With full blood, practice the benevolence of doctors? Tianjin Anding Hospital organizes group voluntary blood donation activities


In order to implement the city’s free blood donation work, the Party Committee of Tianjin Anding Hospital attached great importance to it and organized three special meetings for mobilization and deployment. The hospital party committee called on all party branches and departments to actively mobilize and publicize widely, and issued the “Proposal on Participating in the 2024 “White Angel Love Blood Donation Season” Group Free Blood Donation Activities” to all employees, making overall arrangements and careful organization, combined with the actual work of the hospital, and time-based , Carry out this group voluntary blood donation activity in batches. In this event, a total of 98 employees of Tianjin Anding Hospital successfully donated blood, with a total donation volume of 20,600 ml.

On the first day of the blood donation event, Yan Zhongfang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Anding Hospital, delivered a mobilization speech on behalf of the leadership team members. He said that in order to ensure the clinical use of blood in our city in winter and spring, as guardians of mental and mental health, we must also use practical actions to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Tianjin, actively play the leading and exemplary role of party building, and do well.

Yan Zhongfang, secretary of the hospital party committee, took the lead. Under the guidance of medical staff, he rolled up his sleeves and took the lead in donating blood after completing registration forms and consulting for physical examinations.

Two batches of “Angels in White Blood Donation Season” group voluntary blood donation activities at Tianjin Anding Hospital were carried out in an orderly manner.

At the event, some were frail in appearance but turned into “armored warriors”, some were nervous and had a slightly faster heart rate and higher blood pressure, but they still persisted until the last moment to check that everything was normal and successfully donated blood. Some of them came here specially, and some even went into intense work after donating blood… The scenes of surging love are moving. They gave not only their blood, but also their hot and sincere hearts.

The hospital prepared “heart-warming packs” and letters of thanks for each blood donation employee. Through thoughtful energy snacks and heart-warming words, the hospital’s care for blood donation employees was conveyed to everyone’s hearts, allowing everyone to Really feel the warmth of “home”.

This event received positive response from staff and cadres in all branches and departments of the hospital. Among the blood donors, there are party members who actively play a role in demonstrating and leading, and there are also people who work on the front line day and night; there are both leading cadres and ordinary employees; there are both the “new generation” who mustered up the courage to go into battle for the first time, and there are “old people” who have donated blood for many years without compensation. senior”. Everyone said that as a medical worker, it is a very meaningful activity to use your own blood to make other people’s lives shine again and protect the lives of patients from another perspective. In this free blood donation event, everyone used practical actions to interpret their responsibility and feelings for protecting life, and demonstrated the stable spirit of “pragmatism, enterprising, benevolence, and dedication”. In the next step, Tianjin Anding Hospital will continue to carry out publicity initiatives, calling on more Anding people to participate in the “Relay of Life”, dedicate love, pass on warmth, protect people’s lives and health with their blood, and build a “lifeline” for people’s health. “Work hard.

Zhang Rongjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Blood Center, Gao Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Center, and Li Hongzhu, Deputy Director of the Center, came to the blood donation event of Tianjin Anding Hospital early to thank the Anding Hospital for its strong support for voluntary blood donation and express their heartfelt thanks to the blood donors. .

“Angels in White Blood Donation Season” group voluntary blood donation honor list (sorted by surname strokes)

Yu Xuejian Yu Xuemiao Ma Jing Wang Ruomei Wang Wenhui Wang Jingyi

Wang Rui Wang Hongyu Wang Xinxu Wang Yuan Shi Jingwen Dai Yalin

Feng Wenhui Bai Yupeng Yan Zhongfang Liu Zijian Liu Dongwang Liu Zhisheng

Liu Nannan Liu Fan Sun Shangchrome Sun Xiaoqian Zhe Junxia Du Shou?

Li Hongwei Chi Nanxing Ren Junwei Liu Wen? Liu Chang Liu Ming

Liu Jie Li Jing Yang Ziao Yang Wenshuang Yang Jiashan Zhang Jiajie

Zhang ? Li Yingze Li Poxuan Li Xiang Li Meijuan Li Jicuan

Yang Yishuai Yang Ling Yang Tengfen Li Shaobing Li Tongxin Li Dandan

Li Meng Zhang Bin Miao Yangyang Lin Siyu Wu Hao Zhang Xiaoyu

Zhang Ying Zhang Xiaoyu Chen Jingyan Chen Yule Shang Yilin Hu Ruxin

Zhao Yiming Zheng Dongchen Meng Yuan Hu Qingzhu Jia Qiong Xu Feihong

Xu Wenjian Zhao Nan Guo Junkai Jin Xiaoying Zhou ? Zheng Dan

Gao Xu Gai Xiaowei Xie Daze Dou Qianmo Mu Lan Jiao Yixin

Wei Xuezhong Wei Junling Wei Wenhao


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