National Convention and Exhibition Center Tianjin Marriott Hotel presents “Wonderful Adventures? Seasonal Appreciation in Tianjin and Autumn” to deeply explore the Tianjin market and set off again


  The National Convention and Exhibition Center Tianjin Marriott Hotel will present the “Wanwei Weiyu” in Tianjin on August 31, 2023· Tianjin and Autumn Seasonal Appreciation” dinner, and released the “Taste of Wonders Menu”. The holding of this tasting banquet not only deepened the influence of Taste of Wonders in the Tianjin market, but also combined traditional Chinese flavor culture with The ingenious combination of modern food art has brought a different kind of gluttonous feast to the diners.

As Marriott Bonvoy’s annual catering themed promotion in Greater China, “Taste of Wonders” is committed to creating an extraordinary luxury dining journey for guests with exquisite catering and professional services.

The flavor guide records the unique charm of different regions and different ingredients. This tasting will also take this as a concept, and through unique menu creativity and cooking skills, various flavors are integrated into delicious dishes. Every dish shows the essence of the ingredients, and it is also the expression of the chefs’ enthusiasm for the ingredients. In appreciating the seasons in Jin and Autumn, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant chose the theme of “Wind Blowing the Wheat Waves” to integrate the power of nature and the changes of seasons into the creation of dishes. Just like the Flavor Atlas records the traditional cooking methods and unique food culture, we have also integrated the Chinese tradition of not eating from time to time, as well as the unique seasoning methods and cooking techniques of various places in the appreciation of Jinqiu season.

Regarding why he chose to hold the Chinese food tasting meeting during the end of summer season, Mr. He Minle, general manager of Tianjin Marriott Hotel at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, said: “The end of summer is just when the hot summer is coming to an end, and autumn is getting stronger. We hope that through the ‘wind blowing wheat waves’ to Arranging a themed tasting banquet, presenting the aura of nature and the changes of seasons to every taste bud in a unique way of cooking.”

Mr. Zhang Yuzhao, executive chef of Wanhao Chinese Restaurant, has more than 20 years of cooking experience, focusing on Huaiyang cuisine and New Beijing cuisine. Delving into these rich culinary traditions, he has mastered the art of balancing flavors and elevating simple ingredients into extraordinary delicacy. With his expertise in Cantonese cuisine, Xinjing cuisine, and Huaiyang cuisine, he has become one of the most acclaimed emerging Chinese chefs. In the presentation of the dishes of this tasting banquet, from crispy salmon with mustard flavor, yellow fish with garlic and razor clams in sour soup, to bird’s nest with pumpkin dew and red osmanthus sauce, each dish is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

It is also a great honor to co-create this “Wonderful Encounter · Seasonal Appreciation in Tianjin and Autumn” with Mr. Fu Yongjun, executive chef of Unilever Food Planning and the coach of the Chinese National Culinary Team of the 2016/2020 World Olympic Culinary Competition. At the same time, many guests were invited. A local media and self-media person from Tianjin attended the event.

  In this crisp autumn season, Tianjin Marriott Hotel at the National Convention and Exhibition Center sincerely invites diners to participate in the “Wanwei Adventure”·“Appreciation of Tianjin and Autumn Season” to appreciate the perfect blend of traditional Chinese flavors and modern cuisine. Whether it is the love of food or the pursuit of traditional culture, this tasting banquet will surely become an unforgettable taste feast.

In addition to the “Jinwei Adventure Menu” specially presented by the Chinese restaurant, Tianjin Marriott Hotel at the National Convention and Exhibition Center will also launch a special “Jinwei Adventure Package” during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, which not only includes the “Jinwei Adventure Menu” dining experience , It also provides deluxe room check-in privileges, allowing guests to enjoy a comfortable check-in experience while tasting delicious food.

Crispy Mustard Salmon

Fresh salmon from Norway is paired with diced cucumbers, diced mangoes, diced tomatoes and diced onions in Tianjin. Salmon’s delicious texture and rich fat make every bite full of flavor. In order to highlight the original flavor of the ingredients, the chef team cleverly used crispy cups as accompaniment. The outer layer of the crispy cup is golden and crisp, and the inner layer is full and soft, which is in sharp contrast with the taste of the salmon. It not only retains the tenderness of the fish, but also adds a layered sense of taste. Mustard, on the other hand, adds a unique flavor to this dish. The spiciness of wasabi and the umami of salmon complement each other, forming a unique taste experience.

Drunken Crab with Sea Urchin and Caviar Sauce

Selected fresh crabs are carefully cooked to perfectly present their succulent meat and distinct texture. In the process of cooking, the traditional craft of soy sauce is used to infuse the mellow aroma of the sauce into the crab meat, making it richer and fuller in taste. The mellow aroma of the sea urchin blends with the mellowness of the crab meat, bringing a wonderful taste and taste enjoyment. The small and crystal-clear caviar, like pearl embellishment, adds texture and layering to the whole dish.

Stewed Duck with Tangerine Peel and Winter Melon

This dish combines traditional cooking methods and seasonal ingredients. It combines the mellow aroma of duck meat, the sweetness of winter melon and the fragrance of tangerine peel, bringing a warm and flavorful taste experience. The addition of tangerine peel adds a unique layer of aroma to the dish. The aroma of tangerine peel is strong, with a unique fragrance and fragrance, which injects a simple and elegant flavor into the whole dish. Its aroma gradually penetrates into the duck and winter melon, making the whole dish more attractive. The sweetness of winter melon blends with the mellow aroma of duck meat, forming a delicious balance. The tenderness of winter melon and the tenderness of duck complement each other, making the dish rich and long-lasting.

Sour Soup with Yellow Fish Garlic and Razor Clams with French Jura Rice Wine Foam

This dish combines the deliciousness of yellow croaker, the sweetness of razor clams and the fragrance of French Jura rice wine. Fresh yellow croaker is selected, its meat is fresh and tender, and its taste is rich. After careful cooking, the yellow croaker maintains its own deliciousness and mellow aroma. It is simmered with homemade sour soup sauce and paired with razor clams to add a fresh and sweet ocean to the dish. The razor clams are firm and have a smooth taste, forming a delicious contrast with the mellowness of the yellow croaker. French Jura rice wine is a golden wine produced in the Jura region. Jura rice wine is made from white grape Savagnier. It needs to be aged for 6 years and 3 months to obtain a golden wine with almonds. , walnut, honey aroma, delicate and round taste.

Pan-Fried Steak with Morel Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce

Selected Shandong beef steaks are marinated with carrots, parsley, coriander, shallots, peppers, and fresh peppers to add the flavor of Chinese food. By frying, the steaks are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, maintaining the original flavor of the meat and forming Crispy exterior. Highlights the aroma of beef. A tangy black pepper sauce provides a tangy flavor to this dish. The spicy and tangy flavor of the black pepper infuses the steak with a unique flavor. The ingenuity of this dish is that we place the grilled steak on a slate that has been pre-heated in a 350 degree oven for two hours before reaching the perfect temperature. The high temperature of the slate not only makes the steak full of aroma, but also blends the delicious juice of the steak with the slightly rising fragrance of the slate, locks the meat juice, keeps the temperature of the beef, and ensures a perfect balance between the inside and outside taste.

Spinach Noodles with Celery Beef Sauce

The inspiration for this dish comes from Hunan cuisine stir-fried yellow beef. With its unique texture and delicious taste, it combines the aroma of beef, the freshness of celery and the smoothness of spinach noodles. The freshness of beef and the freshness of celery blend in the mouth. Create a unique sense of hierarchy. This celery beef sauce mixed with spinach noodles not only combines the characteristics of different ingredients, but also conveys the respect for ingredients and the innovation of taste. It perfectly presents the deliciousness and nutrition of the ingredients in a simple way, bringing you a delicious and light taste experience.

Bird’s Nest with Pumpkin and Red Osmanthus Sauce

Using poplar nectar for reference, seasonal pumpkins are used instead of mangoes. Not only are high-quality pumpkins, sweet-scented osmanthus and bird’s nests ingeniously blended, horseshoe popping beads enhance the taste and add the fragrance of red sweet-scented osmanthus. Pursue excellence in the cooking process. While desserts are often associated with cooling, the chef takes this dessert to new heights with his hot skills. The pumpkin exudes natural sweetness, the fragrance of osmanthus is fully released in the sugar water, and the smoothness of bird’s nest reaches the extreme during the hot process. This unique cooking method is not only a breakthrough in traditional dessert making, but also a professional challenge to cooking skills.

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