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This big wedding can be called the “wedding ceiling”. Chinese aesthetics yyds is tired of it

This big wedding can be called the “wedding ceiling”. Chinese aesthetics yyds is tired of it

“This is the first time I’ve seen a traditional costume wedding with such detailed procedures. It’s so amazing!”

“Chinese-style weddings are really exciting every time I watch them. It’s the ceremony I want!”

“The ancient costume wedding ceiling is deeply impressed by our own cultural heritage.”

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Changfengdu” continues to be popular, and the wedding scene of Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru has aroused heated discussions across the Internet. CCTV’s online entertainment commentary said: “The Chinese aesthetics in “Changfeng Du” are amazing, completely presenting an ancient wedding from beginning to end, with three books and six etiquettes, three matchmakers and six maidens, eight sedans, ten miles of red makeup, and phoenix crowns and garlands. , the matchmaker is getting married, and the ritual sense of the Chinese wedding is very well grasped, and the Chinese aesthetics really yyds!”

So, what is the “mystery” of this wedding that was watched by the entire Internet?

On the one hand, there is the wedding process. Every step of the bride and groom has a special meaning, which makes people marvel at the profoundness of Chinese traditional culture.

Close the fan, be harmonious and beautiful

Open the fan, spread the branches and leaves

The bride is astride the saddle, blessed and safe

The sky builds a magpie bridge, the world begs for cleverness

A good marriage is made in heaven, a perfect match is made in heaven

Prevent disasters and bring good luck, good luck will stop

From the moment the bride steps into the sedan chair and enters the door, the ceremony is filled with a sense of ceremony. Harmonious fans, open fans, sprinkled grains, continuous knots, flowers blooming, peace in the four seasons, full moon and round people, early birth of a baby… Every detail is a blockbuster of texture, showing the solemn and solemn beauty of a Chinese wedding. The solemn ceremony combined with the emotional performances of Bai Jingting and Song Yi made the audience seem to be “watching the ceremony” through the screen, showing the ultimate oriental romance.

On the other hand, it is the ultimate intention to obey the Tao. According to Han Guangren, the styling designer of “Chang Feng Du”, the crew of the show alone customized thousands of sets of clothes, many of which were purely handmade.

For example, the wedding dress worn by Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru combined various weaving methods such as tube gold embroidery, French bead embroidery, Indian silk embroidery and traditional Chinese embroidery, and was made by craftsmen using traditional crafts in two months.

Not only that, “Yingluo” was also used on the wedding dress, and a pattern of two phoenixes singing in harmony was hand-embroidered, which means blessing and beauty. Including the golden crown Liu Yuru wears and the textures of flowers, birds, fish, insects and other textures on the fan she holds, all the details are full of sincerity.

For example, the clothes Liu Yuru wore when celebrating Mrs. Ye’s birthday were made of real handmade clothes. The so-called handmade Luo, also known as the Four-warp Jiuluo, is the representative of the highest craftsmanship of the Luo weaving variety and the most representative skill in Suzhou’s traditional silk weaving. It has a history of more than 6,000 years.

For another example, the use of clothing colors actually serves the character’s personality. “Changfengdu” is generally divided into three chapters: Zhangzhou, Youzhou, and Dongdu, which represent the different growth stages of Gu Jiusi and Liu Yuru. Take Gu Jiusi as an example. During the Zhangzhou period, he was young and carefree, so most of his clothes were in bright colors, and he was quite free in makeup and hair. He let his long hair hang naturally, which perfectly matched his image as a playboy. At this stage, most of the character costumes adopt various traditional Chinese colors such as Sanhechu Red, Tianshui Blue, Gypsophila Purple, etc. The picture is full of atmosphere and pleasing to the eye.

In the upcoming plot, Gu Jiusi’s arrival in Youzhou and Dongdu is the period of struggle and growth. Not only does he begin to tie his hair, but the texture and color of his clothes also begin to transition to a more solemn and profound character, showing that the character is gradually maturing. mental state.

“Our audience has very high aesthetic standards and cannot be fooled or careless at all.” Producer Yu Fei once lamented in an interview. To a certain extent, it is precisely because of this respect for traditional culture and the audience that “Changfengdu” has the possibility of breaking through the circle of communication.

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