Once had nothing but will eventually have everything “City of Youth” is the most passionate song of struggle

Once had nothing but will eventually have everything “City of Youth” is the most passionate song of struggle


The warmth and brilliance at the turn of spring and summer coincides with the urban inspirational drama “City of Youth” being broadcast on CCTV’s prime time, which seems to be particularly appropriate. After all, the story of this drama also starts from a spring. The show received excellent ratings on the first day it aired, and received heated discussions and praise from the audience. It is the most noteworthy hit show in this schedule.

“City of Youth” is directed by Zheng Ye, starring Qin Hailu, Lin Yushen, Re Yiza, and Zhu Yuchen, starring Fei Fan, Da Bing, Jiang Xueming, Huang Miyi, Sun Yang (Hong Kong, China), Han Li, etc., Luo Jialiang (Hong Kong, China) , Huang Weide (Taiwan, China), Gong Hanlin, Guo Jinglin, Yu Ailei, An Yuexi and other special stars. The story of the play took place in 2012. Based on the difficult process of our country’s manufacturing industry, from OEM to independent innovation, “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, it depicts many entrepreneurs in various industries working together. A group portrait of the grassroots workers who supported them struggling in Pengcheng.

It can be clearly felt that Pengcheng in the play is Shenzhen in my country. As a window of reform and opening up and a gathering place of high-tech industries, Shenzhen is the frontier for China to see the world. It took Shenzhen 30 years to become a “world factory”, and the “Shenzhen speed” created by it has attracted worldwide attention.

However, more than ten years ago, with the global financial crisis and the industrial revolution under the new world pattern, the industrial structure here encountered severe challenges. And the story of the whole “City of Youth” also started from this. Therefore, from the first moment of the opening of the whole drama, the audience felt the ubiquitous sense of urgency:

Xia Mo (Qin Hailu), a female entrepreneur, encountered trade barriers and nearly ruined her efforts for more than 20 years. What should she do in the future? Before her was one difficult choice after another;

Fang Yuanjian (played by Lin Yushen), who studies precision machinery manufacturing, has spent huge financial and material resources and manpower in order to develop a humanoid robot that is still blank in China, but still encounters financial and technical bottlenecks and urgently needs to be broken;

Meng Meng (played by Huang Miyi), a girl from Macau, is full of love for jewelry design, taking into account traditional culture and innovative ideas. She is determined to create a fashion brand belonging to the Chinese, but she can’t find a place to use it…

Not only Xia Mo, Fang Yuanjian and others, but also the staff of the government service department are also brainstorming and doing their best to safeguard the interests and markets of various enterprises, including Jiang Nannan (played by Reyza) of the Enterprise Service Office and the Science and Technology Innovation Committee. Cui Jiangbei (played by Zhu Yuchen) from the family is a couple with a clear distinction between public and private.


What impressed me most was that Jiang Nannan visited Xia Mo’s power equipment company Aoli several times to raise life-saving funds for the company and help the company eliminate Internet rumors… This is the progress of the relationship between Jiang Nannan and Xia Mo, and it is also the continuous trust between government and enterprises deepening process. With the progress of the plot, Jiang Nannan had a lot of exchanges and communication with several groups of people in the play, and also fulfilled the assigned service tasks very seriously and responsibly.

The role played by Cui Jiangbei should not be underestimated either. He has given us a lot of help from the industrial and policy levels. These suggestions have forward-looking guiding value. The intimate relationship between government and enterprises is presented in the play as authentic and credible, and it also shows us that Pengcheng, as a city of soaring, has its own advantages in terms of talent advantages and service will.

Especially worthy of praise is Zhuo Ye (played by Sun Yang), who is a landlord. He is not only the landlord of Fang Yuanjian’s studio, but also Meng Meng’s landlord, but this landlord has broken our previous stereotype that landlords only charge money to raise rent. In the Fangyuan Ship Studio, after learning about the other party’s financial difficulties and research and development prospects, he directly reduced or exempted the rent, and participated in it with his own skills. Zhuo Ye represents not only the landlord group, but also many citizens of Pengcheng. They are not satisfied with a leisurely life, but are ready at any time, always paying attention to the trend of technology and market trends, and fighting against the tide of the times roll.

The title of the play “City of Youth” really makes us feel the blood of youth all the time. Although the main characters in this play are not all young people, everyone has a young heart. As long as you are still full of vigor and energy, your young heart will never admit defeat, which is the core of “City of Youth”. As a result, the play also gave the word “youth” a broader standard, thus presenting the openness, tolerance, and innovation of Pengcheng, a modern coastal city, to audiences across the country.

When the melody of “Youth Dance” in “City of Youth” sounded and sang again and again, it was motivation and mobilization, which made us more confident in the development of this great era. In the song of the song, we will meet more opportunities and challenges in the future with a brand-new spiritual outlook.

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