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“Tianjin 120 Video First Aid” trial operation is online!

“Tianjin 120 Video First Aid” trial operation is online!

  January 20 is National First Aid Day, and the “Tianjin 120 Video First Aid” mini program has been put into trial operation. Tianjin’s pre-hospital first aid has officially entered the “video call for help era.” Citizens can use the WeChat applet to quickly call for help through one-click video. The system automatically locates the call location. The dispatcher remotely guides the callers to rescue themselves and each other through video, effectively using the “blank time” before the ambulance arrives to treat critical and severe patients. Gain precious time!


  In addition, the Tianjin Emergency Center has also comprehensively upgraded the command and dispatch system. When the dispatcher confirms that the caller needs video support during telephone communication, the dispatcher can also initiate a video request to the caller to achieve on-site status and control in the form of a video call. Intuitive judgment of the patient’s condition and real-time remote guidance.

  Searchable mini program to initiate video calls for help

01 Citizens search for and enter the “Tianjin 120 Video Emergency” applet on WeChat (users who have not authorized the applet to use WeChat information need to authorize it)

02 Click the “Video Emergency” button and connect to Tianjin 120. After the emergency center dispatcher receives the video call for help prompt message and confirms the answer, the video call can be established.

It should be noted that if the dispatcher is accepting other video calls for help when you initiate a video call for help, please dial 120 for help after receiving the prompt.

Prompt interface when there is no available video emergency call

  120 regular phone calls can also be converted to video reception

In conventional telephone calls for help, if the dispatcher determines that the caller is not communicating smoothly, he or she will proactively ask the caller whether he or she can make a video call and provide an appropriate number. After receiving a positive reply from the caller, he or she will push a link containing the video call link. Send a text message to the number provided by the caller.

Dispatchers send video emergency text messages to patients or alarm personnel

  Open the link to automatically jump to the mini program (users who have not authorized the mini program to use WeChat information need to authorize it) and establish a video call with the dispatcher for professional first aid guidance.

Dispatcher and patient video call interface

dispatcher patient doctorThree-party call interface

The application of the “Tianjin 120 Video Emergency” mini program establishes a real, real-time and efficient interactive connection between the dispatcher and the emergency on-site rescue personnel, which will change the “dare not save, do not dare to save” when first witnesses encounter critically ill patients. The current situation of “will rescue” breaks through the limitations of traditional emergency centers providing voice guidance over the phone, and will greatly improve the efficiency of rescuing critically ill patients.

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