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The premiere of “Ordinary Road” was praised and lightly interpreted urban workplace ecology is interesting and interesting

The premiere of “Ordinary Road” was praised and lightly interpreted urban workplace ecology is interesting and interesting

On the evening of May 3, the urban workplace light comedy “The Ordinary Road” officially landed on CCTV-8’s prime spot, and it was exclusively broadcast on the entire network of Tencent Video. The “Three Musketeers of Rong Ke” Pan Yan, Zuo Na, and Shu Yinan “punched” to work with the vigor of contemporary young people. When they first entered the workplace, they were full of enthusiasm for their work. At the beginning, they encountered workplace difficulties such as the important partners of the law firm leading the team to resign collectively, and the serious loss of client resources. The scene of the law firm working together and the master and apprentice working together conveyed the positive attitude towards life of “walking the ordinary road with an ordinary heart” and “there are always more solutions than difficulties”, which deeply touched and resonated with the audience. On the night of the premiere of the show, according to Kuyun data, the peak real-time ratings of CCTV’s eight golden episodes reached 1.4953%, ranking first among all channel TV dramas in the same period; Demonstrate the broad influence and solid nationality of realistic plays rooted in life.

The TV series “Ordinary Road” tells the story of Pan Yan (played by Guo Qilin) ​​entering Rongke Law Firm for an internship by chance, and met the high-cold goddess Zuo Na (played by Jin Chen), the schoolmaster Shu Yinan (played by Yan Zidong), etc. A group of young people. Under the leadership of senior seniors Yi Fan (Zhu Zhu decoration), Du Feiyu (Zhang Zixian decoration) and others, they have experienced the ups and downs and difficulties in the workplace. They fought side by side and learned from each other. Breaking through in the realm of love and law, righteousness and profit has strengthened the lofty belief in the law. At the same time, I have a new understanding and understanding of my own breakthrough and leap. Extraordinary “fun” story.

  Newcomers in the workplace “fun and amuse” everyday urban youth resonate at the same frequency

“The Ordinary Road” has shaped the images of newcomers in the workplace represented by “Master of Feihua” Pan Yan, “Intern Backbone” Zuo Na, and “Social Assassin” Shu Yinan. They have a tacit understanding with Generation Z who are new to the workplace and the rapidly growing post-90s generation: the whole family celebrates when they receive a favorite offer, they are not afraid of hardships at work but are more serious, they do not blindly obey the will of their bosses or seniors, and they are more courageous in expressing their opinions and views. Pan Yan was misunderstood by the leader Du Feiyu and was almost expelled. Zuo Na and Shu Yinan were obliged to stand up and restore the past to speak out for Pan Yan; Winning the respect and trust of Lu Shuangjian; facing Zhang Rumei, who is resolute in his refusal to divorce and is even a little hysterical, the “Three Musketeers of Rong Ke” have their own opinions and methods, but they always automatically “fit” at critical moments and work together to solve work problems …

Fading away the “elite” aura, “The Ordinary Road” makes a group of real and vivid contemporary youth active on the screen. The profession of a lawyer and the environment of a law firm have become a watchtower of real life, freezing the trivial but real daily life that is happening around us, and also allowing people with the most sense of justice and those who need help the most to meet here, colliding with each other to develop love and reason. , The spark of the French confrontation. “Don’t let the world control your emotions, and don’t let your emotions control your rationality”, “If there is any date, let’s hit a shot first.” There are endless lines and golden sentences in the play, and they always “jump out” at the most critical time , to take care of the spiritual world of urban youths in an all-round way, speak out their aspirations, and pass on the spiritual power of enlightenment, open-mindedness and healing to us who have similar situations off the screen.

  Workplace and family work side by side to embrace an ordinary and self-consistent life

In the face of high-pressure and fast-paced life, bracelets and electronic wooden fish are quietly popular among young people, reflecting that contemporary young people are trying to adapt to themselves and the external environment in various ways, and actively explore to find a self-consistent life. A significant part of this strength comes from within the family. In addition to writing about the workplace, “Ordinary Road” spares no effort to describe the meaning of family to young people. Instead of being influenced by the single-parent family, Pan Yan inherited and carried forward her mother’s optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life; Zuo Na was affected by her parents’ problematic marriage, and wrapped her hot heart with a seemingly cold shell in order to seek a A sense of security; Shu Yinan grew up under the blessing of the family, with a rare purity and innocence. At the crossroads of life, their feet straddle the two lines of workplace and family. Their life trajectory is just like that of today’s young people: on the one hand, they are motivated to pursue their dreams and demonstrate their self-worth; Also more.

“Ordinary Road” does not stop at portraying and showing the young people who are new to the workplace in the contemporary city. The bottlenecks in the workplace faced by the two senior seniors Yi Fan and Du Feiyu and the counterproductive things at work, the parents of the “Three Musketeers of Rong Ke” Faced with multiple problems of family, marriage and emotions in middle age, they are all mirror projections of thousands of ordinary people. Apart from being funny, “Ordinary Road” does not evade real issues. While asking “Am I just an ordinary person all my life?” At the same time, it reinterprets the “ordinary life” and disappoints it. The ordinary people in the world warmly embrace each other and encourage everyone who walks on this road not only to love the dazzling and exciting parts of life, but also to love the ordinary and desperate struggling parts. I believe that as long as you are down-to-earth, ordinary People can also have their own extraordinary life.

The TV series “Ordinary Road” is produced by CCTV, Tencent Video, Xinli TV, directed by Liu Jin, written by Chen Tong, starring Guo Qilin and Jin Chen, starring Yan Zidong and Zhu Zhu, specially invited by Zhang Zixian, Kang Keren, Wang Also starring, Wang Zhifei, Wu Yufang, Liu Weiwei, Yue Yu, and Xiang Hanzhi are special stars, and Li Naiwen, Niu Li, Qiu Xinzhi, Sui Junbo, and Li Hongtao are friendly stars. The drama has been broadcast on CCTV TV drama channel (CCTV-8) at 19:30 every night since May 3rd, and it is exclusively broadcast on the whole network of Tencent Video. Members update 2 episodes at 19:30 every day , the first 6 episodes will be updated, and non-members will update 1 episode every day at 19:30. On the ordinary road, you and I will meet together for a wonderful day!

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