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Tianjin Huanhu Hospital’s “World Parkinson’s Disease Day” large-scale patient education free clinic activity

Tianjin Huanhu Hospital’s “World Parkinson’s Disease Day” large-scale patient education free clinic activity

April 11, 2023 is the 27th World Parkinson’s Disease Day. This year’s theme is “Pay attention to mental health and manage it comprehensively”. In order to allow more people to understand the professional knowledge of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, enhance patients and their families’ awareness of the disease, and enhance their confidence in overcoming the disease, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital held a meeting in the academic lecture hall on the afternoon of April 11. “World Parkinson’s Disease Day” large-scale patient education clinic activities. Neurosurgery, Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Psychology in the form of multidisciplinary team diagnosis and treatment, comprehensively conduct Parkinson’s disease from the correct diagnosis, precise medication, surgical treatment, full rehabilitation, mental health, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. It is hoped that more patients with Parkinson’s disease will understand the disease and actively and regularly treat it.

The free clinic activity was highly valued by the leaders of Huanhu Hospital. Ge Le, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, and Wu Jialing, vice president, came to the scene to participate in the activity. Secretary Ge delivered a speech. This year, Huanhu Hospital concentrated the strength of the whole hospital and launched the Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week for the first time, trying to provide a good communication platform and channel for the majority of Parkinson’s patients. At present, the hospital’s multidisciplinary Parkinson’s diagnosis and treatment team has formed a diagnosis and treatment service system covering the whole process and elements of disease screening, diagnosis, evaluation, surgery, and rehabilitation. Recently, the hospital has launched Parkinson’s disease and other dysfunctional disease assessment outpatient clinics, and complex Parkinson’s disease multidisciplinary joint outpatient clinics. Through professional assessment and multidisciplinary integrated diagnosis and treatment models, patients can see a doctor more conveniently, feel more at ease, and get better treatment effects. , so that Parkinson’s patients can get family-like, physical and psychological comprehensive, whole-process care and management goals in Huanhu Hospital. It is hoped that through this patient education activity, patients’ understanding of the disease will be further improved, and doctors and patients will work together to manage Parkinson’s patients in a comprehensive manner, so as to reduce the care burden of family members and the society, and strive to improve patients’ physical and mental health, self-care ability and quality of life. As our common goal and unremitting pursuit!

The event was presided over by Feng Keke, Chief Physician of Neurosurgery. First, a number of patients with Parkinson’s disease shared their experiences and feelings during the diagnosis and treatment process of Parkinson’s multidisciplinary team in Tianjin Huanhu Hospital.

What follows is an expert Q&A session. Before the meeting, our hospital has collected 20 questions that everyone is most concerned about from Parkinson’s patients. Experts from various disciplines such as neurology, neurosurgery, and rehabilitation medicine gave careful answers to their professional fields. These questions include “What is Parkinson’s disease”, “Is Parkinson’s disease just shaking hands”, “Is Parkinson’s disease hereditary”, “What is Parkinson’s disease dyskinesia, end-of-dose phenomenon”, “Pacemaker therapy The advantages and timing of Parkinson’s disease”, “Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation training timing and goals”, “Parkinson’s disease diet”, etc.

Patients and their families actively participate in interactive games.

At the end of the event, an expert on-site free consultation was held. Nearly 20 senior experts from the Department of Parkinson’s Disease Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Psychology of Tianjin Huanhu Hospital gave professional and patient answers to the patients attending the meeting.

The free clinic activity was successfully concluded. The patients and their families said that they had a more comprehensive understanding of Parkinson’s disease through this free clinic, and they are full of confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment team of Huanhu Hospital. Jinsen disease, improve the quality of life, invest in a better life!

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