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Tianjin Mobile escorts the 2023 Summer Davos Forum

Tianjin Mobile escorts the 2023 Summer Davos Forum

From June 27th to 29th, the 14th Summer Davos Forum will be held in Tianjin. Political figures and industry leaders from various countries will gather in Tianjin again to participate in this grand event in the global economic field. Tianjin Mobile conscientiously implements the work requirements of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on the guarantee of the Summer Davos Forum, with the goal of “zero major network failures, zero major network security incidents, zero important customer complaints, and zero negative focus incidents” A well-thought-out communication network guarantee plan, building a multi-departmental coordination and multi-professional linkage guarantee mechanism, will fully escort this Summer Davos Forum.

Weaving dense network to ensure safety “protective net”

In order to ensure the quality of network operation, Tianjin Mobile established an expert technical team to do a good job in regional security, line patrol inspection, fault handling, traffic detection and other security work, weaving a dense network security protection network, delineating key security areas according to the forum agenda, Completed 4/5G indoor sub-system upgrade and network test optimization to ensure good 4/5G network coverage in the conference venue, guest hotels, road hubs around the venue, and travel routes, covering 1,827 4G communities and 749 5G communities. Tianjin Mobile set up an emergency communication vehicle at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center to create a comprehensive and three-dimensional communication security network.

Build a network information security “firewall”

In order to do a good job in real-time discovery and timely disposal of network failures and network security incidents, Tianjin Mobile established a 7×24-hour network monitoring guarantee mechanism to monitor key base stations, core equipment and circuits, and comprehensively strengthen system security to ensure forum Relevant systems provide security monitoring means, including anti-traffic attacks, key domain name monitoring and other security protection capabilities, and build a “firewall” for network information security to ensure stable network signals.

Tianjin Mobile has given full play to its technological advantages, anchored customer-perceived end-to-end management and control, and used advanced equipment to comprehensively improve the level of intelligent early warning, intelligent research and judgment, and intelligent repair of fault signals, shorten the waiting period for fault repair, and improve customer satisfaction. Relying on the big data platform to conduct scientific and accurate analysis of various guarantee indicators, provide accurate positioning and accurate cause analysis for key troubleshooting and on-site troubleshooting, realize rapid troubleshooting and recovery, and effectively enhance the self-healing ability of faults.

High temperature operation without fear of “baking” test

Tianjin Mobile’s network security personnel are not afraid of the scorching heat and the “baking” test. In this security, more than 560 front desk and background support personnel were dispatched, more than 220 professional engineers in wireless, transmission, dedicated line maintenance and optimization, and 130 security vehicles were dispatched. For the rest of the trains, 24-hour on-duty and inspections will be implemented in the guaranteed area to ensure the smooth and smooth communication network during the Summer Davos Forum.

A safe and reliable 5G high-quality network and a well-trained network guarantee team are the core of Tianjin Mobile’s high-level completion of the previous Summer Davos Forum and even the important communication network guarantee work of various large-scale exhibitions. It is understood that Tianjin Mobile has opened 19,000 5G base stations in Tianjin, and successfully built a 700MHz/2.6GHz dual-frequency coordinated 5G network covering the whole city. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, China Mobile plans to invest about 12 billion yuan and continue to increase the investment in Tianjin’s communication infrastructure construction. It is estimated that in 2023, more than 23,000 5G base stations will be built in Tianjin. A total of more than 27,000 5G base stations have been built, supporting Tianjin to build a nationally leading high-quality 5G boutique network.

I am responsible for my role and my service. Tianjin Mobile will always bear in mind its mission to integrate resources, concentrate its strength, give full play to its advantages, and fully escort the success of the 14th Davos Forum. (Miao Jinghua and Wang Shi)

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