[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]The effect is natural and there are few side effects

[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]The effect is natural and there are few side effects

Text: Xie Jiajun “Kang Jian”

Loose skin, fine lines, dullness… The first thing many people think of is to find a beautician, but in recent years, more and more Chinese medicine practitioners have also provided medical beauty treatments, and beauty acupuncture is the mainstay.

Although its effect is not as immediate as Western medicine, it emphasizes naturalness, has almost no side effects, and is more acceptable, and is favored by many beauty lovers.

(Taipei News) The ancient Chinese medicine book “Huangdi Neijing˙Lingshu” records: “The twelve meridians have three hundred and sixty-five collaterals, and their blood and energy are all on the surface and go through the hole”, “The body fluid of the energy is all smoked on the surface.” .

TCM doctor Huang Kuiyou explained that this means that the facial qi and blood are related to the meridians of the body’s viscera. The external performance of the human body actually reflects the functions of the various viscera in the body. Take Chinese medicine orally or apply facial mask externally, diet, acupuncture, massage and traditional Chinese medicine bath, etc., for internal and external conditioning.

Beauty needles are thinner than traditional acupuncture needles

About 5 years ago, the “beauty needle” blown from South Korea was widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for beauty.

Huang Kuiyou said that acupuncture was used to treat patients with facial nerve paralysis in the early stage, mainly to adjust the balance of facial muscles. Later, many more subtle acupuncture methods were extended, and it was found that it can reduce facial fine lines, modify the shape of the face, and make the facial skin more beautiful. luster.

Therefore, in recent years, acupuncture and moxibustion have become the core technology of facial beauty in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to stimulating acupoints along the meridian system to improve the balance and smoothness of meridians, it also combines the concept of pathological anatomy in Western medicine to stimulate and regulate the direction of muscle fascia. Muscle tone to improve facial lines.

Both are “acupuncture”, what is the difference between “beauty acupuncture” and acupuncture?

Chen Chaozong, chairman of the Taiwan Traditional Chinese Medicine Cosmetic Medicine Association, said that beauty acupuncture refers to the “facial fine needle beauty acupuncture method”. Increase facial Qi and blood circulation, revitalize the skin, appear younger, firmer and more tender.

Another doctor, Li Xinhua, further explained that both beauty acupuncture and acupuncture can stimulate acupuncture points, meridians, and promote blood circulation. By stimulating muscle texture, the muscles can relax or tighten, and at the same time create very small wounds, through the body’s repair mechanism , to achieve the effect of stimulating collagen hyperplasia.

“Beauty acupuncture emphasizes the purpose of beauty,

It is also much finer than traditional acupuncture.

Acupuncture needles are usually above 0.27mm,

The beauty needle is less than 0.2mm,

about 0.1 to 0.12mm,

0.15mm thinner than a hair.

Improve skin aging and adjust face shape

Huang Kuiyou said that although the effect of thick needles is better, the fine needles are less painful on the face, especially the sensitive face, requiring dozens of needles at a time, which is more acceptable to patients with poor pain tolerance. In addition, there are many slender muscles on the face, and the fine needles are easy to operate at various angles, and the stimulating position is relatively more precise.

Generally speaking, in addition to being used for sickly crooked mouth and eyes, beauty needles can also firm loose skin, improve aging and sagging skin, adjust face shape, especially adjust contour lines, such as round face, square face, The asymmetry of the cheeks, even if you want to enlarge the cheeks, can achieve a certain degree of improvement. Also because of the promotion of blood circulation, the complexion will become better, shiny, and have a slightly lightening effect.

However, Huang Kuiyou reminded that Chinese medicine believes that spots on the face reflect the possible internal organs to some extent, such as phlegm dampness blocking blood stasis. , The effect of removing spots may only last for 3 to 5 days after each needle, and then the dark spots will appear again soon.

Do each course of treatment 10 times once a week

A course of beautifying acupuncture is done about 10 times or 6 to 8 times, once a week, and each time includes needle application, needle retention, facial application after acupuncture, and depending on the number of needles, it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

The number of stitches ranges from 60 to nearly 200, and those with more than 100 stitches usually deal with the scalp, neck, and above the collarbone together.

Li Xinhua said that although the problem of some patients is a single part, it is generally better to treat the whole face together as much as possible, because some basic acupuncture points affect each other and affect each other. The number of needles should be at least 60, and the whole face can be adjusted to promote the circulation of the whole face. , if only local problems are dealt with, the effect is not so obvious.

Sometimes acupuncture will feel slightly sour, and a few people will have slight bleeding spots and bruises after the treatment. You can apply warm compresses, and the bruises will disappear on their own in about 3 to 5 days. You can also apply a mask after the acupuncture, and try to avoid rubbing your face and touching water within 7 hours after returning home.

Li Xinhua emphasized that when performing beauty acupuncture treatment in the hospital, the doctor will wear gloves, and ask the patient to remove makeup and disinfect the face with alcohol. Although some people may suffer from allergies and discomfort, the purpose is to reduce wound infection.

Most people can do beauty injections, but the following groups are best considered by doctors after evaluation:

1. Wounds on the skin surface

2. Abnormal coagulation function, severe diabetes (poor wound healing)

3. Kidney dialysis patients

4. Keloid constitution

5. Physique prone to needle fainting and fear of acupuncture

6. Cancer patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy

7. Pregnant women

Most people can do beauty injections, but if there are wounds on the skin and poor blood coagulation function, it is best to be evaluated by a doctor before considering it.

Sequential accumulation is less invasive

1 course of treatment can last half a year

Both Huang Kuiyou and Li Xinhua emphasized that before accepting the course of Chinese medical beauty treatment, one must clearly understand that Chinese medicine does not have immediate effects like Western medicine. The effect of the course of treatment can last for about half a year, and then it can be changed to 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance.

In addition, the degree of improvement of TCM medical aesthetics varies from person to person, for example, older age, poor tissue repair and collagen regeneration, and the degree of improvement will be relatively small.

Improve the softness of skin lines

Chen Chaozong said that some people can obviously feel the face becomes firmer and lifted after one treatment. The effect of perfect face acupuncture can last for about 5 to 7 days each time, but if you want to make the effect last longer, it is recommended to complete at least one treatment. course of treatment.

He emphasized that the biggest advantage of traditional Chinese medical beauty lies in its natural effect and few side effects.

Western medicine attaches great importance to local modifications, including fillers (such as hyaluronic acid), injections (such as Botox), surgery (such as liposuction, cushion root) or physical therapy (such as dermabrasion, phototherapy), etc. It is easy to cause unnatural problems, and there may be risks such as skin necrosis, blindness, burns, and even anesthesia accidents.

“Comparatively speaking, traditional Chinese medical beauty is less invasive, and there are almost no such problems. The skin lines improved by beauty needles are soft, and the side effects are greatly reduced.”

Physician experience affects the course of treatment

Therefore, the physician’s understanding of muscles, needle insertion skills, and experience may all affect the outcome of the course of treatment.

Dr. Huang Kuiyou and Dr. Li Xinhua both suggested that the public should inquire more, compare more, and fully communicate with the doctor to ensure that the effect after treatment meets their expectations as much as possible, so as not to fail in beauty and hurt their pockets.

Beauty acupuncture stimulates acupuncture points, meridians, and promotes blood circulation, making the skin youthful, firm, and radiant.

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