The ultimate NVH performance is far superior to that of the same class. See how Shanhaipao innovates to create the quietest pickup truck

The ultimate NVH performance is far superior to that of the same class. See how Shanhaipao innovates to create the quietest pickup truck

At present, according to the latest report of JD Power’s “China New Car Quality Research”, tire noise, vibration and other NVH-related interior noise issues have become the most concerned issues for consumers after appearance and interior odor. It can be seen that consumers have higher and higher requirements for the NVH performance of vehicles. A car with excellent NVH performance and a quieter and more comfortable interior environment will be more popular with domestic consumers.

China’s first large-scale high-performance luxury pickup Shanhai Cannon newly built by Great Wall Cannon is an outdoor king with super NVH performance. Under the test environment with a speed of 120km per hour, the indoor noise of Shanhaipao is only 66.3 decibels, the voice clarity reaches 72.1%, and the NVH performance exceeds that of overseas products of the same level. Shanhaipao breaks the stereotype of traditional joint venture brand pickups relying on piling up sound insulation materials to improve the sound insulation level. From the beginning of model design, the importance of NVH performance is fully considered, and through a number of innovative designs, it creates an ultra-luxury auditory experience and fully satisfies consumers. High requirements for vehicle sound insulation and quietness. Let’s focus on the three dimensions of wind noise, road noise, and engine noise, and talk about the innovative design of Shanhaipao to create a quiet king of pickup trucks.

  Innovative body design, fearless air currents to break through the wind

As a special model with a separate body and trunk, the straight up and down shape of the pickup makes it more difficult to optimize wind noise compared to cars and SUVs. Shanhaipao cleverly worked hard on the body design to achieve an overall noise level comparable to that of a passenger SUV.

The body and box of Shanhai Cannon adopt a fully sealed design. The connection between the body and the box is at the upper part, and sealing strips are installed and sealed at the sides and corners, which has more advantages in terms of water diversion. Cooperating with the design of the rear spoiler diversion of the car body, it avoids the problem of turbulence generated by the roof airflow directly on the rear windshield, and the impact sound caused by the airflow directly impacting the interior of the car box, and also optimizes the noise generation to a certain extent.

At the same time, Shanhai Cannon also adopts the design of hidden rear door slits and door slits moved back. When driving at high speed, the airflow outside the car will be combed and guided to the rear of the vehicle, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the airflow from entering the interior of the car and causing noise. Avoid wind noise and improve NVH performance.

  Material design pays attention to comprehensive isolation of road noise

When we are driving on the road, the impact of road noise cannot be ignored. In order to isolate road noise from the cockpit, Shanhaipao creates a quiet driving space for users with its ultimate design and luxurious and practical configuration.

In terms of improving the airtightness of the cockpit, Shanhai Cannon uses advanced design instead of blindly stacking sound insulation materials. It adopts a double rear wall design. The rear wall breaks through the traditional single-layer board and is welded with double-layer steel plates. The cavity is filled with expansion glue to match the rear wall maze. The exhaust port design further increases the isolation of the cab and blocks the penetration of sound waves to the greatest extent. Shanhai Cannon also adjusted the rear seat belts of the cockpit to the rear wall, avoiding the traditional arrangement of the rear seat belts on the C-pillar, and the seat belt outlet is closer to the human ear, which further improves the quietness of the car.

In addition, Shanhaipao is equipped with high-density sound-absorbing cotton inside the cockpit, and adds sound-absorbing cotton to the interior including door panels, ABC pillars, carpets, and sub-dashboards to improve the NVH perception experience. With the active noise reduction function and the soundproof glass of the whole car, users can get a better experience whether they take a short break or enjoy music during travel.

  Advanced power combination output is smooth and quiet

As one of the main noise sources of the vehicle, the power system’s NVH performance has an important impact on the driving quality. Compared with competing domestic joint venture brands, Shanhaipao has more technical advantages in terms of engines and gearboxes. Whether it is high-speed cruising or changing lanes for acceleration, users can always feel a quieter driving experience.

The Shanhai Pao is equipped with a Great Wall 3.0T V6 engine and a V-shaped 6-cylinder engine structure. Compared with the common four-cylinder 2.0T pickup products on the market, the power output process is smoother and quieter. In addition, the powerful low-torque engine can burst out a torque of 340N·m at 1000rpm, and the surging power can be easily realized at a low speed, effectively reducing engine noise. Coupled with the excellent power experience, the eye-catching performance of this engine also allowed it to be awarded the “China Heart” Top Ten Engines in 2022.

The engine is matched with Great Wall’s new self-developed longitudinal 9AT transmission, which is currently the most high-end self-developed transmission in China. The design of 9 gears makes the distribution of speed ratio tighter, and the engine can keep running at a lower speed to reduce noise generation. This allows the user to talk without deliberately raising the volume when the vehicle is cruising at high speed.

As the pioneering work of China’s high-end pickup trucks, Shanhaipao not only has the ultimate NVH performance, but also has a super luxurious high-end business cockpit, a super fun variety of expansion space, with unparalleled traversing ability, ever-changing modification ability, outstanding tow Hanging ability and full scene leisure adaptability make it the real outdoor king.

In the future, Shanhaipao will also be equipped with HEV and PHEV power systems, and enter the global market with a fuel and new energy power matrix. On behalf of Chinese pickups, it will compete with international mainstream brands in the global market and rank among the top three in the world.

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