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WiFi master key builds tens of millions of hotspots to help the number of Internet users continue to grow

WiFi master key builds tens of millions of hotspots to help the number of Internet users continue to grow

As of December 2023, the number of netizens in my country has reached 1.092 billion, an increase of 24.8 million netizens compared with December 2022. The 53rd “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status” recently released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows that under the trend of nationwide mobility, the number of Internet users is still rising. In addition to the decreasing Internet tariffs, the upgrade of government infrastructure, the dense distribution of WiFi connections in commercial environments, and the assistance of Internet platforms such as WiFi master keys have also made connections ubiquitous and extremely convenient, directly guiding citizens , the transformation of residents’ identity into netizens.

In fact, with the continuous iterative updates of new online business formats, new models have become the most direct driving force for attracting the growth of netizens. The “Report” shows that among the 24.8 million new Internet users who entered the Internet last year, 37.8% used online video applications when they went online for the first time.

Watching video dramas, live shopping, online games… For modern people who need to experience Internet life “online” at all times, these Internet habits urge them to always be connected to the Internet and the actual need to connect to free networks. By providing users with convenient and secure networking services, Shangwang Network’s core product WiFi Master Key continues to explore the entry value of the mobile Internet while bringing new users to the entire industry.

When connecting to the Internet in an unfamiliar environment, netizens’ first request is to have a network that can be connected. Since 2016, the global free Internet platform WiFi Master Key has continued to build a three-dimensional Internet matrix covering different scenarios such as aviation, airports, schools, villages, factories, scenic spots, and mountainous areas through sharing, investment, self-construction, cooperation, and public welfare. Allowing users to achieve the same convenient one-click connection experience in different scenarios.

In 2018, WiFi Master Key established a cooperation with China Telecom’s “Love WiFi” to open up the backend service so that users can directly log in and connect to network signal sources with the “aWiFi” prefix of China Telecom on the WiFi Master Key user terminal through “one-click connection”. This cooperation also expands the hotspot coverage scenarios of WiFi Master Key, further diversifies the hotspot sources of WiFi Master Key, and especially enriches the connectivity density of WiFi Master Key business scenarios. This cooperation has continued to this day. Currently, WiFi Master Key cooperates with China Telecom to cover more than 6 million free hotspots.

If the cooperation with China Telecom has verified that WiFi Master Key can solve the problem of hotspot coverage through cooperation. Then, WiFi Master Key has successively deepened hotspot cooperation with transportation hubs such as Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Long-distance Passenger Terminal, Nanjing South Bus Terminal, and Nanjing Bus Terminal. Considering the depth of coverage, it will connect hotspots Jingwei has expanded its coverage to specific scenarios, starting from the most urgent travel areas for netizens, allowing them to “connect with one click” to stable free hotspots in these transportation hubs. Data shows that the number of self-built and co-built WiFi Master Key hotspots has reached nearly 10 million, providing a security barrier for netizens to access the Internet at any time and anywhere.

While ensuring hotspot coverage, WiFi Master Key pays more attention to users’ online security. This product has recently completed a new upgrade. The new version further strengthens the real-time monitoring of network attacks such as phishing, ARP attacks, and DNS tampering, and provides security protection measures such as data encryption and hierarchical transmission, and the interception of up to 90% of malicious attacks. In addition, WiFi Master Key has also passed the mobile application software security assessment test of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s Taier Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and strictly abides by national information security standards to ensure the security and reliability of user connections.

Zhu Lihua, CEO of Shangwang Network, said: “In the future, we will continue to upgrade product functions, improve content construction, and continuously enrich ‘connection’ related attributes. Among them, the creation of the connection matrix will also be strengthened through self-construction and industrial chain cooperation to build hotspots to further improve Users can realize the possibility of safe and free ‘one-click connection’ anytime, anywhere when traveling.”

As of the end of last year, my country’s Internet penetration rate reached 77.5%, and basic network resources are being continuously optimized. The “three-dimensional Internet access matrix” that WiFi Master Key has built over the past few years has assisted such popularization and eliminated doubts and worries for netizens to surf the Internet with peace of mind. When more and more people can connect to the Internet worry-free and at will, the digital divide caused by information gap will also be bridged and filled.

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