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Which is better, OPPO N3 Flip or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5? -IT wave-Northern Network

Which is better, OPPO N3 Flip or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5? -IT wave-Northern Network

From January to June 2023, the total mobile phone shipments in the domestic market will total 130 million units. A year-on-year decrease of 4.8%. According to a CINNOResearch report, the folding screen mobile phone market has experienced positive year-on-year growth for eleven consecutive quarters. In the first half of 2023, sales of folding screen mobile phones in China will increase by 72% year-on-year. It can be seen that the folding screen will become one of the priority factors for consumers to purchase mobile phones in the future.

Horizontal folding machine that folds left and right and vertical folding machine that folds up and down. Among them, the former has a strong business atmosphere because the built-in large screen is suitable for office scenes; the latter is small and exquisite, and is generally more popular with female users. Putting it in the bag is about the size of a powder box, exquisite and compact, very suitable for female friends.

The following is a comparison of the latest OPPO Find N3 Flip and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 released on the market to see which one is more worth buying.

Here we give the conclusion first:

OPPO Find N3 Flip is exquisite and stylish as always, and has made great progress in imaging. The industry’s only 32-megapixel 2x portrait lens brings the camera quality of Find N3 Flip to the flagship level, satisfying female users Urgent needs. A lot of adaptations have been made in the software, which greatly improves the practicability of the small foldable. It is a very recommended small foldable in the current price range.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 has brought a high-quality experience that far exceeds user expectations through comprehensive upgrades in appearance design, large-view smart external screen, and interactive use. For Samsung’s folding screen itself, it is a huge improvement. . Of course, the price of this small folding is relatively expensive, and it is more suitable for friends with sufficient budget to buy.

OPPO Find N3 Flip: It’s a folding device, and it’s a video flagship

The latest statistical report released by Counterpoint shows that in the first half of this year, the Chinese market accounted for 26% of the global shipments of folding screens, becoming the global leader in the development of folding screen smartphones. Among them, OPPO’s folding screen shipments accounted for 20%. In terms of models, OPPO Find N2 Flip ranked first in the small folding screen market with a 31% shipment share.

This is the first time OPPO has made a small folding machine. What will OPPO Find N3 Flip bring this time?

Sturdy and exquisite, durable and more durable

The main user group of small folding is women, and the primary factor to impress this part of the market is good looks.

The overall material of OPPO Find N3 Flip is made of glass, and it adopts the water wave texture of the layer of frosted material. Under the light of different angles, the smooth glass looks like flowing light waves, looming.

The rear camera of Find N3 Flip is inspired by the moon phase layout of luxury watches, embellished with concentric light and shadow textures. The rhythmic 180 stepped organ scale design is also adopted around the module, which continues the style design of the FindX6 series.

The outer screen of Find N3 Flip is a vertical design in the same direction as the inner screen, which can realize non-inductive switching between inside and outside. Take a closer look at the extremely narrow black border on the outer screen, and the integrated seamless design brings the narrowest 0.3mm border among similar products to the 3.26-inch large-size screen.

In addition, the internal screen of Find N3 Flip adopts a golden ratio of 21:9, which not only makes the fuselage more slender, but also has the natural advantage of a wide field of view, making it very comfortable to hold.

More importantly, Find N3 Flip has passed the Rheinland folding worry-free test and can withstand 600,000 extreme folding tests. The internal screen of Find N3 Flip uses 0.03mm ultra-thin flexible glass, which has strong impact resistance and the screen will be smoother.

  Flagship triple camera, hover shooting

Due to the limitations of the body of small mobile phones, many mobile phone manufacturers have to make concessions in terms of video. The Find N3 Flip is equipped with three cameras. Including the industry’s only 32-megapixel 2x portrait lens, 50-megapixel OIS outsole wide-angle main camera, and the industry’s high-spec outsole 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, expanding the composition of portrait shooting and unlocking more shooting scenes.

In addition to the flagship image, Find N3 Flip also uses the hover feature of the small folding screen to support multi-angle hover shooting, which can realize multi-angle hover to adjust the shooting angle at will, unfold the phone, and hover to any angle without manual work Press the shutter, you can easily achieve self-timer.

It is worth mentioning that the front of OPPO Find N3 Flip uses a 3200W pixel imaging system, and with post-optimization, it is easy to take satisfactory photos.

When the preview mode is turned on, OPPO Find N3 Flip can realize the rear selfie. Using the main camera can not only preserve the rich details of the photo, but also observe the appearance of yourself under the lens in real time, and the picture effect has also been greatly improved. At the same time, if you want to achieve multi-person shooting in the same frame, you can use the rear ultra-wide-angle lens of the mobile phone to take selfies.

Uncompromising configuration, small body but big energy

OPPO Find N3 Flip is equipped with MediaTek’s flagship chip Dimensity 9200+LPDDR5X+UFS4.0 performance combination. This chip has excellent performance and is currently the TOP-level performance processor in Android, which can fully guarantee the smoothness of daily games.

Due to the ultra-light and solid Seiko quasi-vertical hinge and the well-designed internal stacking, OPPO Find N3 Flip has a very thin and light body. At the same time, OPPO Find N3 Flip also has a built-in 4300mAh large battery, and brings you 44W fast The charging scheme can quickly charge to 25% in 10 minutes, and the battery can be replenished extremely quickly without even thinking about applying makeup.

  Small screens are not decorations, and applications are ever-changing

Users can easily realize daily common functions through the external screen of Find N3 Flip. It supports more than 10 system applications such as camera, to-do sports, healthy weather, schedule browser daily, earphones, timer, recording, car housekeeper, dialing, etc. without opening the phone , making the operation more convenient. At the same time, the external screen can also display system notifications and open the mobile phone control center, which is convenient for users to obtain information in a timely manner.

And the external screen of OPPO Find N3 Flip provides more personalized options. In addition, a variety of interesting decompression games also provide users with leisure and entertainment options.

In addition, users can also customize GIF wallpapers according to their own needs, personalize the external screen display, and create their own exclusive external screen experience. In the deeply customized Xiaohongshu, you can not only browse likes, but also view comments and content details, and monitor community trends in real time. There are also interactive cute pet wallpapers, new real-time weather wallpapers, and a lot of stylish wallpapers to decorate the external screen.

OPPO Find N3 Flip 12GB+256GB Moonlight Muse Super Light and Shadow Triple Camera Professional Hasselblad Portrait 120Hz Mirror Screen 5G Small Foldable Phone

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: A big step forward for Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 weighs only 187 grams, which can be said to be quite light among flagship phones that are now over 200 grams. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 provides a wealth of colors for users to choose from, namely Ice Mint, Cloud Shadow Gray, Galaxy White, Ice Rose Purple, Polar Gray, Ocean Wave Blue, Forest Green, and Sunshine Yellow, which can be matched with the official mobile phone protective case provided by Samsung. Realize diverse fashion combinations.

A major upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 this time is that it has upgraded the new ultra-closed Seiko hinge with a dual-track design. This upgrade has brought two advantages. Allow the upper and lower screens to be tightly closed. At the same time, the well-received multi-angle hovering function of Samsung folding screen products is also equipped.

In terms of industrial design, the overall appearance of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is tough, especially the frame adopts a right-angle design, which makes the overall visual perception more modern. At the same time, the contact part between the frame, the screen and the back shell is treated with chamfered corners, so there will be no feeling of shaking hands when holding it.

In addition, the screen can be said to be the core of the folding screen mobile phone experience. This time, the internal and external screens of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 have been upgraded. First of all, the internal screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 uses an advanced 6.7-inch FHD+ second-generation dynamic AMOLED screen, which supports the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate (1~120Hz) function that is only equipped with top flagship phones, and the display effect is not inferior to that of the same size. candy bar flagship model.

The external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 has been upgraded to a 3.4-inch SuperAMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a PPI of 306. The large-size external screen brings more playability to the daily use experience of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. For example, in addition to the basic external screen functions such as taking pictures, checking the time, and viewing the weather, this external screen can also be used to Operations such as navigation and replying to WeChat messages can be said to be quite convenient.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a new machine with a balanced overall experience, which surprises us in terms of performance and image experience at the same time. For users who want a small folding screen phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a flagship product worth buying.

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