ZHANGYE Zhou Shen’s new song “Heart Of Peace” hits the line with a new music surprise

ZHANGYE Zhou Shen’s new song “Heart Of Peace” hits the line with a new music surprise


On the morning of April 25th, electronic music producer ZHANGYE and powerful singer Zhou Shen’s new song “Heart Of Peace” was launched online. The fusion and collision of great surprises make people’s eyes shine and bring a steady stream of power to the audience. When the song was announced on the 24th, it aroused extensive discussions and attention on social platforms.

The opening of the song “Heart Of Peace” is led by the piano. From the calm and mysterious beginning, the emotion gradually sublimates and amplifies, and finally returns to the quiet coda. The arrangement of the whole work fully demonstrates the ingenuity of music production. The arrangement of piano, synthesizer and drum machine is just right. Coupled with the voice narrated last week, it seems to perform an open and meaningful scene in front of the audience. The distant stage play makes people linger.

“Heart Of Peace” is written, composed and produced by electronic music producer ZHANGYE. ZHANGYE, formerly known as Zhang Ye, is a well-known venture capitalist in China. What is less known is that he majored in classical composition. From 2022, he began to use the name ZHANGYE, and continued to output high-quality works as an electronic music producer. He successively featured international index singers such as Julia Ross, Janieck, and Karra, and successively released three electronic songs “When I Was Young”, “Whereever The Wind Blows” and “Own Way”, which gained wide attention from people inside and outside the industry. Among them, “When I Was Young” airborne Netease Cloud Music soaring charts several times, won the gold single medal, and ranked QQ for three consecutive weeks? Le Dian? “Where The Wind Blows” ranked No. 1 on the QQ Music Heineken Electronic Music Chart, and “Own Way” ranked No. 3 on the iTunes North American Dance Music Chart.


It is reported that Zhang Ye has a master’s degree in composition from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, a master’s degree in financial management from Tsinghua University, and an MBA from Cornell University in the United States. In the past ten years, he has focused on the venture capital industry. The world of entrepreneurship offers endless possibilities. And Zhang Ye, who loves music, has not stopped creating since then. The rhythm of the drum machine has always echoed in his heart, leading him to continue to build his dream in music.

This “Heart Of Peace” is the first time that ZHANGYE has cooperated with Zhou Shen to bless this work. Zhou Shen’s style is ever-changing, and he can span across a variety of genres including cross-country, rock, and lyrical. This collision across styles and fields is surprising, but it also has excellent results.

Zhou Shen’s voice is highly recognizable. With his powerful singing skills and beautiful voice, he is supported and loved by fans and audiences. After years of hard work, he has become a unique singer in today’s Chinese music scene. This time, the melody of “Heart Of Peace” complements Zhou Shen’s elegant voice. ZHANGYE builds his own rationality and emotion in the song, while Zhou Shen devotes all his efforts to singing his love for life, discussing how to maintain a pure heart in the face of difficulties and challenges. The song has ups and downs, and the audience can feel the hope of continuing to find self-growth in life after experiencing confusion.

“Where my body is going, my heart is going”, “Heart Of Peace” is an attempt to cross styles by electronic music producer ZHANGYE and singer Zhou Shen. Let’s feel and listen together!

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