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Tianjin Software and Information Innovation Association: From 81 Afternoon Teas to Building an Industrial Ecosystem

Tianjin Software and Information Innovation Association: From 81 Afternoon Teas to Building an Industrial Ecosystem


Taking stock of China’s most dynamic industries in 2023, the position of the software and information innovation industries is indispensable. In Tianjin, as the “Ten Actions” continue to be implemented in depth and concreteness, the Xinchuang industry chain is developing rapidly. In the process of building the Xinchuang industry ecosystem, enterprises, scientific research institutions, government agencies, industry associations, etc. are working together With.

81 Afternoon Teas and the First Provincial Innovation and Innovation Association

In the last period of 2023, Wang Sen, secretary-general of the Tianjin Software Industry Association and Tianjin Information Technology Application Innovation Association, and his colleagues have been busy. As a witness and participant in the industry, software, information innovation, service companies, and building an ecosystem are his keywords this year.

  “We have organized 81 Entrepreneur Weekend Afternoon Teas over the years”during a busy break, Wang Sen proudly mentioned such a number.“Basically, there is one issue every month. Starting from the first issue in December 2016, it has lasted for 81 months.”

What is the relationship between afternoon tea and the software and information innovation industries? Let’s start with Ren Zhengfei’s coffee theory.

That year, Ren Zhengfei delivered a speech titled “A Cup of Coffee Absorbs the Energy of the Universe”, asking Huawei engineers to communicate and absorb the opinions and ideas in the industry. The connotation is to advocate open exchange of ideas and collision of wisdom, and The importance of “drinking coffee” was reiterated many times afterwards.

Afternoon teas held by Tianjin Software Association and Xinchuang Association are similar.

  “We not only drink tea but also coffee. We have been to teahouses, but more often we have visited companies. Of course, you don’t need good tea to host a company.”Wang Sen smiled and explained that the so-called afternoon tea,In fact, the association organizes member entrepreneurs to carry out exchanges and learning, in a relatively relaxed and comfortable time and space environment, communicating with each other while drinking tea. Choosing to hold it on a weekend afternoon will not delay the daily work of entrepreneurs, but also allow everyone to speak freely in a more relaxed environment.

Tea is not “for free”. Each afternoon tea has different definitions and requirements, and the topics discussed each time should also focus on the common points of intersection for everyone. “What new creative ideas do you have in technology? What difficulties has he encountered in financing? How to cooperate between upstream and downstream enterprises?” Participants must come with practical knowledge and sincerity.

  “In addition to old members, every event will also includeinvitation sectionNew members participate, whether they are industry leaders or new recruits, everyone sits together and speaks freely,” Wang Sen said. This can not only help companies obtain relevant resources, but also make the industry more dynamic with the addition of fresh blood.

Tianjin developed the software industry earlier, and the Information Innovation Association was also at the forefront of the country in its establishment. In 2022, with the support of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Tianjin Information Innovation Working Committee, which was originally affiliated with the Municipal Software Association, established the Tianjin Information Innovation Association, focusing on the innovative research and development, application promotion, and industry-university-research cooperation of the information innovation industry in our city. As well as ecological construction and other work, this is also the first provincial-level information innovation association in the country.

The association has benefited us a lot

Speaking of afternoon tea, Jia Yongzhe, general manager of Tianda Zhitu (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., has his own personal experience. “I have participated in afternoon tea and benefited a lot.”

In 2015, Jia Yongzhe left Tianjin University to study in Japan. After completing his studies, he returned to Tianjin and started his entrepreneurial journey with several like-minded classmates and friends. At the beginning, a few students who had just come out of the ivory tower had skills and passion, but the small environment composed of a few people seemed a bit stretched when they had to face various problems in the market and entrepreneurship.

It was through the afternoon tea activities organized by the industry association that Jia Yongzhe expanded his horizons and circle of friends. “Afternoon tea helps us expand our network and get to know partners who are also entrepreneurs. It can also help us connect and get to know more customers.” Jia Yongzhe recalled that time, “For example, we can more conveniently communicate with industries like Kirin Software When we hold product launches, the association will also organize companies in the industry to support us.”

More importantly, the association also played an important role in the subsequent financing process of the enterprise.

Wang Sen believes that many start-up companies need support from many aspects, just like a newborn baby that needs special care. In the start-up period, enterprises need talents, technology, capital, markets, and policy support. Therefore, the association has launched a plan to accompany the growth of enterprises to provide nanny-style services and targeted policy support for start-up enterprises.

  With a good entrepreneurial environment, a complete information and innovation industry chain, and powerful industry associations, Jia Yongzhe’s career in Tianjin is getting bigger and bigger. In June this year, Tianda Zhitu, a research and development company with graph database as its core founded by Jia Yongzhe, successfully settled in Tiankai Park. The company released independently developed basic software for AI (artificial intelligence) applications.Can help companies in different fields build knowledge bases,Help my country’s information and innovation industry achieve independent control in the field of graph database.

“Tianjin can be regarded as my blessed land. I can start a family and start a business here, and more importantly, I have room for development.” Jia Yongzhe said.

Develop together with enterprises

Software and information innovation are mysterious in the eyes of many people. In fact, they are closely related to our lives and silently provide services for the stable operation of society.

In December 2023, a rare cold wave raged throughout the northern region, and heating became a topic of concern to many people. For many heating companies, in this icy and snowy season, ensuring smooth and smooth heating is inseparable from the contribution of Tianjin Zhongqi Software.

“In fact, the heating industry is a very important field for people’s livelihood. Across the country, we have provided heating solutions for more than 300 heating companies.” Li Songran, general manager of Zhongqi Software, talked endlessly about his industry.

  asTianjin Software Industry AssociationAs the chief supervisor unit, Zhongqi has firmly established its position in the industry by providing integrated customer service solutions for the heating industry. From the customer’s perspective, Zhongqi’s professional software can provide people or enterprises with one-stop services and zero-step online services, truly helping people get perfect heating services; within heating companies, by providing relevant service application systems, It provides collaboration between various departments of the enterprise and improves the operating efficiency of the heating enterprise.

Starting a business is not easy, but you have to keep moving forward. When Li Songran first started his business more than ten years ago, there were only three people. Now the company has more than one hundred people, making it an indispensable member of China’s heating software industry. When it comes to the development of enterprises, Li Songran feels that it is also inseparable from the help of associations. Whether in terms of policy support or talent attraction, the role of industry associations is to continuously provide support to enterprises.

“We have been old friends for more than ten years. The association is to serve enterprises well and develop together with them.” Wang Sen said.

Build an ecosystem

In the Tianjin Xinchuang industry, in addition to industry veterans such as Zhongqi Software, there are also new companies that are growing. For new companies, giving them a try is a task that the Xinchuang Association feels it must complete.

Among the list of Tianjin U30 candidates for the 2022 Science and Technology China Youth Entrepreneurship List, the name of Ye Haijun, general manager of Tianjin Shengyang Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. appeared.

Shengyang Xinyuan is an enterprise focusing on integrated solutions for civil aviation specialties in colleges and universities and software technology research and development. The company’s core products have been applied to colleges and universities in the industry such as the Civil Aviation University of China, Guanghan Branch, Shanghai Civil Aviation, and Guangzhou Civil Aviation, as well as professional civil aviation colleges such as China Southern Airlines University and Beijing Jiaotong University. 80% of domestic related colleges and universities have Have business cooperation with the company. And it is becoming a front-line civil aviation training institution. In addition, the company is also making efforts in the automotive and energy fields.

After several years of development, what Ye Haijun will remember most is the help provided by the association during the epidemic. At that time, the company’s office was located in a university, but there were many restrictions on employees’ access to the university during the epidemic, which made Ye Haijun very anxious. After understanding the situation, the association extended a helping hand – lack of office space? Then come to the association office! “Actually, the association’s office space is not very generous, but we still squeezed out a large space for our employees.” “It was a timely rain that helped us solve a very difficult problem.”

In addition, whether it is recommending Ye Haijun to participate in the U30 selection or supporting companies to participate in innovation competitions, the association is helping to the best of its ability.

“In the field of software and information innovation, some companies are big and strong, and some are small and beautiful. Different companies need different services.” Wang Sen said that for small and beautiful, the association has carried out a large number of company visits and research, focusing on visiting new companies. According to According to the different stages and needs of enterprise development, industry docking in subdivided fields is held to promote the strengthening and replenishment of industrial chains and help enterprises integrate into the ecology.

For those companies that have developed and become well-known in the industry, it helps them become “ecologies” themselves. “Working alone has become a thing of the past. In the future, the development of enterprises will either integrate into the ecosystem or become an ecosystem. For example, for leading enterprises like Hengyin Technology, we will help them build an ecosystem.”

Wang Sen said that 2024 is an important year for the implementation and promotion of information innovation in the industry. The association will carry out work in the following aspects: first, to assist the upstream and downstream industry docking and the construction of public service platforms; second, to promote information innovation talent training and industry-university-research collaboration innovation; the third is to build an open source innovation ecosystem to promote the sustainable development of the information and innovation industry; the fourth is to strengthen collaborative innovation and industrial collaboration in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

For the association, helping to expand the Tianjin Xinchuang Industrial Ecosystem, whether it is a leafy tree or a growing new seedling, is an indispensable element of the ecosystem.

“We believe that more outstanding innovative enterprises and batches of high-quality innovative projects will take off in Tianjin.” Wang Sen and his colleagues are full of confidence in the future.

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