“Warm and Sweet” will start the journey of chasing love on the screen on May 3, imitating real life with a romantic background



Directed by the famous director Liu Jiang, written by Mao Yunfei, starring Victoria Song, Michelle Chen, Lu Yi, Jing Chao, and Sun Jian, the 2023 National People’s Livelihood Emotional Drama “Warm and Sweet” starts tonight (May 3), 20 every night It will be broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. From the focus on “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship” in “A Beautiful Era of Daughter-in-law” to the focus on “how to overcome marriage fear” in “Let’s Get Married”, director Liu Jiang’s works have always paid attention to the changes of the era of women’s values ​​and views on marriage and love. In “Warm and Sweet”, taking the emotional experiences of two mature women, Nan Fei (played by Song Qian) and Qi Jiayi (played by Chen Yanxi) as clues, it shows the relationship, friendship, and love of urban men and women in an all-round and three-dimensional way. “The Net of Heaven and Earth”, when romantic feelings meet the real chicken feathers, it shows the pursuit of individual love, the pull of mutual emotions, the integration of individuals and the social environment, and the exploration of responsibility and freedom.

In the opening trailer, Chen Fang tenderly confessed “I can’t bear it, I will never see you in the rest of my life”, “Maybe we have been looking for true love all our lives, but true love has always been by your side.” “Warm” shines into family life, and “Sweet” symbolizes the expectation of love. After showing the fireworks and life in the world, how to reconcile with reality and embrace a happy life is also the meaning of the title of “Warm and Sweet”.

Talk about emotion:

Show the tastes of life from the perspective of mature women, both ups and downs

In “Warm and Sweet”, what Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi have to face at the beginning of the chapter is precisely the anxious intimacy and the choice of marriage and love where grievances outweigh fulfillment. Nan Fei’s emotional dilemma stems from her boyfriend Chen Fang’s “hidden divorce” from him, and he cannot get rid of his responsibility to his ex-wife; at the same time, his mother who keeps urging him to marry has also become the reason for Nan Fei to escape from real life. Qi Jiayi’s name seems to be “Yi Shi Qi Jia”, but in the end, she meets a tricky mother-in-law who frequently sets rules for herself, and her boyfriend Xu Xi who can’t balance the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The independence of personality and the conflicts of marriage and love involved are like an invisible net, engulfing them. Under such a difficult relationship, the two heroines chose “there is a kind of love called letting go”. In the film, Nan Fei decides to “leave Beijing so that he and Chen Fang can be clean”, Qi Jiayi also becomes a “runaway bride”, and the two form a “girlfriend alliance”. You are not allowed to move out”, from “escape style” to how to reconcile with reality, “Warm and Sweet” delicately shows the tastes of life.

Taking love as the premise, it takes the audience to taste the tastes of life. The plot focuses on the emotional dilemmas of the protagonists who are approaching their thirties: between them there is the “sourness” of heartbreak for the one they love, and the “sourness” of “finding the true heart and marrying love”. “Sweet”, there is also the “bitterness” of conflicts with parents, and there is also the “spicy” game between girlfriends and friends.

In the main poster released, Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi cuddle together, Chen Fang played by Lu Yi, Jiao Yue played by Jing Chao, and Ling Jiaoyang played by Sun Jian are in a corner, worried, and the troubles of the characters are vividly displayed on the screen. Confined in the frame of the door, they have the entanglement of wanting to go out to embrace their own world, but also face the dilemma of “drawing the ground as a prison”. The hand-holding version of the poster “Hands have thousands of knots” is just the embodiment of trying to be warm and dependent, but being fettered by all kinds of reality. Falling in love and holding hands is not easy. How the protagonists can get rid of the “thousands of knots” and break through the shackles to embrace each other warmly is worth looking forward to.

“Warm and Sweet” really explores the human choice of “being in love” in the world, which is closely related to our life. It provides an all-round care for the lives of young people who have entered their thirties . Just as director Liu Jiang said: “We must grasp the problem of people. When you really get rid of the makeup and demonization, and see the real, real person, his richness, complexity, and ability to think It all happened.”


Talking topic:

After recognizing the truth of life, I still love life, and the warm and sweet ones are by my side

“Warm and Sweet” pursues love as the starting point, does not avoid the selfishness of human nature in emotional relationships, and does not avoid the torture of love on people. After Nan Fei recognized the reality of Chen Fang’s “hidden divorce”, he chose to let go, in order to deceive his parents and Jiao Yue Pretending to be a couple, but in the later period of getting along, I gradually saw Chen Fang’s difficult to relieve complex, and began to face up to my heart. Qi Jiayi bids farewell to the wrong person to focus on her career, but the right person seems to be waiting for her not far away. Liu Jiang has said many times that it is not the right family that really decides a relationship to marriage. When you meet someone who is really compatible, you will naturally consider getting married. Just like Qi Jiayi’s witty line, “If you don’t aim to get married, it doesn’t mean you won’t get married in the end.” The high point of “Warm and Sweet” is that after recognizing the truth of life and still loving life, this is the only way to reconcile with reality and go to happiness.

In addition, in terms of parent-child relationship, “Warm and Sweet” runs through the stalemate between the two generations. In the trailer, the protagonist in it hysterically said “Can you stop arranging my life” and “Your son is now I’m not happy at all”, Liu Jiang believes that each family has different conflicts to resolve, but they are essentially conflicts of ideas. Conflict brings topics, and it hits the dilemma faced by most people, which will bring a strong sense of involvement to audiences of all ages. This allows audiences of different ages to find resonance. How to bring the audience to think about parent-child relationship and getting along with the original family in the play, and how to break the ice generation gap is also a highlight worth looking forward to.

Talk about shooting:

During the shooting, I changed the draft several times, using realistic brushwork and romantic oil paint to pay attention to people’s livelihood

“Warm and Sweet” is to some extent a product of the times. Director Liu Jiang has been paying attention to the changes in marriage and love of the times for more than 20 years, accurately controlling the current young people’s views on marriage and love, and cutting in from a small point of view. Take care of the influence and choice of family, friendship, and love on individuals. Put the characters in the big environment, expounding the warmth and warmth of human relationships and social insinuations. The protagonist encounters adversity in life, sticks to his own “not to settle”, dares to give up and start again, and learns to reconcile with himself and society through self-exploration. Nan Fei will finally understand her mother’s worries and persistence, and Qi Jiayi will also learn to change and grow. The important thing is that the audience understands that life is not perfect, and what to do is how to confront the world, how to accept and adapt.

Not only did the protagonist in the play experience ups and downs in life, but “Warm and Sweet” also encountered ups and downs and drifts in reality during the filming process. The crew was quarantined for two months due to the epidemic. During such transitions and perseverance, director Liu Jiang changed the draft several times, and the cast and crew continued to work together to achieve today’s “Warm and Sweet”. Director Liu Jiang said: “This epidemic has given me a lot of help. Production has been suspended for more than two months, and many flyers have been completed, and there is an additional thinking process.”

After three seasons from Shanghai to Beijing, using realism brushstrokes and romantic oil paints, this female emotional urban drama with a preparation period of more than three years outlines the ukiyo-e of the emotional life of contemporary urban men and women, focusing on the generation International conflicts and life issues. Director Liu Jiang said: “It is not a simple social news drama. It has deeper thinking about life than the social level. It is something of universal value that focuses on the level of people’s livelihood.”

I hope that “Warm and Sweet” will allow the audience to examine and look back at their own life and environment while watching the drama, and then say frankly: “It turns out that Warm and Sweet is by my side.”

On May 3rd, at 20 o’clock every night on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, let us chase love and embrace happiness together in “Warm and Sweet”!


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