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To make pension finance more warm? China Construction Bank unveils its first special pension finance outlet in Tianjin

To make pension finance more warm? China Construction Bank unveils its first special pension finance outlet in Tianjin

On March 28, China Construction Bank launched the first “specialized pension finance outlet” in Tianjin – Tianjin Zhongshan Branch held an unveiling ceremony, marking the further implementation and deepening of China Construction Bank’s implementation of the “Five Big Articles” and the initiative to build a professional pension finance bank. . Leaders of relevant local government departments attended the unveiling ceremony. Chen Gang, Vice President of China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch, delivered a speech and unveiled the plaque together with the guests present.

It is understood that the construction of characteristic pension financial outlets is an important part of China Construction Bank’s “Ten Major Actions” for pension finance. It aims to build physical outlets into physical connection points for China Construction Bank’s comprehensive pension financial services. By highlighting products and rights, exclusive services The “four major features” such as pension ecology and future investment education meet the needs of the elderly and even the whole society for integrated pension financial services, improve people’s livelihood and well-being, and assume due social responsibilities.

According to reports, China Construction Bank Tianjin Zhongshan Branch is located on Centenary Zhongshan Road, Hongshunli Street, Hebei District, Tianjin. There is a large population of people over 60 years old nearby, and the community is aging. China Construction Bank chose this location for its first “Pension Financial Specialty Outlet” in Tianjin because the population composition of this community reflects the typical characteristics of the ecological scene of an aging society, and on this basis, it will create a special pension financial service center. Demonstration outlets, from point to point, can effectively improve China Construction Bank’s ability to serve elderly customers.

Approaching this “specialized pension financial outlet”, you can see service facilities prepared for elderly customers everywhere. The plaque of China Construction Bank Group’s unified elderly care brand “Jian Yang An” hangs on the outer wall; the pension financial service area inside the branch is equipped with a “priority service window” to provide full-service accompanying services and shorten the waiting and processing time for elderly customers; counters, self-service Next to the equipment, there are enlarged, clear and concise routine business process tips and product introduction instructions. Reading glasses, magnifying glasses and other age-friendly appliances are readily available. In addition, service facilities such as toilets for the elderly, wheelchairs, crutches, love seats, masks, disposable alcohol wipes, blood pressure monitors, emergency medicine kits and medicines are also available, making the elderly customers’ experience warm and special.

The person in charge of the branch said, “In addition to configuring these service facilities, the branch also often introduces financial products and effective techniques to prevent and deal with telecom fraud to the elderly in the form of ‘Silver Financial Lecture Hall’ and ‘Anti-Gambling and Anti-Fraud in the Community’ to help the elderly. The group understands telecommunications fraud, etc., improves the financial literacy and fraud prevention and anti-fraud capabilities of the silver-haired customer group; provides door-to-door services for elderly customers who cannot take care of themselves; carries out public welfare and care activities around various traditional festivals, consumer rights protection days, etc. Through These forms bring elderly-friendly services out of branches and to the elderly, making financial services more down-to-earth and warm.”

Chen Gang, Vice President of China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch, said that the Central Financial Work Conference clearly regarded pension finance as one of the “five major articles” and made a series of important arrangements to chart the development direction of pension finance. China Construction Bank follows the leadership of the Party, has a great mind for the country, and a deep sense of serving the people. It is committed to integrating internal and external resources of the group, giving full play to its financial professional advantages in addressing the pain points and difficulties of elderly care, and contributing CCB’s wisdom and strength. China Construction Bank has currently established a “1314” pension financial service system, which aims at the goal of “a professional pension financial bank”, gives full play to the three major advantages of “customers, assets, and technology”, and is based on the positioning of “professional and stable one-stop” to promote pension funds. Finance, pension industry finance, pension service finance, and pension financial ecology develop in a coordinated manner to accompany customers throughout their lives with comprehensive and full-process pension financial services.

In February 2024, China Construction Bank released the group’s unified pension finance brand “Jian Yang An”, integrating the three major segments of corporate finance, personal finance, and capital asset management pension products, services and resources to provide a “one-stop” comprehensive pension finance Serve. The unveiling of the “Specialized Pension Finance Outlets” in Tianjin is a prelude to CCB’s ten actions to make a “big deal” in pension finance. In the next step, China Construction Bank Tianjin Branch will focus on using the unified brand of “Jianyangan” as the carrier and the characteristic pension financial outlets as the incision, to improve the pension financial service capabilities and service temperature with heart and soul, and practice “respecting the elderly, With the social responsibility of “respecting, caring for, and respecting the elderly”, we will make great contributions to promoting high-quality financial development and building a strong financial country with pension financial services that are broad, deep, and warm.

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