Tianjin Huanhu Hospital held a large-scale free clinic activity of “Multidisciplinary experts face-to-face and join hands to solve your problems” National Cancer Prevention and Propaganda Week

Tianjin Huanhu Hospital held a large-scale free clinic activity of “Multidisciplinary experts face-to-face and join hands to solve your problems” National Cancer Prevention and Propaganda Week

In order to improve the awareness of cancer prevention and control, create a good atmosphere for the whole people to prevent and fight cancer, help cancer patients build confidence, and effectively enhance the sense of happiness and security of the masses, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital held a “Multidisciplinary Experts Face-to-face” on the morning of April 18. Let’s work together to solve your problems” large-scale free clinic activity during the National Cancer Prevention Awareness Week. The free clinic activity was highly valued by the leaders of Huanhu Hospital. Ge Le, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, Tong Xiaoguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Tong Xiaoguang, and Vice President Wu Jialing attended the event in person.

The event gathered 20 top chief experts from Neurosurgery, Head and Neck Neuro-Tumor Center, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Center, Department of Pathology, Imaging, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Psychology to communicate face-to-face with patients to convey the concept of tumor prevention, popularize knowledge of cancer prevention and treatment, and provide comprehensive Direct free medical consultation services.

Tong Xiaoguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Tianjin Huanhu Hospital delivered a speech. Dean Tong said that since its establishment on July 1, 2022, the Head and Neck Nerve Tumor Center of Tianjin Huanhu Hospital has always adhered to the principle of taking the most benefit from the patient and centering on the disease. With the advantages of multidisciplinary teams such as surgery, ophthalmology, ear, nose, throat and head and neck surgery, expert teams from different disciplines are seamlessly connected for the same patient, providing patients with optimal diagnosis and treatment plans and high-level, homogeneous medical services. The Head and Neck Neuro-Tumor Center has been established for less than a year and has treated nearly 4,000 patients. It is well received by patients. In the future, we will continue to improve the level of discipline construction and build a domestically leading and international-level head and neck neuro-tumor center.

Ge Le, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, delivered a speech and announced the launch of the large-scale free clinic activity of the Cancer Prevention Awareness Week. Secretary Ge said that Tianjin Huanhu Hospital is a national neurosurgery clinical key specialty and the National Neurological Disease Regional Medical Center jointly established by the Commission and the province. Head and neck and nervous system tumors are traditional advantages of our hospital. In recent years, our hospital has created a new model of discipline integration and development on the basis of the unique technical advantages of specialized diseases. Relying on the strong neurosurgery strength of the hospital, we have established a head and neck neurotumor center to provide patients with multidisciplinary integration of whole life. Periodic medical services. Combining the concept of “cancer prevention and treatment, comprehensive action – the whole population, the whole cycle, the whole society”, this cancer prevention and treatment publicity week focuses on the prevention and treatment of head and neck cancer, providing patients with the help and support of multidisciplinary experts. Through doctors and patients working together to fight cancer scientifically, the life of the people can be prolonged and the quality of life can be improved.

At the free clinic site, there was an endless stream of patients who came to consult and see a doctor, and the atmosphere was lively. Experts answer questions for patients and their family members, carefully ask past medical history, review video films, and use easy-to-understand explanations to spread scientific anti-cancer concepts, popularize self-care knowledge, and advocate the establishment of a scientific and healthy lifestyle.

The event was successfully concluded, and the patients who came to consult suddenly became enlightened through the interpretation of experts. Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, through holding this multi-disciplinary large-scale free clinic activity, has improved the public’s awareness and acceptance of cancer prevention screening and early diagnosis and early treatment, learned and mastered scientific knowledge of prevention and treatment, and joined hands with patients to fight the disease.

The Neurosurgery Department of Tianjin Huanhu Hospital has carried out surgical treatment of tumors such as glioma, meningioma, pituitary adenoma, skull base tumor, and spinal cord tumor. Skull base surgery, pediatric tumors, functional area tumor surgery, minimally invasive treatment of pituitary tumors, skull base tumors invading the internal carotid artery, spinal and spinal cord diseases, etc. At the same time, high-tech and difficult operations such as intraoperative wake-up total tumor resection, neuronavigation, intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring, cortical electrodes and B-ultrasound navigation were carried out. It has reached the international advanced level in the fields of standardized and individualized treatment of glioma, preservation of facial nerve function after acoustic neuroma surgery, skull base reconstruction technology after complex endoscopic surgery, pathological diagnosis of difficult tumors, and intensive care after surgery for complex intracranial tumors.

Clinically, brain tumors are the most common tumors of the central nervous system. Brain tumors are divided into primary and secondary types. Tumors originating from brain tissue, cerebrovascular, pituitary gland, pineal gland, cranial nerves and meninges are called primary brain tumors; secondary brain tumors are Refers to brain metastases, whose incidence is higher than that of any primary brain tumor, accounting for 50% of the total number of brain tumors, and the most common origin is from lung tumors; primary brain tumors are most common with astrocytoma, followed by Meningiomas, pituitary tumors and schwannomas, etc. In recent years, the incidence rate of meningiomas has been increasing to take the first place. The cerebral hemispheres are the most common sites of brain tumors, followed by sellar region and cerebellar pontine angle. Due to the important function and complex structure of the brain, and the fact that it is located in the closed bony cranial cavity, the occurrence of any tumor will seriously damage the function of the nervous system and threaten the safety of life.

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