Tianjin City successfully held the inaugural meeting of the Second Private Medical Institution Branch of the Medical and Health Society


  On April 26, under the leadership of the Tianjin Medical and Health Association, with the care and support of professional institutions and relevant units at all levels of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, the second inaugural meeting of the Second Private Medical Institution Branch of the Tianjin Medical and Health Association and the ” “Private Medical Management Forum” was successfully held in Tianjin Huigao Garden Hotel.

The conference closely revolved around the theme of “Efforts to promote the better development of private medical and health institutions in our city under the new situation”. Center, Tianjin Medical Cosmetology Quality Control Center, Tianjin Medical Research Committee, some professional committees of the Society, Tianjin National Fitness Promotion Association, Tianjin Future and Forecasting Science Research Association, Tianjin Home Care Service Industry Association and other leaders and guests attended this meeting.

Also present at this meeting were the old presidents and leaders of public hospitals in our city, the presidents, chairman, general manager of private medical and health institutions, and more than 150 members and members of the second branch. A grand meeting for managers and professionals in the industry.

It is understood that after more than 20 years of operation and development, my country’s private medical institutions have become an important supplementary force for the national medical and health undertakings. At present, private medical institutions in our city are developing rapidly, and according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 3,000. In recent years, the private hospitals in our city have been continuously matured and developed well. Among them, a group of private hospitals with standardized management, honesty and characteristics have already reached a considerable scale. However, private hospitals also encountered some problems in the process of development, such as weak technical force, low level of clinical departments, and their own management is not in place and not standardized enough. Some private hospitals are not correct in terms of investment philosophy and direction of running hospitals. Some private hospitals’ medical behaviors and false advertisements have caused a lack of integrity, which has affected the reputation of private hospitals. Therefore, the convening of the inaugural meeting of the branch of private medical institutions indicates that the standardized management and industry self-discipline of private medical institutions in this city have entered a new stage, which is bound to be of great significance to the development of private medical institutions in this city.

After recommendation and election, the second branch of private medical institutions produced 117 committee members and members. Among them, there are 4 doctors, 7 masters, and 88 people with bachelor degree or above, accounting for 75.2%. The oldest is 65 years old, the youngest is 27 years old, and the average age is 45 years old. The club tends to be younger as a whole. There are 62 senior management personnel such as the chairman, general manager, and dean in the branch. The new members are superior to the previous one in terms of quantity, personnel quality and structural level.

The meeting elected a new leadership team with 1 chairman, 5 deputy directors, 23 standing committee members and 72 members. The chairman of the committee is Comrade Li Jie, executive director of Tianjin Medical and Health Society, national hospital rating and consulting expert, and researcher. The vice chairmen are Pan Guoqiang, president of Tianjin Yingyue Health Management Center, Zhang Rongfang, vice president of China Healthcare Exchange Association, Chen Yan, president of Tianjin Xiuyuantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiang Yanqiu, founder of Tianjin Easy Medical Accompanying Clinic, Tianjin Yimeier Lu Zhenming, the director of the hospital, is in charge. The meeting also elected Zhang Rongfang as Secretary-General, and Li Lihong and Cao Lina as Deputy Secretary-General.

Secretary-General Ge issued certificates to consultants, chairmen and vice chairmen

The meeting elected Zhang Lancheng, executive director of China Plastic Surgery Association, executive vice president of Tianjin Stomatological Hospital Tianjin Plastic Surgery Hospital, Song Ying, special mediator of Tianjin Hedong District People’s Court, and Li Shuangyin, former director of personnel of Tianjin Health and Family Planning Commission. Serve as a chapter advisor.

The meeting was held in a warm and solemn atmosphere, and the private hospital branch of the Chinese Hospital Association sent a congratulatory letter to congratulate the successful opening of the meeting. Mr. Luo Shuwei, a researcher at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences and a well-known historian, sent a video speech for the conference, and fraternal units and committee representatives delivered speeches and speeches respectively.

Li Jie, the re-elected chairman of the current session, made the work summary of the first branch and the work plan of the second branch respectively. In the summary, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the members and managers of the first session for their hard work.

Chairman Li Jie of the Private Medical Institutions Branch made a speech

Comrade Li Jie said that the new branch of private medical institutions should be a service-oriented organization with responsibility and feelings. The future work will follow the principle of serving the private medical institutions in our city, serving the construction of the branch, and serving the committee members of the branch. Three services” purpose, work actively, and wholeheartedly make due contributions to the city’s private medical and health undertakings.

Secretary-General Ge issued a certificate to Secretary-General Zhang Rongfang of the branch

At the meeting, the launch and awarding ceremony of the Tianjin Private Hospital Directors Forum was held. By setting up a management and operation discussion forum for the directors and decision makers of private hospitals in our city, they held together to keep warm and forge ahead.

Secretary-General Ge awarded the second private medical institution branch

Chairman Li Jie awarded the plaque to the private hospital president forum

The initiative to carry out national fitness activities in the field of private medical institutions jointly proposed by the Tianjin National Fitness Promotion Association and the private medical institution branch has been responded to, and a cooperation signing ceremony was held at the meeting.

Tianjin National Fitness Promotion Association and Private Medical Institution Branch signed a cooperation agreement

Finally, Yan Yaojun, vice-chairman of China Future Research Association and director-general of Tianjin Future and Forecasting Research Association, made a wonderful report entitled “Analysis and Forecast of the Development Prospects of Private Medical Institutions in my country and Local Municipality in the Future”.

Chairman Yan Yaojun made a wonderful report

Comrade Ge Wenhua, vice president and secretary-general of Tianjin Medical and Health Association, presided over the establishment meeting of the second private medical institution branch, and expressed affirmation on the success of the conference on behalf of the Medical and Health Association, and made a contribution to all members of the first session The results were affirmed.

Secretary-General Ge presided over the speech

Vice President Ge said that the success of the general election of the branch of private medical institutions indicates that Tianjin private medical care will have greater and better development, and it will definitely play a positive role in promoting the development of private medical care in Tianjin in the future. At the meeting, Vice President Ge put forward higher requirements for the new leadership team. He hoped that under the leadership of Chairman Li Jie and the joint efforts of the leadership team of the branch, all members of the branch would unite and forge ahead and strive to make more achievements. Great achievements, towards greater glory.

The meeting was successfully concluded after all took a group photo!


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