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With digital payment as the development base, Tonglian Payment unleashes the potential of cultural tourism consumption

With digital payment as the development base, Tonglian Payment unleashes the potential of cultural tourism consumption

In recent years, driven by the twin trends of digitalization and intelligence, “smart scenic spots” have become an important direction for the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry. As a payment-based financial technology service company, Tonglian Pay quickly responds to changing market demands. Based on payment, driven by technology, and relying on scenarios, it deeply cultivates the cultural tourism industry and helps create a new smart tourism ecosystem.

In order to strengthen the construction of smart scenic spots and improve the digitalization and standardization level of scenic spot management, provinces and cities across the country have accelerated the in-depth integration of food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other scenarios with digital technology to further release the potential of tourism consumption and promote the diversification of the cultural tourism industry. development. At present, Tonglian Pay has reached cooperation with scenic spots such as Taierzhuang Ancient City in Shandong, Hongyadong in Chongqing, Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, Zhangjiajie in Hunan, and Pingyao Ancient City in Shanxi, “contributing to the construction of smart scenic spots.”

01Upgrade digital payment and enjoy smart gaming on “code”

“Payment” is a key link that affects the cultural and tourism consumption experience. Based on this, Tonglian Pay innovates and upgrades payment products to open up online and offline integrated comprehensive payments. It not only supports payment code tags, cloud speakers, smart POS, cash registers, etc. It also provides various payment forms such as scan code payment, face payment, contactless payment, digital RMB payment, etc. Merchants can choose the corresponding digital payment solution according to their actual needs, thereby bringing safer and more convenient services to tourists. , comfortable payment transaction experience. For example, in Rizhao Coastal National Forest Park in Shandong, Tonglian Pay teamed up with ecological partners to customize personalized payment code plates for many merchants in the park, and upgraded smart traffic for parking lots, entertainment facilities, etc. in the park, optimizing the tourism consumption experience and improving scenic spot operations. efficiency.

02 Increase digital marketing to build a symbiotic and co-prosperous ecosystem

With the continuous emergence of new hot spots in cultural tourism consumption such as customized consumption, experiential consumption, smart consumption, and interactive consumption, traditional scenic spots are in urgent need of upgrading and transformation to expand the consumption radius and extend the industrial chain. Tonglian Pay uses payment services as the entrance to accumulate a large amount of transaction information for scenic spots, and introduces rich marketing resources to help scenic spots achieve diversified, multi-channel precision marketing and attract customers, and support tourist routes, cultural and creative industries, agricultural and sideline specialties, etc. Precise marketing and reach-to-conversion of various contents and products form a smart ecosystem of symbiosis and mutual prosperity. For example, in the Wang Family Courtyard in Jingsheng Ancient Town, Shanxi, Tonglian Pay has established interactive marketing with other scenic spots and surrounding business districts, achieving all-round marketing and drainage, revitalizing the old scenic spot, and thus stimulating new potential for cultural tourism consumption.

Today, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the cultural tourism industry is also constantly transforming and changing. Next, Tonglian Pay will continue to upgrade and innovate smart scenic spot solutions, improve the digital service level of the cultural tourism industry, and assist local digital “smart” cultural tourism service initiatives. Better landing.

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