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Xinhua Insurance claims case: 420,000 compensation, 390,000 exemption, TA sent a pennant

Xinhua Insurance claims case: 420,000 compensation, 390,000 exemption, TA sent a pennant

Recently, at the customer service counter of Wuzhou Central Branch of New China Insurance, a banner was sent by the family of Mr. L, a customer, who said “Claim settlement shows honesty and service warms people’s hearts”, thanking New China Insurance for its efficient claim settlement service. A total of 420,000 yuan in compensation was paid, and nearly 390,000 yuan in premiums were exempted, which greatly reduced the financial burden on the family.

1. Case details

In January 2022, considering his own health risks, Mr. L insured himself with the “Multiple Protection Critical Illness Insurance (Exceeding Version)” with an insured amount of 130,000 yuan in the Wuzhou Zhongzhi Branch of Xinhua Insurance. Shortly after applying for the insurance, Mr. L felt that the insurance met his expectation of insurance protection against health risks, and added insurance for himself twice successively. The total insured amount of the three “Multiple Protection Critical Illness Insurance (Exceeding Edition)” policies reached 360,000 yuan . In addition, Mr. L added the “Hospital Safe Medical Insurance” with an insurance amount of 10,000 yuan, and purchased a “Health New Enjoyment of Critical Illness Insurance” with an insurance amount of 50,000 yuan, which has strengthened his defense against health risks.

In January this year, Mr. L was sent to the hospital for treatment because he was in a coma at home. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with schwannoma (acoustic neuroma). Mr. L’s family was worried about his health and medical expenses. He remembered the insurance that Mr. L purchased last year, and then contacted the policy service specialist. The policy service specialist of New China Insurance immediately visited the door to express condolences, assist in the collection of claim materials, and call the unified national customer service number of New China Insurance at 95567 to report the case as soon as possible.

In late February, after Mr. L’s health improved, he entrusted a policy service specialist to bring a full set of claim materials to Xinhua Insurance’s Wuzhou Central Branch to formally handle the claim. According to the terms of the contract, Xinhua Insurance paid Mr. L multiple insurance premiums of 360,000 yuan for critical illnesses, 50,000 yuan for major illnesses and 10,000 yuan for medical insurance, totaling 420,000 yuan. At the same time, Mr. L’s “Multiple Protection Critical Illness Insurance (Exceeding Version)” is within the scope of policy exemption, and the subsequent premium of 389,000 yuan has been exempted, and the insurance contract remains valid.

After receiving the claim payment, Mr. L highly affirmed New China Insurance’s efficient claim settlement service, and asked his family to send a pennant to show his gratitude. At the same time, he was also glad that he had reasonably allocated insurance coverage early and reasonably, which greatly reduced the family’s financial burden. .

2. Enlightenment from the case

There are unpredictable things in the sky, and people have misfortunes and blessings. Illnesses and accidents always come unexpectedly. Early formulation of a scientific and reasonable insurance guarantee will allow us to calmly face and effectively deal with risks when they strike.

New China Insurance’s “Multiple Protection Critical Illness Insurance (Exceeding Version)” covers 190 diseases, multiple compensations for 5 groups of diseases, and the cumulative maximum of 7 critical illnesses can be compensated for lifelong protection!

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