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Young people don’t want to be"Chinese chives" Mobile phones can’t be sold even with crazy price cuts

Young people don’t want to be"Chinese chives" Mobile phones can’t be sold even with crazy price cuts

Recently, a topic on Weibo"618 mobile phone price reduction promotion still did not meet expectations"It has aroused widespread discussion. According to the Counterpoint report, China’s smartphone sales will drop by 8% year-on-year in the 618 promotional season in 2023. Although most Android mobile phone brand manufacturers have lowered prices to attract consumers, sales during the 618 promotional season were still sluggish, falling short of previous expectations.

Indeed, the 618 or Double 11 Shopping Festival in the past two years has been far less lively than it used to be. It turns out that many of my friends who are waiting for the shopping festival to change their mobile phones have lost interest in the mobile phone market this year.Even the iPhone, which has always been very popular in sales, has made an exception this year and launched a discount of more than 1,500 yuan, which is enough to show how deserted the market is, and this year’s young people are no longer willing to be"Chinese chives", carnival under the hot search that the mobile phone cannot be sold. I think there are three reasons for the deflation of the mobile phone market.

Problems facing the mobile phone market

The first point is that the mobile phone market is basically saturated. Now everyone, from senior citizens to students, basically owns a mobile phone. The penetration rate is already very high. The era of urgent replacement of smartphones has passed, so the sales of new mobile phones have decreased. It is also very reasonable.

The second reason, I think, is excess performance. The current smartphone market is so crowded that the performance of processors has become one of the main selling points of mobile phones. The release of new high-performance processors does not mean that the performance of old processors obsolete. Take Apple’s A-series chips as an example. The A16 is more powerful than the A15, but the A15 is not stuck, so what’s the difference in use? In the case of no card, I have no necessary reason to change the phone.

Apple A14/A15 running score comparison

When it comes to the necessary reasons for changing the phone, the iterative upgrade of functions is an unavoidable topic. The current mobile phone manufacturers lack the ability to innovate, and the lack of revolutionary features that can attract users to pay is the third reason why mobile phones cannot be sold. The speed of mobile phone launch is getting faster and faster, but the gap between the new model and the old model is getting smaller and smaller. To put it bluntly, it is the casing machine, which cannot arouse consumers’ desire to change the phone.

The market seeks a new direction

Facing the dilemma of the mobile phone market, we may see more changes from manufacturers in the second half of this year. The most direct and rude method is to continue to increase the discount. This year’s OnePlus, Redmi, and True Me are examples. The 16GB+1TB mobile phone can cost 2,499 yuan. With enough sincere hardware and prices to impress consumers, we look forward to the second half of this year. See flagship phones also join the price war.

Involved in the price, technology also has to be rolled up. Playing exclusive differentiation is the way out. In recent years, Apple’s lack of innovation is obvious to all, but it still has A-series chips and iOS support. The flagship mobile phones of domestic manufacturers mainly focus on image performance. It cannot be denied that they have done quite well, but there are still a small number of users who want to pay for this, so they need to innovate in other aspects.

Changing the appearance of mobile phones has become a new direction. However, I don’t think the core problem of folding screen mobile phones is technology and hardware. It is too expensive to sell, ranging from seven to eight thousand yuan to tens of thousands of mobile phones. It is extremely difficult to popularize mobile phones. If the price cannot be reduced, folding Cell phones are still toys after all.

The answer given by Apple is the Apple Vision Pro, a head-mounted display device released at the WWCD Developers Conference held in June this year. But at present, there are still many problems to be solved in the head-mounted display equipment, including battery life, weight, software ecology, etc., and it seems that it is still far from universal popularization.

New energy vehicles may be the next focus of domestic manufacturers. The emergence of new energy vehicles seems to have returned to the era when functional phones were transformed into smart phones. Including Lei Jun’s Xiaomi car and Yu Chengdong’s Huawei smart cockpit, the car will be a large electronic consumer product in the future. I hope these mobile phone experts can bring something different and revolutionize the market. Change.

What do you think can save the current mobile phone market? Welcome to express your views in the comment area.

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