[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]It may not be because of anger, bad breath or a precursor to illness

[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]It may not be because of anger, bad breath or a precursor to illness

Text: Li Yingzi “Kang Jian”

(Taipei News) According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body can be divided into five major systems (non-visceral organs), namely the liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney. The great anger means that the liver fire, heart fire, and stomach fire among them are relatively strong. It can be caused by various stresses, such as poor diet or disease.

Inflammation may not necessarily cause bad breath

Dr. Hu Xinbin pointed out that from the perspective of Western medicine, it can be understood as an inflammation somewhere in the body, or it may be that the function and metabolism of a certain organ are abnormal and overreacting. For example, the common inflammation and swelling of the gums often occurs Halitosis problem, and sore throat went to check and found that the throat was inflamed, manifested as swelling, heat and pain.

“Halitosis and anger can be said to be closely related, but they are not necessarily related.

Anger or inflammation may not only cause bad breath, but other problems may also occur;

Bad breath may not only appear under such circumstances, but may also be caused by other reasons.

Such as dry mouth, broken mouth, swollen gums, sore throat, constipation,

Headache, bloated head, acne, body is very hot, easy to sweat, emotional irritability, etc.,

These are common symptoms of anger, but not necessarily all cause bad breath. “

Bad breath is not necessarily caused by anger. It can be seen from daily habits, eating habits, general diseases, and serious diseases.

Daily habits:

For example, there is no good habit of brushing your teeth, or you usually brush your teeth, but you don’t have the habit of using dental floss, and you don’t notice food decay in the gaps between your teeth, and you will also have bad breath. It is also possible that you do not drink enough water and go to bed late, which may cause anger. And many people are used to breathing through their mouths, and they are also prone to bad breath. And those who have the habit of smoking are naturally prone to halitosis.

Eating habits:

If you often eat fried chicken, barbecue and other heavy-tasting foods, your stomach fire may become more prosperous and cause bad breath. I like to eat spices such as onions, ginger, and garlic. Although moderate amounts are healthy, there will also be peculiar smells, and not only the mouth, but also the body is more prone to smell.

General illness:

General diseases, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, gum inflammation and other common oral problems, or stomach problems such as gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic gastritis, sinusitis, nasal discharge, nasal congestion and other nasal problems, and nasal congestion and nasal allergies It is also because it often causes people to open their mouths to breathe, resulting in dry mouth and bad breath.

serious illness:

Serious diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer, oral cancer, etc., may cause bad breath due to tissue corruption. Others, such as diabetic ketoacidemia, liver failure, and kidney failure, may also cause bad breath and body odor.

Identify the underlying problem and seek treatment

It is better to check bad breath first and then improve it. Finding out the cause can also help avoid serious diseases!

Based on the above, the problem of bad breath may be caused by anger, and anger may also hide serious diseases. Whether it is to see traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, if there are related problems, it is better to encourage the public to check first than to deal with it by themselves. After the doctor checks and asks Find out if there are other symptoms, evaluate the possible exact problem according to various evidences and clues, and treat the root problem and improve bad breath.

He suggested to avoid directly buying traditional Chinese medicines to reduce internal heat, and only buy products related to oral fragrances to reduce bad breath, or medicines that are said to be very useful, or medicines of unknown origin, so as to avoid misjudgment, harm to the body, or even ignore them serious illness. Of course, for convenience, if you want to try to deal with it by yourself first, but if you find that the effect is not good, it is recommended to check as soon as possible.

Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are acceptable for the examination. For western medicine, you can first go to dentistry, otolaryngology, family medicine, etc. If you find other problems, you can then refer to related departments for further examination.

After checking to rule out the possibility of serious diseases, he suggested that according to his related symptoms, he can absorb nutrients through tea drinking to improve his health. Generally speaking, green tea made from tea leaves is a very good choice, which has a heat-clearing effect.

People with flatulence, dizziness and headache can choose peppermint tea. For those who go to bed late, are stressed, have a lot of eye mucus, and are prone to headaches at work, they can choose cassia tea and chrysanthemum tea. Those with dry or sore throat and acne on the face can choose honeysuckle tea or Houttuynia cordata tea. If you can’t sleep well, your mouth is broken, etc., you can choose lotus seed tea.

He reminded the public that after discovering the bad breath problem, go through the inspection first, confirm the root cause of the problem and treat it, and then maintain it in a simple way, which will help get rid of the bad breath problem!

Dr. Hu Xinbin

6 problems cause bad breath

Dietary habits should be changed

In addition to cancer, special diseases, etc., Dr. Guo Yourui believes that common possible causes, including diet, oral problems and physical health problems, can be roughly divided into 6 types of problems.

Avoid smoking and eating heavy food

He said that there are many reasons for bad breath, the simplest is caused by diet and living habits, including smoking, stinky tofu, garlic and other foods.

Therefore, looking at the general direction of improving bad breath, the easiest way is to avoid eating these heavy-tasting foods, avoiding smoking, brushing teeth, etc. are all beneficial to improve bad breath.

1. Life and dietavoid related factors

2. General tongue coatingStrengthen tongue cleaning

Bad breath is closely related to the tongue coating. The tongue coating is full of aging cells, bacteria, saliva, and food residues. Therefore, there will be bad breath problems, and most of them are caused by the tongue coating.

Therefore, to avoid bad breath, you can start by brushing the tongue coating. If your relatives and friends still feel bad, you should seek medical treatment. But remember, when you come to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, do not brush the tongue coating in the morning, let the doctor of Chinese medicine see it before brushing , can provide more dialectical evidence.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Japanese scholars have also found that as long as you brush your tongue frequently, you can reduce the incidence of flu, prevent bacteria from entering the trachea, and even reduce the incidence of cancer.

3. Yellow thick tongue coatingPay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach

As long as you stick out your tongue, you can see a thick or even yellow tongue coating. This type of patient may have a problem of spleen and stomach qi deficiency. They often feel unable to eat or bloated, and their bowel movements may be soft or pass many times a day.

It is relatively difficult for people with spleen and stomach qi deficiency to rely on diet to regulate. It is recommended to seek long-term treatment from a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Usually, you can press Zusanli and Dadun points to regulate the spleen and stomach. Located just below the inside of the thumbnail of the toe.

4. Nervous and anxiousTake more rest and relieve stress

Nervous, anxious, and stressed people are most likely to suffer from irritability. Such patients may experience bitter mouth, insomnia, or headaches.

This type of patients needs to let go of their emotions, but it is not easy. It is recommended to take a long vacation, or to sleep a little during the vacation, which will help to improve. In addition, it is also recommended to drink some chrysanthemum bergamot tea to relieve stress. .

5. Poor work and restSoak your feet and catch fire

People who stay up late, work night shifts, or work shifts often have symptoms of broken mouth, pimples, and constipation. They usually belong to the phenomenon of deficiency of both yin and yang, but yin deficiency is more deficient than yang deficiency, so virtual fire occurs.

After staying up late, working night shifts or shifts, the anger becomes bigger and the sleep becomes worse. In addition to seeking treatment from a Chinese medicine doctor, you can try to soak your feet every day before going to bed. Let the fire go down”, lower the anger, and the mood will be calm.

6. Combined toothacheLaxative and Stomach Relief

Bad breath caused by stomach fire often occurs simultaneously with bad breath caused by toothache, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the gum part belongs to the stomach, and stomach fire will be combined with symptoms of thirst, constipation, and increased appetite. If toothache caused by tooth decay, it is not necessary These problems will arise.

Exuberant stomach fire needs to be recuperated from the intestines and stomach, so that the stomach fire will subside and the stool will pass, which will naturally improve the bad breath. It is recommended to use Chenmai Cassia tea, which can relieve the bowel and nourish the stomach naturally.

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