The value of Internet payment is prominent, Tonglian payment provides a digital engine for the development of smart scenic spots

The value of Internet payment is prominent, Tonglian payment provides a digital engine for the development of smart scenic spots

Today, under the wave of the Internet, smart tourism, which is characterized by digitization, informatization, and intelligence, has gradually become the driving force for the high-quality development of the tourism industry. In the face of industry trends, actively promoting the construction of smart scenic spots has also become the direction of progress for major tourist attractions.

Tonglian Payment Network Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tonglian Payment), as a payment-based financial technology service company, relies on comprehensive payment to deeply explore the needs of merchants and tourists, and helps scenic spots enter the fast lane of digital transformation.

  Link the whole scene of scenic spot payment to stimulate the vitality of festival consumption

During holidays, scenic spots often usher in the peak of passenger flow. With the surge of tourist visits and consumption from all over the country, how to provide fast, thoughtful, meticulous and comprehensive payment services is a crucial need for scenic spots.

In response to the needs of unified cash register, unified management and unified marketing brought about by the large passenger flow and the surge in consumption in the scenic spot, Tonglian Pay has created an integrated payment + financial technology solution, covering cashier, marketing and account management, and providing services for the operation and management of the scenic spot. quality and efficiency.

Taking the “Da Song Everbright City” scenic spot in Dongping, Shandong as an example, as the smart scenic spot service provider of Dongping Cultural Tourism, Tonglian Payment provides an integrated cashier solution for the Da Song Everbright City.

This solution fully meets the needs of the management of the Song Dynasty Everbright City Park, merchants in the scenic spot, and tourists, and helps the scenic spot create a lively scene where tourists can pay easily and merchants can collect money with confidence.

Among them, the management of the park has a “360-degree perspective”, which can observe the flow and transaction status of the merchants in the park in real time through the digital background, and then analyze the passenger flow and distribution, so as to better grasp the information of the park and manage it; more than 100 merchants in the scenic area They are all connected to Tonglian payment cash register products. In addition to basic payment services, these merchants can also issue coupons in different industries to attract tourists to consume across scenarios and merchants; tourists can receive coupons through consumption, and spend in different merchants to deduct deductions , to obtain more affordable consumption and enjoy a better gaming experience. Not only that, Tonglian Pay provides different merchants with integrated one-code payment platform cards, smart cash registers and other tools according to the business types of merchants settled in the scenic spot. It integrates multiple functions such as ordering, cashier, and account reconciliation, and automatically generates financial statements on a regular basis. Provide reference for business decision-making.

According to relevant statistics, during the Spring Festival in 2023 (from the first day to the sixth day of the new year), Dongping Dasong Everbright City received a total of 443,700 tourists, an increase of 838% compared with 2022!

  Relying on the underlying advantages of payment, break through information barriers and capital links

For most scenic spot business scenarios, there are many business types in the park, and the business systems of each business type are different, which will bring obstacles to the overall cashier, business information statistics, and fund management.

In this regard, Tonglian Payment can customize the “digital middle platform” solution to help scenic spots improve efficiency in the payment process, realize digital and intelligent capital flow, and help the digital operation of scenic spots.

Taking the “Taierzhuang Ancient City” in Shandong as an example, Tonglian Pay has tailored a set of “digital middle platform” solutions for the scenic spot. With the help of digital marketing and Yunshangtong, two major financial technology tools, it helps the ancient city realize the cost reduction and efficiency increase of operation management .

The ancient city of Taierzhuang, known as the “No. 1 village in the world”, operates in various modes such as self-management of the ancient city, leasing operation, and joint operation of city merchants, covering various business types such as tickets, accommodation, catering, and retail. Considering the distributed cash register in the ancient city of Taierzhuang, there are many cash register scenarios and complex needs, Tonglian Payment relies on basic payment, and uses a variety of cash register tools such as code cards, cash register POS, cash register all-in-one machines, etc., to create a set of comprehensive cash register solutions to meet the needs of comprehensive Payment and unified management requirements, while reducing the cost of manual processing of transaction bookkeeping and reconciliation.

Not only that, Tonglian Payment’s digital “cloud platform” relies on the underlying advantages of payment, can also summarize the transaction status of various formats, and flexibly display transaction details, data statistics, member information, and marketing data. In response to the huge demand for fund management, Tonglian Pay’s unique account management products can also realize unified payment and fund management, further improve the management efficiency of the park, and ensure the security of funds.

Digital technology is one of the important ways to boost the development of smart scenic spots by polishing the “distinct background” of the great beauty of China. Relying on the payment advantages accumulated over the years, Tonglian Payment has continuously improved its financial technology service capabilities, optimized digital solutions, and promoted the development of smart tourism to a new level!


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