[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions treat both the symptoms and the root causes

[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions treat both the symptoms and the root causes


Text: Translated by Lu Ting (Chinese Medicine Physician)

The author read a retrospective published in “Hepatology Communications” in early 2019 by Dr. Anna Suk-Fong Lok, who was elected president of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases three years ago. Paper: Hepatitis B Treatment : What We Know Now and What Remains to Be Researched (Hepatitis B Treatment: What We Know and What Remains to Be Researched?).

After reading it, apart from my sympathy, I also feel quite relieved, because the hero sees the same thing, that is, if the treatment of chronic liver B is not as good as it is, everything is empty talk!

Translated by TCM Physician Lu Ting
Lok Ting Yee

(Taipei News) At that time, Professor Luo earnestly called on the scientific research community and the pharmaceutical industry to actively develop drugs that can cure chronic hepatitis B. New drugs with reasonable price and other conditions are launched.

HBV-DNA turning negative treats the symptoms but not the root cause

1. Cure means that HBsAg must be seronegative

Hepatitis B is difficult to cure, but it is worth going all out, because it can save countless lives and merits are immeasurable. Western medicine is not good, so can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) work? The answer is yes.

This is also the breakthrough progress that the author has obtained in the past 30 years of participating in Xixin. In order to help friends with hepatitis B who suffer from chronic hepatitis B, it is specially made public. I hope everyone can truly understand that greatness resides in the ordinary.

To get to the bottom of the matter, to cure chronic hepatitis B refers to HBsAg seronegative, regardless of whether Anti-HBs is produced. This means that the replication template cccDNA of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in the liver cell nucleus has been degraded, the amount has been very small, or the activity of its replication template has been reduced to a very low level, and the liver disease that has occurred before is ruled out. Good, you can rest assured to stop the drug, this is the cure.

As for HBV-DNA turning negative, it is only a temporary solution, not a permanent cure, and cannot be compared with HBsAg turning negative.

cccDNA stubbornly resides in the nucleus of hepatocytes

2. Today’s Western medicine is difficult to achieve the goal of HBsAg serum negative

Dr. Luo used this diagram of HBV lifecycle and antiviral targets (hepatitis B virus life cycle and antiviral targets) to illustrate the formation of cccDNA, the transcription of HBV in the liver cell nucleus, the translation in the cytoplasm and the generation of HBV-DNA Waiting for steps to explain why the currently used interferon Interferon (IFNs) and nucleos


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