Transwarp won the title of “Nanjing University’s Best Strategic Partner for Student Employment in 2022”

Transwarp won the title of “Nanjing University’s Best Strategic Partner for Student Employment in 2022”

Recently, Nanjing University held the 2022 Employment Work Summary and High-Quality Employment Seminar and Promotion Meeting of “Forge ahead and create first-class achievements”, and held the 2022 Best Strategic Partner Awarding Ceremony for Student Employment.

Xu Jun, Executive Deputy Dean of the Undergraduate School of Nanjing University and Executive Dean of the Freshman College, read out the “Decision on Awarding Nanjing University the Best Strategic Partner for Student Employment in 2022”, and Transwarp Technology won the “Best Strategy for Student Employment of Nanjing University in 2022″ Partner”. President Lu Jian awarded the license to the partner unit.

As an enterprise-level big data basic software developer, Transwarp Technology attaches great importance to the cultivation of digital and intelligent talents, and cooperates closely with major universities. Transwarp Technology has a deep relationship with Nanjing University. Not only the founder and CEO Sun Yuanhao graduated from Nanjing University, but the company also has many Nanjing University graduates.

Moreover, Transwarp Technology and Nanjing University have established a cooperative relationship very early. In 2016, Nanjing University introduced Transwarp’s courses on big data technology. In 2019, the two parties launched a more comprehensive cooperation. On the one hand, the School of Software of Nanjing University established an enterprise engineering practice base in Transwarp Technology. Establish a joint research center, relying on the joint research center to further carry out personnel training activities and project cooperation. After a series of in-depth cooperation, in 2022, Nanjing University and Transwarp Technology applied for the special software project and were successfully selected. The cooperation between the two parties ushered in a new starting point.

In addition, in August 2022, at the special symposium for science and innovation alumni enterprises held by Nanjing University, Sun Yuanhao, the founder and CEO of Transwarp Technology, was invited to attend the symposium as a representative of alumni entrepreneurs , and under the witness of the participating leaders, signed a cooperation framework agreement with Nanjing University.

In addition to Nanjing University, Transwarp has also established stable and multi-dimensional cooperative relations with Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities. In the future, Transwarp will continue to deepen technological innovation and talent cultivation, deepen school-enterprise cooperation, promote the integration of industry, education and research, and help build a talent-based country in the new era.

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