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[Traditional Chinese medicine beyond the line]Neck and shoulder strain affects vision and emotional disorders

[Traditional Chinese medicine beyond the line]Neck and shoulder strain affects vision and emotional disorders

Text: Qiu Yufeng (Chinese Medicine Physician)

(Hong Kong News) For people who often “keep their phones in their hands”, they may suffer from neck, shoulder, and upper limb strain due to poor posture, or may experience eye fatigue or vision problems due to long-term focus on using their eyes, and are more likely to “slip their mobile phones” Addiction” leads to mental and emotional disorders such as lack of rest, excessive stress, and anxiety.

Hidden danger 1: Neck, shoulder and upper limb strain caused by bowing the head and shrugging the shoulders

Many people do not pay attention to maintaining correct posture when using mobile phones, and have long-term bad postures such as bowing their heads and shrugging their shoulders, resulting in continuous contraction and tension of shoulder and neck muscles, and strains due to overuse.

Shoulder and neck tension can be relieved by hot compress on the affected area

In addition to tightness and soreness in the shoulders, neck, and upper back, patients also have symptoms such as unsmooth movement of the head and neck, dizziness, tinnitus, malocclusion, and upper limb paralysis. People who bow their heads for a long time may even develop protruding soft tissue hyperplasia at the junction of cervical and thoracic vertebrae, commonly known as “rich bags”, which hinder the movement of raising their heads.

When these patients undergo physical examination, they often find that the sternocleidomastoid muscles located on both sides of the neck are excessively tense, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine disappears (the cervical spine straightens), the small joints of the cervical spine are misaligned, and even nerve and blood vessel jams are caused by cervical disc degeneration. Pressure, and hyperosteogeny etc., these pathological changes can be collectively referred to as cervical spondylosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the posture is poor for a long time, it will hinder the circulation of qi and blood, cause stagnation of meridians, and pain will result from obstruction. In terms of treatment, we can start with improving the state of local lesions, use acupuncture, massage and other treatment methods to relax muscles, straighten tendons, and improve blood circulation.

Commonly used points for cervical spondylosis include Fengchi, Wangu, Tianzhu, Jingbailao, Jianjing, Tianzong, Houxi, etc. If you have upper limb numbness, soreness and other symptoms, you can choose Quchi, Shousanli, Waiguan, Hegu points (see Figure 1), and the local “Ashi point” (tender point) on the affected area. If the cervical facet joints are dislocated after examination, it can be corrected by massage and reset.

To prevent neck, shoulder and upper limb strain, you should maintain a correct posture when using a mobile phone, and avoid bowing your head or shrugging your shoulders for a long time. It is recommended to lift the mobile phone up to eye level, and do 2 to 3 minutes of shoulder and neck stretching in one direction every 30 minutes. Including raising the head, bowing the head, turning left and right, bending left and right, extending the head forward, and rotating the shoulder joint counterclockwise, etc., to relax the neck and shoulder muscles.

If you often feel tense shoulders and necks, you can apply heat to the affected area. Moxibustion, cupping, scraping, etc. can also relieve the pain.

Hidden danger 2: Myopia due to eye muscle fatigue and reduced focus

When the eyes focus on close objects for a long time, it is easy to cause eye muscle fatigue, resulting in dim vision and decreased focusing ability, which will affect vision in the long run and lead to myopia. In addition, when the eyes stare at the light-emitting screen for a long time, the number of blinks can be reduced, and it is easy to experience discomfort such as dry eyes and astringent eyes.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver governs the eyes, and the liver opens to the eyes. The “Neijing” says: “The liver receives blood and can see.” If the eyes are overused and the blood is damaged by long-term vision, it will lead to insufficient liver blood, unable to nourish the eyes, and thus appear Vertigo, blurred vision, dry eyes and discomfort, and even photophobia, floating mosquitoes, tears in the wind, involuntary beating of eyelid muscles, etc., are all related to blood deficiency and yin deficiency.

Take a 5 minute break from looking at a screen for 1 hour

In terms of treatment, the method of nourishing liver blood and nourishing liver yin can be adopted. Commonly used traditional Chinese medicines include wolfberry fruit, mulberry fruit, black sesame, and fleece-flower root.

Acupuncture or acupoint massage can be used on the one hand near the acupoints located around the eyes, such as Cuanzhu, Sizhukong, Jingming, Sibai (see Figure 2), etc. Acupuncture or moderate-strength massage can be used to improve blood circulation around the eyes and relax the muscles around the eyes.

To prevent eye fatigue, it is recommended to rest your eyes for 5 minutes every time you stare at the screen for 1 hour. You can close your eyes and relax or look at the outdoor scenery to relax the tense eye muscles.

If you feel blurred vision, dizzy head, and heavy eyebrows when you focus on using your eyes, you can close your eyes and move your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes, and rub and massage the acupoints around the eyes to relieve fatigue.

People with dry eyes can stimulate tear secretion by blinking more, and pressing and rubbing the Taiyang, Sizhukong and other acupoints. If you have liver and kidney yin deficiency constitution, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry skin, irritability, and dreaminess, you should pay more attention to eye care and avoid overuse.

Hidden danger 3: Nervous and anxious if the opportunity is not close

Many urbanites have the problem of “addiction” to mobile phones. They think about operating their mobile phones all the time, which not only makes them use for too long, but also often feels nervous, anxious and restless when they are “not close to them” or when the network signal is not good. , You have to take out your mobile phone and operate aimlessly.

Excessive browsing time on mobile phones, especially at night, may interfere with sleep and reduce rest time,

And reduce the quality of sleep, such as difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, dreaminess, etc.

If you swipe your phone while eating,

May affect digestion, cause flatulence, stomach pain and so on.

“Keeping hands on the machine” can also lead to excessive mental stress, headache, palpitations, sweating,

Discomfort associated with excessive stress, such as frequent urination.

Affecting the body and mind—Many people have the problem of mobile phone addiction. They browse the screen aimlessly all the time. Excessive time affects physical and mental health, such as upper limb strain and anxiety.

Excessive fatigue interferes with Qi movement

Treatment pays attention to nourishing essence and blood

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that excessive stress and overwork can easily cause the consumption of essence and blood and hinder the movement of Qi.

People with deficiency of essence and blood often have pale complexion, lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, tinnitus, pale tongue, and deep and thready pulse.

If you are often restless and your body is hot and hot, you will often experience fever, night sweats, palpitations, dry mouth, red tongue, etc.

If you think too much, thinking will cause qi stagnation, and those with poor qi movement can cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, flatulence and pain, and irregular menstruation.

For the disorder of “heart-kidney disharmony” caused by deficiency of essence and blood and excessive dryness and heat, TCM treatment should not only replenish essence and blood (commonly used prescriptions such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills), but also clear heat and calm the heart (commonly used prescriptions such as Tianwangbuxin Dan), qi People with machine disorders can cooperate with qi to relieve depression. To use acupuncture or massage to regulate the mental state, you can choose Neiguan, Shenmen, and Laogong on the hands (see Figure 3), and Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao, and Taichong on the lower limbs (see Figure 4).

Use your mobile phone sparingly

To avoid excessive consumption of energy, it is recommended to adjust your mentality in daily life, allocate your time properly, and don’t cram your timetable densely, and don’t be “busy with nothing”. Use of mobile phones must be restrained, and information content needs to be chosen. Give yourself a leisurely and empty space, learn to rest, adjust your mind, maintain adequate sleep, and achieve a relaxed life and a balance between dynamic and static.

In terms of daily diet, it is recommended to eat less spicy, hot and stimulating food, so as not to hurt the yin and help the fire. Eating more vegetables, fruits, etc. can replenish body fluid, relieve dryness, and help digestion.

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