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Use knowledge to create a hard-core school season, and Kuaishou will launch 100 excellent courses with famous teachers and knowledge masters in colleges and universities

Use knowledge to create a hard-core school season, and Kuaishou will launch 100 excellent courses with famous teachers and knowledge masters in colleges and universities

  With the help of the short video live broadcast platform, the “cloud university without walls” allows everyone to become an “audit student”. It coincides with the start of the school season, and learning is at the right time. In order to let more young people feel the charm of knowledge, from September 1st to September 30th, Kuaishou teamed up with dozens of academicians and university professors to bring 100 live broadcasts of excellent courses from famous schools. The speakers include Mr. Ye Jiaying, a master of Chinese classical poetry, Professor Yang Lihua, the “male god of the Department of Philosophy” of Peking University, Dai Jinhua, a professor of Peking University who is known as “the best film scholar in China”, Zhao Dongmei, a professor of the Department of History of Peking University, and Shu Degan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. , Ma Boqiang, Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars, and Justin Yifu Lin, former Vice President of the World Bank. The course content not only covers many fields such as literature, history, philosophy, economics, and medicine, but is also closely related to hard-core skills such as personal planning and study skills.

  Top-notch courses from prestigious schools: Comprehend the changes of the world while looking up at the stars

Taking history as a mirror, we can know the ups and downs. With the rapid development of new media, young people’s thirst for historical knowledge is increasing day by day, and history is quietly stepping out of the ivory tower and entering the homes of ordinary people. In the 100 excellent courses of famous schools in the Kuaishou opening season, Zhang Fan, a professor of the Department of History of Peking University, will explain the model of ancient Chinese chronicle history books “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”, and Zhao Dongmei, a professor of History of Peking University, will analyze “The Rise of the Song Empire and Decline”, Ge Jianxiong, a senior professor at Fudan University, took everyone to explore “The Origin of China and Its Territory Changes”.

  Across the long river of history, listen to the rhythm of poetry. In the excellent class of Kuaishou famous school, you will meet Mr. Ye Jiaying, a master of ancient poetry research who “does only one thing in life, and that is to inherit poetry”, and Dai Jinhua, a professor of the Chinese Department of Peking University who is known as “the best film scholar in China” and other scholars. , to awaken the dormant cultural genes.

If science is to find the answer to “why come here”, philosophy is to explore the question of “why is there”. Shu Degan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Yang Lihua, the “male god of the Department of Philosophy” of Peking University, will take you to explore the nature and laws of all things, and uncover the secrets of the order of the universe and the human spirit.

There are also professors and experts such as Ma Boqiang, a professor at the School of Physics of Peking University who “observed the highest energy gamma-ray burst in human history”, and Lin Yifu, former vice president of the World Bank. with ego.

  Knowledge Master Class: Exploring the growth code in a down-to-earth way

Whether it is knowing history and looking at the present or exploring the unknown, useful knowledge can always broaden people’s horizons and gain strength. As young people pay more and more attention to their own development, knowledge that is closely related to personal growth is also in demand. In the 100 high-quality courses from famous schools in the Kuaishou school season, Ji Lianhai, Pan Xiangdong, Zhang Xuefeng, Zhu Zhu and many other well-known knowledge masters will also enter the Kuaishou live broadcast room, starting from the interests of young people, focusing on academic planning, Topics such as workplace socialization and anti-fraud bring rich and interesting courses.

During the event, Kuaishou will also launch a point-based check-in activity to expand user participation and cultivate young people’s consumption habits in Kuaishou’s general knowledge content. At the same time, with the help of Teacher’s Day, we will continue to inspire users on the site to pay tribute to teachers, and expand the spread of activities in the 2023 school season. Not only that, but related topics, snapshot templates and interactive barrage games around the school season will also be launched one after another, truly entertaining and entertaining young people.

 Using technology to leverage knowledge and inclusiveness, Kuaishou makes “university without walls” possible

Nowadays, more and more pan-knowledge creators are joining Kuaishou, including Li Daokui, Liu Zhenyun, Shi Guoliang, Du Wenlong, Zhang Chaoyang and other top celebrities in different fields. At the same time, user needs are also quietly changing, and their demand for “useful” knowledge is becoming stronger and stronger. Statistics show that the number of Kuaishou pan-knowledge creators has reached 1.26 million. In the past year, Kuaishou has provided more than 36 million knowledge-related live broadcasts. Among them, Wanfan pan knowledge creators posted 110 million videos and watched 2.1 trillion minutes of pan knowledge content; in addition, the number of pan knowledge video comments increased by 65.5% year-on-year, and “useful” appeared 34 million times in the comments.

  No matter from the perspective of content supply or user consumption, the booming pan-knowledge content has become an important part of the Kuaishou platform. It is understood that the “Kuaishou Xinzhi” brand created by Kuaishou Panknowledge currently covers more than ten fields such as information, education, art, finance, science, and law, and continues to provide users with knowledge content with both practical and emotional value. Since the beginning of this year, Kuaishou has successively launched content such as the focus on the hot spots of the two sessions, the experience of getting rich in the market, the 2023 college entrance examination season, the “intangible cultural heritage” series of live broadcasts, making the 24 solar terms come alive, and the astronomical science column “Star Chaser”, etc., from major events in the world to the market Life, from traditional culture to modern science, not only provides users with practical and dry goods for life, but also brings users to experience the ultimate romance of knowledge.

It is not difficult to see that short videos and live broadcasts are turning the vision of a “university without walls” into reality, promoting high-quality knowledge for everyone. As Zhou Xiaohan, vice president of Kuaishou Technology and head of Kuaishou’s general knowledge and information business, mentioned, live streaming and short videos are transformative learning methods for lifelong learning and will play a more important role in facilitating lifelong learning. As more and more useful knowledge takes root in Kuaishou, Kuaishou’s “cloud university without walls” is turning countless netizens into “auditors”, so that everyone can become a beneficiary of knowledge inclusiveness. From now on, search for “School Season” on Kuaishou, and you can book 100 high-quality courses from famous teachers with one click, listen to famous teachers from colleges and universities talk about the past and the present, chat with knowledgeable masters about current confusion, and unlock a different school season.

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