in the political conspiracy.

It is worth mentioning that among the Kuaishou ancient short dramas that have not yet been completed, the ancient short drama “Donglan Snow” created by the original cast of “The Long Princess” tops the list of popularity. On the basis of continuing the exquisite visual presentation and unique ancient plot of the previous work, each episode is 2 minutes long. In terms of plot advancement, “Donglan Snow” has carried the atmosphere to the end. The CP setting also brings the audience a better pleasure of chasing dramas.

In addition to the plot, the main creative lineup is also a highlight of “Dong Lan Xue”. Among them, Qi Xiaxia and Jinchao, who have an online appearance and beautiful ancient styles, are full of CP feelings. Many ancient short films they have collaborated with have been well received. As a powerful photographer in the ancient style circle, Zhizhu’s excellent aesthetics and control of stories and emotions also complement the excellent performances of the actors.

In addition to urban themes and ancient themes, on the Kuaishou platform, high-quality short plays for each theme are constantly emerging. Among them, on the youth theme that can always evoke green memories, Kuaishou Xingmang short drama also launched “Like But Forbid My Heart” directed and acted by short video expert Wu Xiafan, providing more diverse user groups. Short play content selection.

  Kuaishou short drama joins hands with Yasui Foods, and cross-border marketing breaks out of the circle

The explosive growth of short dramas has not only brought about changes in traditional content production and account sharing models, but also the exploration of various business solutions such as payment models, advertising placement, and e-commerce closed-loop. For brands, short plays are becoming a new marketing field.

For example, during Valentine’s Day, Kuaishou short dramas cooperated with Yasui Foods to launch cross-border cooperation. With the slogan “Chase the drama and choose the top, hot pot is good enough”, it launched a customized fresh-packed gift package, which appeared in multiple resources of Kuaishou, and Yasui Foods The gift box was distributed as one of the prizes for the Spring Festival activities of Kuaishou short dramas. Using “product + scene + interaction” as the communication method, it presented a gluttonous feast full of sensuality.

The two parties also carried out joint promotion with the theme of #追剧玄上,热锅吧吃#, taking advantage of the Valentine’s Day node, to launch the topic of chasing drama CP on WeChat, Xiaohongshu, and Weibo, triggering public discussions, with the content as the core, Maximum detonation flow.


At the same time, the two parties created a CP drama chasing carnival offline, and the Kuaishou 0214 Valentine’s Day special train blew up the Beijing Kuaishou headquarters. With the theme of “unlocking the most in-chasing posture”, the three major drama-chasing scenes of “chasing dramas in the bathroom”, “chasing dramas in the bedroom” and “chasing dramas in the living room” are carried out to create a popular check-in area and enhance users’ awareness through interactive games. The recognition and reputation of the brands of both parties have received many praises.

No matter how the skit track is, in the final analysis, it is still a user-oriented business. The medium of content consumption, viewing habits, etc. may change at any time, but the essence of good content will not change. For Kuaishou who has been cultivating short dramas for many years, what surprises will it bring to users after mastering the methodology of popular models? It is worth looking forward to.

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